11 Best Multi Games Tables

Multi games tables add the finishing touch to any Man Cave. In the past, you would choose to have a pool table, or a poker table, or even roulette. However, things in the gaming world have evolved, and now, one games table can deliver up to 14 different games.

Before you go out and pick the first multi games table that you see, think about what you most like to play. Then decide what size you would like the table to be and this will make it easy to eliminate those that will not work. 

All multi games tables have pool or billiards or standard. Additional games you will often see are air hockey, table tennis and foosball.

Here are 11 brilliant cheap multi games tables that you can find. Some great news, in addition to being perfect for the Man Cave, they could also be excellent for the family.

1. AHHC Multi Function 4-in-1 Multi Games Table

AHHC Multi Function 4 in 1 Combo Game Table
  • Features four different game tables
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Delivered with all the accessories for the games
  • Fits perfectly into small spaces
  • Easy to clean
  • May be small for a tall player

This game table features four different game tables. These are soccer foosball, pool, air pocket, and table tennis. For stability and longevity, it is built using MDF with a foldable design. Its dimensions are 121.5 * 61 * 81.3 cm (L x W x H).

The AHHC multi games tables are delivered with all the accessories for the game. These are two cue sticks, a pool table brush, one triangle, two cue stick chalks and a set of billiard balls for the pool table. For the foosball table, there are eight flick football bars, eighteen players and two foosballs. The air hockey and table tennis table accessories include 2 strikers, 2 pucks, 2 table tennis rackets, 2 table tennis balls 1 net and 1 allen key

What Customers Say

Getting the AHHC multi-function table is a great way to save cash, with four awesome game tables to experience. Changing from one game to another is easy as all accessories required are included. This allows for the ultimate gaming and relaxation experience, changing the games for hours of fun.

When done with the games, it is possible to fold up the table and set it aside, clearing up space in the Man Cave. What’s brilliant about having such choice is that you can always find something to do with different people who visit the Man Cave.

Overall Verdict

Whether you have a large Man Cave, or a small space, you can enjoy the AHHC Multi-Function 4-in-1 combo game table. This table offer enjoyment for the while family, being the perfect size for both adults and children to enjoy.

 Players who are tall may find it a challenge to play certain games, such as pool. However, the table tennis option can be enjoyed with ease. All in all, a great investment and addition to any Man Cave. It is easy to store, easy to clean and easy to maintainThe 

2. Giantex Multi Games Table

Giantex Multi Games Table
  • Includes four different game tables
  • Perfect for playing games with the family
  • An excellent option if you are on a budget
  • Needs to be put together properly, or wear and tear will be accelerated
  • Very small, better suited to children
  • May break if you play rough

Four different games are included with this multi games table, and they are billiards, table tennis, hockey and foosball. Its overall size is 48.5” x 23” x 32.5 (L x W x H). It is built low rather than with height. This means that gaming should happen on the floor, or one can choose to place it on top of another table. It comes with all the accessories required for the games, and it is easy to change from one game to another.

What Customers Say

The Giantex multi games tables are great for the games that it has available to experience. The issue, it is better suited for playing with children than for adults. It is a short table, meaning that is a challenge to bend down and enjoy the games. You may find that you must play while on your knees to reach the right height. If you get excited and into a game, it is essential to remember to be gentle as it breaks easily. This is especially true for foosball where the handles can come off.

Overall Verdict

The quality of this table is not great, so it is not worth purchasing if you are seeking a long-lasting solution. Do not be fooled by the name of this table, as there is nothing giant about it. Ideally, it is an excellent option for a kid’s playroom, but it is not a good choice for a Man Cave.

Being better-suited to children means that when played by adults, it is prone to getting damaged faster, meaning it will need replacement. This is possibly because adults will be a little stronger and rougher with this table. It features four possible games and comes with all the required accessories.

If you choose to get this table for a Man Cave, it is small enough to fit into any space

3. IF Combo 4-in-1 Multi Games Table

IF Combo 4 in 1 Multi Games Tables
  • Compact, space saving design
  • Four game options
  • Built with medium density fibreboard for additional strength
  • Easy to assemble
  • Available in three colour combination options
  • Some of the elements are made using plastic
  • Does not include air for the hockey game
  • Table height is better suited for kids than adults

There are four main games that are featured with this multi game table. These are foosball, ping pong, hockey and billiard pool. Its dimensions are 31.5” x 18.9” x 25.6”. It is designed to save space, making it ideal to fit into any room. The multi-play game table is delivered with all the accessories required to enjoy all the four games. These accessories include a set of billiard balls, cue stick chalk, cue sticks and a pool table brush, table tennis pads and ping pong ball, hockey pucks and game handles and two foosball balls.

