121 Awesome Man Cave Ideas To Get Your Juices Flowing

Take a look through these awesome Man Cave ideas that will give you plenty of inspiration in to plan your own Man Cave, be it in the garage, basement, back yard, the loft or anywhere else in your house.

When it comes to creating a Man Cave of your own then we think it’s right to see what’s already out there and then steal all the best ideas. 

Whatever your budget you will find some great Man Cave ideas in this list, ranging from the luxurious pads of the rich to the weird and wacky, with plenty of wonderful and low budget Man Caves in between.

So without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff…

1. Rich Man’s Playground

Super car park

Oh come on, why can’t you have a view of all your supercars and buggies while you play some snooker? I mean, what better view can a man have than that?

Add to the mix a full bar and wine racks and you have got the perfect man emporium. It’s a great Man Cave idea if you want somewhere to show off your cars. Start drooling.

2. The Biker’s Den

Motor bike man den

If I were to guess then I’d say the owner of this cool garage Man Cave hideaway is a biker. I’m a genius, right?

You can see the space is a former garage. Check out those funky “flame” bar stools! I am going to make a note of those.

3. Beautiful Blue

Man cave with pool table and spotlights

This Man Cave is very colour co-ordinated. Very “blue” you might say. So why not match everything to the colour of the felt on your pool table? As we go through the Man Cave ideas on this list you will see that matching the felt color of the pool table to the room decor is a recurring theme.

There’s an adjoining kitchen, you’ll notice. Not quite the privacy you might want but at least the tacos are in easy reach.

4. The Wild West Saloon Bar

Wild west saloon bar man cave

Now come on, this is absolutely something ELSE! The owner has recreated his own wild west saloon bar, complete with some modern fittings.

Let’s hope a fight doesn’t break out on that gallery. I’d hate to see someone crash down on to the pool table!

5. Guitar Man Cave

Guitar themed Man Cave

Something a bit rock and roll, this split-level guitar Man Cave is no doubt a nod to the guitar-playing owner. I particularly like the use of a drum as a side table (thanks, will make a note of that idea). You can’t beat a Man Cave beer fridge close to hand as well. I am wiling to bet it is full of Budweiser.

By the way, check out our Best Beer Fridge Guide which is an essential read if you want to buy a Man Cave beer fridge. In another post we also list our favorite 12 Best Beer Fridges.

6. American Sports Theme

American sports theme man cave

No better way to show your love and appreciation for football and baseball by adding some sporting articles to your room. In this case, lots of balls. 

I particularly like the loungers. I’d upgrade to a bigger TV screen, but each to their own.

7. Welcome to the Sports Bar

fully functioning sports bar

Now this, my friends, is a proper bar. And not just any old bar, it is a sports bar too. 

Imagine this in your house. Pros – you will be extremely popular. Cons – your buddies will never leave.

8. Drink Coca Cola

Coca cola sign man cave

There’s a heck of a lot of space in this man cave and room for a good crowd. The side we can see here is dominated by the Coca Cola wall sign and the table football is a great addition to the room, along with the pool table of course. Arcade machines against the wall provide yet more entertainment.

9. Pool Table Basement

Pool table minimal cave

This basement man cave has good a cool, clean look. No clutter here at all, just very well-organised and spacious.

I like the design of the pool table and especially the criss-cross legs. That makes an attractive design feature. All the pool accessories are very neatly housed too. Good spotlights give a bright,  warm ambience. Thumbs up from me.

10. Bike Workshop

Bike workshop cave

This looks very much like a garage man cave and the owner has integrated his love of bikes into a personal, chill-out space. We can’t see all of it but I’m guessing there’s a refrigerator full of beer on the other side of the room. If there’s not, there should be!

11. Swanky Garage

Swanky garage

Now I’m absolutely loving this. If you can identify the make and model of the car parked inside this man cave then please let me know in the comments below.

A gorgeous tan leather suite arrange next to a quality pool table with red felt, there is some very careful color-matching going on here. It’s a beautiful floor too. Kudos to you sir!

