About Us

Hi, Mike Ferrara here…

I built my own Man Cave several years ago. It was a dream of mine and I was fortunate enough to make it happen.

I love my Man Cave and I wanted to give inspiration to all you people out there and help you create your very own personal space, full of the things you love. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a very big space – it’s amazing what you can do with just a small area.

If you have a garage full of junk, a basement that needs some love or just a spare room that could be put to better use then make a decision now and just go for it!

Work out what you need, what you want and how it will look. Do you like billiards? Well then get a billiard table! Want your very own bar? What’s stopping you? Perhaps you just want a place to chill and watch movies and sport on a big screen. You can do it if you want to.

Turn your garage, basement, spare room or whatever space you have into something you can really call your own. Create your perfect Man Cave and start today.

What are you waiting for?