What Customers Say

The legs of the table are built with fibreboard, but all the other attachments are made using plastic. This means that while the legs are quite sturdy, the other attachments are prone to breakage and damage. When setting it up, extra care needs to be taken to make sure that it remains stable. Putting this table together is straightforward, as is converting it from one gaming table to another. The table is relatively low, making it ideal for family play with children as well.

Within any Man Cave, you want to put in as many accessories as possible, without the room looking crowded. With this table, you can fit in a whopping four games all in one, and the table is small enough to save you on space too. That is the advantage of being compact in size. The disadvantage is that its size makes it better suited for children than for adults. So, if you do choose to put it in a Man Cave, you will only be able to enjoy it for short periods of time.

4. Lancaster 4-in-1 Games Table

Lancaster 4 in 1 multi games tables
  • Well-built with all elements being of good quality
  • Swivel feature for changing between games
  • Excellent choice for gaming with the family
  • Can take up to 360 lbs
  • Some stability issues

There are four main games that one can experience with this table. These are bowling, hockey, table tennis and billiards. For added convenience, there is built in storage where all the games accessories can be stored. It is easy to put together and to take apart, making storage when necessary ideal.

The tabletops can be interchanged for different games, for example, the hockey top can also double up as the bowling game or table tennis. If you want to switch from any of these games to the pool table, all you need to do is swivel the top.

What Customers Say

This table features a masculine metal finish on the legs and along the top, adding an interesting touch of design excellent. Although not a full-sized pool table, it is an ideal size for an adult to enjoy the game. It is excellent for playing with family as well. It also looks excellent with black and greyish silver finishes on the legs and the sides.

It is a compact size and can fit anywhere within the Man Cave. With the right power tools, it can be put together easily over a couple of hours. However, without tools, it takes much longer to put it together. Therefore, once it is up, you will probably want to keep it that way.

Overall Verdict

The games that are a part of these Lancaster multi-games tables are excellent for adding into a Man Cave for hours of masculine fun. They include table tennis, billiards, hover hockey as well as bowling. They can help any player get their adrenaline pumping with a burst of energy. The swivel feature is also great for time saving, as all you need to do to change from one game to another is turn the table. With in-built storage for the accessories, you have everything that you need within reach.

Incredibly convenient, and easy to enjoy, this table is a must have for any Man Cave.

5. MD Sports 12 in 1 Combo Multi Game Table

MD Sports 12 in 1 Combo Multi Games Table
  • An excellent range of 12 sports games to choose from
  • Reinforced leg design with centre lateral support
  • All accessories are included
  • Perfect for all the family
  • Made with fairly lightweight materials

With a running sports theme, this table features 12 amazing games. These include air powered hockey, stick hockey, basketball, foosball, table tennis and air soccer. Other games within this table also include bean bag toss, archery, dice, checkers, chess, and backgammon.

The main frame of the table is made using MDF, which requires careful assembly when you are putting it together. The table is small, and close to the ground, making it ideal for children to enjoy as well. This table will require plenty of space around it, since there shall be many instances when gaming elements will be thrown towards it.

What Customers Say

There are excellent games that one can enjoy with this table. The key thing that any player will need to think about is where to locate it. It is light in weight meaning that it can be moved around with ease. For the most part, it is best placed alongside a wall, and then moved when necessary.

Something that is interesting to note – while most gaming tables will include a billiards or pool table, this one does not include a pool table. Instead, there is the basketball with the hoop, a unique and fun feature.

Overall Verdict

A brilliant and versatile table that includes a fantastic range of sports games. In addition to the sports games, there are also some table games for more quiet enjoyment. This table includes games that you would not find with the more traditional multi game tables. For example, there is basketball with an actual hoop that you can shoot through.

The table is lightweight but features centre lateral support. That prevents breakage and adds to its stability. It is an ideal addition to any Man Cave.

6. Sunnydaze 10 Combination Multi Game Table

Sunnydaze 10 Combination Multi Game Table
  • Includes 10 different games
  • Storage space within the table for ease of access
  • Easy to put together
  • The table is smaller than your average gaming table
  • Cannot be folded away for easy storage

One of the Sunnydaze range of cheap multi games tables, this version is a 10-in-1 combo including games like billiards, table tennis, slide hockey, foosball, chess, ping pong, checkers, backgammon, bowling, shuffleboard, and cards. Its overall dimensions are 40 x 22.5 x 27.5 inches.