12. Fenway Park

Fenway park man cave

This is one way to pay homage to the Red Sox! Create your very own Fenway Park. The owner has gone to some great lengths here with a mock scoreboard on one side and commentator gallery on the other. Add some framed shirts on the wall and this becomes something quite special indeed for a superfan.

13. Cool and Crisp

Cool and Crisp cave

A clean and very orderly Man Cave with nice lighting and a wet bar area, but I’d like to see some more comfortable seating here, perhaps. Three TV screens on the wall means the resident will never be short of entertainment. Nice set-up.

14. The Irish Bar

The Irish Bar

Some Celtic charm for sure, this rustic-looking ramshackle mini-pub is filled Irish curiosities. It looks warm and welcoming and very good for a pint of Guinness or two. Or three or four. Would like to see what the Rules say above the bar.

15. Sheer Luxury

Sheer Luxury

Now this is sheer luxury. The owner has created something very special indeed, dominated by the beautiful bit of timber serving as a bar. Seating looks plush and comfortable and there’s a beautiful outdoor area too, extending the space onto a patio area.

Want want want.

16. The Local Pub

The local pub

Judging by the graphics of the video game on the TV screen this is a man-bar that was created some years ago. The owner has carefully curated various features that are dated to begin with so it won’t date any more over time. I love the card suit taps lined along the bar, but man get those bins out of view! 

17. Being Pitchside

Being Pitchside

Well this is probably as close as you can get to the NFL action without actually being there at all. A clever “grass” effect floor that looks like it rotates, although correct me if I’m wrong on that one. Great seating and a good size screen. Not a restful room by any means. It’s kinda right in your face, straight between the eyes.

18. Plush Attic

Plush Attic

If you want me, I’ll be in the attic.

Even though there is a smart pool table with bright red cloth, it’s the TV screen that has caught my eye. But let’s move on. Wow look at that beautiful padded ceiling, that’s very special indeed. It looks like there’s another games table to the right. Hours of fun and relaxation to be had in this top room. That’s “top” in both senses of the word.

19. Rock ‘n’ Roll Britannia

Rock N Roll Britannia Cave

Quite likely to be UK Man Cave this one. I’m not sure what gives it away. Maybe it’s the snazzy union jack cushions!

I spy some classic wall art including the Simpsons “Abbey Road” and that classic photo of a group of 1930s US construction workers calmly eating their lunch as they sit on a girder suspended miles up in the air. Real men, those. Oh, and there’s the greatest boxer of all time too.

20. Rough and Ready

Split Area

This Man Cave looks like it’s been thrown together on a bit of a budget but it ticks all the boxes. Well-stocked bar. Check. Games table. Check. Large screen TV projector. Check. Stuff thrown together, doesn’t match, and yet, somehow it all works.

21. Surf Bar

Surf bar cave

Definitely a surf dude Man Cave. All we can see is the bar but it’s got that surfing rough and ready look about it. I have some serious love for those bar stools, they absolutely rock. The TV mounted in the corner up above the bar and I get the impression some serious work has gone into all this.

22. Let Me Entertain You

Let Me Entertain You

The only thing you need to ask yourself here is what to play first. The owner has created his very own amusement arcade in this space and there’s so much going on. I don’t see the obligatory pool table but I can see a solid table football set-up and air hockey too, so I’m in forgiving mood.

23. Air Hockey Room

Air Hockey

There’s limited space in this cave and the owner has taken up most of it with an impressive air hockey set-up, although there’s a nice TV set-up in the far corner with good-looking L-shaped seating. And I’m very much liking the wall on the left. Is that cladding or just a wallpaper? Either way, it works well.

24. Beer Barrel Bar Stools

Beer Barrel Bar Stools

A cosy-looking pub which is dominated by the beer barrel bar stools. That’s clever, really clever. I can’t tell if the owner has bought those in or crafted them at the home. Whichever, they look soooo good.This is a simple set-up but it’s a bar you could spend some considerable time in. Sitting on one of those stools, chewing the fat.

