21 Popular Darts Games You Can Play On a Dartboard

The popularity of darts games has grown immensely with the advent of the internet. Playing dartboard games is fun, increases your precision and allows you to involve a larger number of players at once.

If you thought that the game of darts was just a one trick pony then you couldn’t be more wrong! There are now many kinds of dart games that anyone can play and here for you is our guide to 21 of the most popular darts games you can play right now.

All you need is some darts and a regular dartboard. If you don’t have a dartboard then you need to get one!

Darts games for you to play today:

1. The ’01 Darts Games

The first of our darts games are what we call the #01 games, which refer to the standard 301, 501, 701, 901 and 1001 games.

Players are assigned scores at the start of the match. For instance, players must score 301, 501 and 701 for 301, 501 and 701 games respectively.

Players win by reducing their points to 0 down from 301, 501 or 701. Different parts of the board attract different scores.

The bullseye scores 50 points while the outer bull scores 25. Most players aim for the treble 20 with each dart which is the maximum score that can be achieved in one throw. Hitting the treble 20 in three consecutive darts will give you a maximum 180.

To finish and win the game a player must hit a double. For example, with a score of 32 remaining a player can win by hitting the double 16. If they hit a single 16 they can then finish with the next dart by hitting a double 8. Playing the #01 games are good for you dexterity and your maths!

(By the way, if you’re playing any of the ’01 darts games make sure to print out this very handy => darts checkout table)

2. Around the Clock

This game is just as its name implies. Players are expected to hit the numbers in sequence around the clock (the board). Thus, the numbers from 1 to 20 must be hit in the order in which they appear and the players take it in turns to throw three darts each.

The game can be played any number of players.

You start by hitting the number 1 and work up to 20.

If a double is hit then you skip the next number. For example, if on the first turn a double 1 is hit then the number 2 is skipped and the next number required is 3.

If a treble 1 is hit the next number required is 4.

The first to reach and hit 20 wins.

3. 180 Around the Clock

180 Around the Clock is a great game for increasing your darts accuracy. The maximum score you can get in this game is 180, hence the name.

The rules are simple. You play “round the clock” from 1 to 20 as per the game above, but here you must hit each number three times.

If you hit a number in the inner or outer segments you score one point. If you hit a double you score two points and treble gets you three points. You then add up these points and move on to the next number.

The maximum score is 9 points for each number (three trebles) hence the name “180 Around the Clock”.

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