The table comes with all its accessories so you can begin gaming right away. To store these accessories, there is a space between the billiard base and the foosball table. This ensures that all the bits and pieces are at arm’s length.

What Customers Say

This table is small, so if you are a tall person you will struggle to stand and use it. For playing with the family, it is an excellent option. For playing with your male friends in the Man Cave, it may not be ideal. However, despite this it does have some advantages. The variety of games means that it is always possible to find something that will fit one’s mood or energy level.

Overall Verdict

For a multi game table that looks good, this is a great option. It is one of the few that offers a warranty at 1 year, helping trust that the product will stand the test of time. It is small, ideal for children who are below the age of 15 for comfortable play. It can be enjoyed by adults for short periods of time but may not be the perfect option for putting within a Man Cave.

In the Man Cave, it is great for short bursts of energy and as a starter table. Over time, you will want to get something that is bigger and better.

7. Best Choice Products 10-in-1 Combination Games Table

Best Choice Products 10-in-1 Combination Games Table
  • An amazing 10 games to choose from
  • Easy storage of all tabletops between the billiard base and foosball table
  • A great option for gaming with the family
  • Classic wood exterior
  • Fit all the pieces well before you start playing to avoid injury!
  • Screws need careful aligning when setting up

With this table in a Man Cave, one can enjoy up to ten different games through the interchangeable tabletops. These games include slide hockey, backgammon, chess, foosball, pool, table tennis, checkers, bowling, shuffleboard and cards. It features a space saving design, meaning that all the tabletops can easily be stacked up against each other.

When you get this set, you will also receive a significant number of accessories. Within the package, you will find the foosball table base, which is where all the other tabletops will be placed. In addition, there are the boards for the billiards table, hockey / table tennis double sided board, shuffleboard or bowling board, chess / checkers / backgammon board. The accessories for foosball include away and home players 13 aside, as well as 2 mini soccer balls. Other accessories include chalk pieces and cue sticks for pool, sets of pieces including chess, checkers, backgammon, bowling,

What Customers Say

This is one amazing and versatile table with a whopping to different games to choose from. The choices come from the different tabletops that come with the table.

It features various tabletops, with the foosball one taking up the top portion. Storage within the table is easy, ensuring that no pieces get lost. A table that is easy to play with promising enjoyment.

Overall Verdict

The Best Choice 10 in 1 combo multi game tables will transform Man Caves into awesome games rooms. This allows for hours of fun with family, or with anyone who visits the Man Cave. It also features a nice mix of both modern and classic games that anyone of any age will be able to enjoy. One key attribute that makes this gaming table fit within a game room is the natural wood like finish that gives it a polished appearance.

8. Triumph 13-in-1 Combo Game Table

Triumph 13-in-1 Combo Multi Games Table
  • 13 different games available in one compact table
  • Easy to switch from one tabletop to another
  • An excellent option for family fun
  • Lightweight and maybe not long lasting
  • Can be fiddly to put together due to the large number of screws
  • Small table, bettersuited for children

From a range of tabletops, there are a total of 13 games that can be fully experienced. These include basketballs, table tennis, skee bean bad toss, billiards, baseball, Push Hockey, Tic Tac Toe and even launch football. These are great games for anyone seeking to be physically active as well for the gamer who is seeking to be mentally stimulated with strategy games.

The dimensions of the table are 48” x 24” x 32” (L x W x H). The table features built in storage for the gaming pieces, and even smaller storage bags for the tinier gaming elements.

What Customers Say

The materials that have been used to make this table ensure that it is very simple to maintain. All that is needed to keep it clean is a simple wipe down with a damp cloth. Furthermore, they are light weight, making this an ideal starter game table. The more experienced a player becomes, the sooner they will have to replace this table with one that is of higher quality.

The table is also relatively small. It can work within a Man Cave, though may be better suited for a family playroom.

Overall Verdict

Hours of entertainment are guaranteed with this combo game table that includes a total of 13 game choices. It is ideal for kids as well as adults, especially for game night in the Man Cave. For children, there are several smaller board games that come as a part of the table. For adults, it is the larger table games including table tennis, billiards and push hockey that stand out as favourites.

It is made from cardboard and pressed wood primarily, so one should not get aggressive when playing with this table as it will fall apart. It does not deliver what is expected for the price. It should be cheaper for this quality.