25. Pale and Light

Pale and Light

And what better way is there to watch “Titanic” for the forty-fifth time than in this ultra modern TV man lounge, connected to the games area via not one (but check this) two doors. Clean lines, not too much going on. This is my kind of Man Cave.

26. Checkerboard Floor

Checkerboard floor

This garage Man Cave is dominated by the checkerboard floor. It’s definitely a biker’s chill-out zone and is that a Ferrari hidden under the cover? Some solid lighting makes this is a great-looking workspace. And there is certainly lots of space.

27. Forest House

Forest House

A man cave deep in the forest and I like the way this has been done out. It is very sympathetic to the surroundings and has almost brought the outdoors inside.

I especially love the rustic frame of the pool table and it goes well with the polished wood floor. If there was such thing as an organic man cave then this is the nearest thing to it.

28. Compact


You could be short on space but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise, you can still have most things.

Going by the view of the room we have here it is quite small but the owner has managed to squeeze in a bar and pool table. The TV on the wall doesn’t take up any space at all in its special alcove.

I should think this is a nice room in the summer too with the patio doors open.

29. Gamer’s Paradise

Gamer's Paradise cave

I don’t know what gives me the impression but I think a big gamer might live here. Either that, or its an air traffic control tower. 

I’m counting eight screens but I bet there’s even more. It really is quite something, although (and this is only my opinion) too much dark and neon doesn’t appeal to me. If you’re a gamer though you’re probably thinking this is paradise. I like my gaming, but this is just tooooo much.

30. Glitzy Neon

Glitzy Neon

This shows that man cave ideas need never run short, there are just so many ways to dress up a space. 

The room has a “club” feel about it. Is that a bowling alley I see over there? Big features in this room are the feature screening (could be glass) and the red and green neon lights. A red baize billiard table slots in very nicely. It’s the sort of space you’d be happy to spend the evening in, and then some.

31. Strictly Home Theater

Strictly Home Theater

This is a dedicated film and TV lounge with not much more than that, but it’s a nice set-up.

You can see a raised platform has been created at the back of the room to provide tiered seating. Talking of the seats, they look mightily comfortable and I like the cup holders in the arm rests. Very handy for keeping the bar close to hand.

32. Indoor Golf

Indoor Golf

There’s a lot going on here and it looks like a pretty self-sufficient room.

At first glance I thought it had a virtual golf set-up but actually it looks like small area for putting practice. 

I don’t think that is a big screen TV on the wall just behind the putting green. If it is, then there will be a restricted view of it from the sofa. 

A small pool table to the side and kitchen area completes the cave. Nice spotlights too!

32. Loft Apartment

Loft Apartment

Upstairs in the loft and there’s fun to be had…

A cool red cloth pool table (that’s a big size too) sits beside the classic exposed brick wall that you often see in a loft. Behind that is a seating area and of course, a large screen TV.

A good wood floor gives this loft Man Cave a clean look and it ticks a lot of boxes for me.

33. Modern Garage

Modern Garage

A large garage has been expertly converted here and it sure is a smart space to keep the cars.

Not too sure about the entertainment space at the front of the photo. It lacks something but I don’t quite know what.

It’s a lovely space though with plenty more potential to take it to the next level.

34. Neon Lights

Neon Lights

Here’s an owner who has discovered those stick-on LED lights that you can put on the back of screens. It’s a cheap item to buy but very effective.

The transition between gaming and watching TV is a breeze in this room. Just swivel round and throw yourself on to the couch. That’s a nice TV set-up and I’m glad to see all the wires are hidden.

35. NFL Cave

NFL Cave

An NFL-lover’s cave, this is for sure. Not too many windows or natural light but the framed shirts hanging on the wall are very effective.

I also like the spotlights shining down on the shirts – an elegant touch. 

A stepped floor gives all guests a good view of the screen. It’s a nice room and that’s very comfortable-looking seating. A nice effort indeed.

36. On the Pitch

On the Pitch

I’m not sure where to start with this one, there is so much going on.