9. Berner Billiards 6-in-1 Multi Game Table

Berner Billiards 6-in-1 Multi Game Table
  • Great height and size for a Man Cave
  • Comes with all necessary accessories
  • Can also be used as a dining table
  • Large table, perfect for any gaming night
  • Electric powered fan for Air hockey
  • A heavy table that cannot be moved around easily once assembled

Built using solid Walnut wood, this multi game table has been built to last. The overall dimensions for this table are 83.5” x 48” x 32.5 “(L x W x H). It features six different tabletops including pool, air hockey, ping pong, roulette, poker and even dining. These are all interchangeable. The materials used for the table finishes are of exceptional quality, with plenty of attention to detail. The table comes with all the accessories so one can begin gaming immediately.

What Customers Say

A classic wooden finish gives this multi game table a sophisticated feel, making it ideal for any modern Man Cave. There are three options available for the finish, and these are black, cherry and espresso. This allows for one to find the perfect colour option to match the design of any Man Cave. When received, it will need some assembly which can be done with ease, though it should be done carefully.

This is one of the few gaming tables that also includes the classic casino game roulette. With this addition, it becomes exclusively adult, promising hours of enjoyment for an evening in.

Overall Verdict

This is a great table since it has so many different uses. To begin with, it can be used for dining as it has a flat tabletop option. This also means that it can be used for other things when it is not being used for gaming. With gaming, there are six popular games that any man would enjoy playing in a Man Cave. From one of the most popular card games, Poker, to the ultimate tabletop casino game roulette. For a spot of fun and competition, the pool. air hockey and ping pong options are excellent.

This Berner multi games tables are solid and strong, built to last. An excellent purchase if you are looking for a long term and useful furniture piece.

10. IFOYO Multi 14-in-1 Steady Combo Games Table

IFOYO Multi 14-in-1 Steady Combo Game Table
  • A great option for the entire family
  • Sturdy construction in MDF
  • Easy to change from one game to another
  • Provides a total of 14 different games to enjoy
  • Can be challenging to assemble

The IFOYO 14-in-1 multi games tables feature a host of games for you to play. These include foosball, hockey, pool and table tennis. Other board and betting games include backgammon, chess, snakes and ladders, shuffleboard, checkers and dice.

The dimensions of the table are 48” x 24 “x 32” (L x W x H). It comes apart easily, meaning that it is easy to store the different parts of the table when it is not in used.

The construction for this table is sturdy, so you can be assured of using it for a long period of time. It also includes an MDF constructed cabinet for easy storage of all the accessories.

What Customers Say

The brilliant options that are available with this table allow for anyone to enjoy the offerings, whether in the Man Cave or with the family. There are games for adults, and good choices for the young and the young at heart. That is one aspect that is so unique about this table, in addition to the big games. There are plenty of small games to choose from.

While this may be excellent for a family, for a Man Cave, it misses the mark a little bit. Having this much range means that all the options are basic, with none really standing out.

Overall Verdict

This table would be a great addition to any family room for the sheer variety of games that one can enjoy. In the long run, it may be better suited for using as a family, as some of the games included are clearly for children. These would be games like snakes and ladders.

For the Man Cave, it works well in small spaces with four main tables. It is also easy to store this table. A good option if you like variety with both physical and strategic games to enjoy.

11. ESPN Multi 4-in-1 Swivel Combo Game Table

ESPN Multi 4-in-1 Swivel Combo Games Tables
  • Excellent for gaming with the family
  • Easy to switch between games
  • Includes a rechargeable hover hockey puck
  • Features four games
  • Includes built in storage for accessories
  • Smaller than a full-sized pool table, this may be more ideal for children
  • Needs a few hours to fully assemble
  • A heavy table that is not portable

There are four different games that you can experience and enjoy on this table from ESPN. These games are hockey, billiards, table tennis and finger short basketball. It has a brilliant swivel design, making it easy to change from one game to another.

One other highly convenient feature is the hover pick with USB charging cable. The dimensions for the table are 72” x 31.25” x 32” (L x W x H). All the accessories for the games are included. The table is strong and exceptionally built. The materials used include metal, PVS and MDF plastic.

Where other tables will have the pool table on the base, on this one, it is the hover hockey game. It all comes down to the materials used, as the hover hockey surface is very smooth and slipper and there is an inbuilt blower system.

What Customers Say

This table stands out as one of the best you will find in the market. There are four excellent games that you can enjoy, and the swivel design makes the gaming experience. As multi games tables go, this is a large item, so it is best suited where there is adequate space. This is not a gaming table that you will want to tuck into a corner.

Overall Verdict

Being from ESPN, this is one table where all the games are around sport and activity. If you want to get rid of excess energy, and have a good taste for competition, then this is a great option.

This table is also excellent because it is relatively large, ideal for adults as well as older children. With a simple swivel, you can switch from one game to another. When you want to give your Man Cave an edge, then choose to get this table

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