The floor is a good starting point I guess. No prizes for guessing the owner is a big NFL fan. There are not one but five TV screens in case you want to watch five channels at once. That would kind of blow your mind wouldn’t it? At the far end of the room you can see a bar and pool table. Framed NFL shirts are hanging on the wall, just like our room in No. 35.

It’s a very busy man cave, not one that’s very restful but it sure looks a lot of fun.

37. Hot Tub Area

Hot Tub Area

Well how about this then? There is actually more than a hot tub going on here . If I’m not mistaken that’s an endless pool at the far end. Looks like it’s a basement set-up.

There’s no reason why you can’t have a swimming pool and hot tub in a Man Cave, although I suspect it may be shared with a lady too. If that;s not enough there’s a big TV on the wall and a comfy sofa to lie on. A wall-mounted fire will keep it all warm in the winter. The perfect mix and rest and recreation. What’s not to like?

38. Poker Player Den

Poker Player Den

Gather round the table for some serious poker play in this very “manly” Man Cave. 

Another NFL-themed cave with a host of spotlit memorabilia down one side and a nice bar/kitchenette in the far corner. It’s certainly the perfect lounge for an all-night poker session and that is a very nice poker table and chair set. Multiple TV screens on the wall mean you won’t miss any of the sporting action.

39. Backyard Shed

Backyard Shed

We go outdoors for this Man Cave but hey it’s more than just shed.

It’s a freestanding structure in the middle of the garden and a cosy little space inside. I don’t think there’s too much in the way of entertainment here but it looks like a restful and peaceful escape. A great place to read and chill. Talking of chilling I wonder if there’s a beer cooler in there somewhere

40. Down in the Basement

Basement man cave

Looks like a basement Man Cave and it’s a very elegant one at that.

A lovely wood-panelled bar opens our to a large area complete with a pool table as well as a table football game to the side. I love the ceiling above the bar too. Not sure if it is gold or antique bronze but it looks great with the light reflections bouncing off it.

41. Cigar Bar

Cigar Bar

Kick back and relax in the Cigar Bar Man Cave. This is a smokers’ den for sure and is probably in the home of a musician or rock star (if you know whose home it is let me know in the comments!).

It’s a relaxing and inviting space with two eye-catching features. The neon “CIGARS” sign looks funky above the bar and the glass wall cabinets containing music memorabilia turn it into a mini-museum.

42. Classic Car Cave

Classic Car Cave

A millionaire’s playground, or at least a millionaire’s car park. This garage Man Cave packs some serious punch with these old Cadillacs and classic cars. Looks like there’s a row of shops at the back of the garage too, which is quite interesting. It’s a shame we can’t see the rest of it – I suspect there’s a lot more going on here!

43. The Colonial Look

The Colonial Look

Here we have the old colonial look with dark wood panelling and a ceiling fan. The theme also has some African inspiration with the tiger-skin effect armchairs and big drum which makes an ideal games table in the middle. This colonial Man Cave is probably not to everyone’s taste but it has a class and style about it and is very well executed.

44. Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall

How about a climbing wall in your Man Cave? No that’s a bit crazy, right? Well yes it may be crazy, but here it has been done.

You can just about see the top of the climbing wall but it looks a fairly decent height. I have to say it’s impressive and will definitely keep the kids amused if they are climbers! Doesn’t look like much else going on in the room which is probably a kid’s space, but I just love the madness of putting a climbing wall inside a room

45. Play Den

Light and Bright

This is a different kind of crazy Man Cave but I’m not sure I’m that much in love with it.

The owner has thrown everything together in a kind of random way, but he has all his favorite things in one room and that’s what it’s all about, right? He’s clearly a lover of arcade machines and there’s a bank of TV screens on the far wall. I guess you could watch four matches at once but that would scramble my brain!

46. Crazy Decor

Crazy Decor

This is hyper-crazy. There is so much going on here I don’t really know where to start.

It’s all retro stuff so it has a theme. It looks to be inspired by the 1940s and 1950s and I just love that juke box. I wouldn’t call it a restful space but it sure has a lot of color and fun, and it sure as hell is one big talking point. I’d be happy to take in the view from that bar at the end.

47. Elegance and Sophistication

Elegance and Sophistication

Now this I really like. I think it’s to do with that lovely pool table in the middle (I’m a sucker for these – check out my 12 best pool tables). There’s a nice tranquility about this space and lots of interest in the way of neatly-arranged pictures and ornaments. I could spend a lot of time here – just hand me that cue!

48. All Mod Cons

All Mod Cons

Now this, I really do like. It has a converted farmhouse feel about it with the very striking ceiling beams. The TV area is cosy and intimate and that’s a nice size screen.

Over the other side we have a fussball table (love that, check) and and table tennis table (love that, check again). Kudos bro’!

49. Industrial Features

Industrial Features

Why not bring a bit of the industrial revolution to your Man Cave?

First, check out that amazing clock! The industrial features look great against the exposed brick wall and that’s a very slick bar with aged barstools. Throw in a fussball table and a pool table and you have a very happy way of spending some quality time. This industrial Man Cave is in my top 5.

50. The Name’s Bond, James Bond

The Name's Bond, James Bond

Shaken not stirred. The name’s Bond, James Bond. This is the ultimate James Bond Man Cave.

The most striking thing about it is the shape. I mean, just look at that shape? The rounded wood cladding is a real thing of beauty, especially with those little spotlights set in each wood panel. Continuing the James Bond theme we have a stunning gold chair and foot stool. Kudos, Mr Bond fan!

51. In the Loft

In the Loft

We’re out of the basement and back upstairs in this loft man cave. Here, it’s all about the pool table. The space is rough and ready and there are no frills but that’s a beautiful pool table.

And what about that gorgeous wood floor? Everything about this space works, even the pendant lights work a treat too.

52. Best Seats in the House

At the Movies

If could create the most NFL-focused home cinema lounge then this would be it. We’ve got the shirts and helmets neatly curated on shelfs and hangers down each side, with comfortable plush seats in airline rows of three. Enjoy the game!

53. Multi-Screen TV

Multi-screen TV

There’s a lot to like about this music Man Cave, although I’m wondering what the need is for three TV screens in a column down the center pillar? It’s really difficult to focus on two TV’s at once, but three? That’s got to be impossible, right?

Still, let’s not take away from the fact this is a lovely space which is lit attractively by hidden neon lighting behind those screens.

54. Music Maestro Studio

Music Maestro Studio

This is a dedicated music studio and it’s all about the functionality and acoustics. Style is a secondary issue and I’m sure this space does a hell of a job for its owner, who I assume has got to be a music writer or composer. I’m guessing the owner spends a fair bit of time in this music cave too!

55. Pure and Clean

Pure and Clean

Here we have a a very neutral Man Cave which is ultra clean and easy on the eye. The owner has gone for white walls and natural furnishings and it looks a sumptuous space with no expense spared.

The pool table finished in white is a sound choice for this decor, which is not over-burdened by much in the way of seating. The rug beneath the pool table adds some decadence and I love the shutters too.

56. Putt and Pot

Putt and Pot

A putter and a potter lives here. The decor isn’t quite to my taste (not always so keen on dark wood furniture) but we have all the basics here for an Man Cave that it is an entertainment hub. Bar – check. Pool table – check. Mini-putting surface – check. There’s even a treadmill too! It’s a big space and there’s plenty of room to play.

57. In the Ranch

In the Ranch

Wow. If you want cosy then this is it. I’m willing to bet it’s in a corner of the States that gets a lot of snow. There’s not much to play in here (no pool table to speak of) but it sure as hell looks relaxing. I can just about make out a TV opposite the sofa and on the far side it looks like we have at least a couple of beds.

If it’s cold outside you probably wouldn’t want to leave this Man Cave and who could blame anyone for that?

58. The (Shuffle) Board Room

Man Cave with shuffleboard

In this Man Cave it’s all about the shuffleboard, and what a beautiful shuffleboard it is too. Definitely a neutral decor but it oozes style and elegance. There’s plenty of detail and I especially love those wood beams above the bar counter. Speaking of a bar counter, that’s a beautiful one with a marble (or possible granite) worktop. You’ll have four happy guests sitting on those barstools.

59. Cave in the Attic

Cave in the Attic

We’re up in the roof looking at this Man Den, which could be from quite a few years ago now judging by the old-fashioned looking TV on one side and computer games console on the other. Some things never change though and that’s a solid pool table we have in the middle. A row of lights at one end of teh table adds an interesting touch. I’m stating the obvious, but the walls are decked in out in some interesting sporting memorobilia and flags.

60. Bamboo Cave

Bamboo cave

Hawaii meets Easter Island meets somewhere outside in the garden. There is a lot of wood and bamboo going on in this picture and a rather dodgy looking portrait of what I suspect to be Elvis Presley. Check out those Easter Island plant pots too! Having said all that it is cosy looking, is comfortable and I’m sure it is space the owner loves to be in.

61. Bar and Cinema Cave

Bar and Cinema Cave

This space will accommodate quite a few people for the big sporting event or movie. I like the two tiered rows of home theater seats

62. The Big Screen Cave

The Big Screen Cave

This Man Cave doesn’t have all the “bells and whistles” of some of the other caves featured here in this list, but having said that it’s probably got what the owner needs and wants. We can see a big screen and some excellent-looking speakers (which I’m sure give great sound). It’s a Man Cave in the making and it’s an excellent start.

63. Bookworm’s Den

Bookworm's Den

This is perhaps less of a Man Cave and more of a library. It’s certainly a den for bookworms and lovers of the written word. A cosy-looking sofa is surrounded by shelves of biographies and various other books in a space that provides the owner with all the peace and tranquillity they could probably want for spending time reading. 

64. The Bowling Alley

The Bowling Alley

Want a bowling alley in your Man Cave? Well, you can if you have a space like this! This owner has fitted a fine bowling alley and there’s plenty of other space too for entertainments such as a pool table, video games machines and a table with four chairs. I’m willing to bet on the other side of the room there is a well-stocked bar too. I just hope the owner doesn’t have to pick up the pins after knocking them down!

65. Colonial Cave

Colonial Cave

This is a lovely space and has a “colonial” feel to it. A separate area to the right with an elongated couch, screen and speakers provides the viewing facility and on the nearside we have an excellent-looking pool table, two brown leather chairs and a nice bar with four bar stools. Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening in here? Check out that lovely wood floor too!

66. Cosy & Snuggly

Cosy & Snuggly

This looks like a type of ski chalet living room which has been decorated in a minimal style but still has all the cosy features, including comfy armchairs and log fire. I’m guessing it’s somewhere out in the wilds or mountains. Here it’s all about being cosy and snuggly while it it’s cold outside.

67. The Pit Lane

The Pit Lane

This Man Cave is dedictaed to the racing car or driving enthusiast and has been customised specifically for the purpose of competitive racing. I love the racing car seats and foot pedals, bringing a sense of real competitive thrill as you race your buddies. It’s a video games driver’s dream!

68. In the Garage

In the Garage

When you have so many cars you need a big garage. There are at least three cars on view here but that’s no problem when you have a garage this size – there’s plenty of room! Room enough, in fact, for Man Cave comforts including a bar and kitchenette area as well a large screen entertainment system. When you love your cars so much, why be parted from them just because you’re back home?

69. The Hawaiian Bar

The Hawaiian Bar

This Hawaiian bar is no doubt somewhere in a warm climate so it works completely on that level, opening itself up to the outdoors. There’s lots going on here and all the touches you would expect from a beach bar including a straw roof, colourful bar stools and those signs in the shape of arrows that you will always see in those places!

70. Literally…a Cave

Literally...a Cave

Well this may not be literally a cave, but it looks literally like a cave! The carpet suggests it’s not quite a cave but there is some very hard core decor going on here to make it look this is a Man Cave of a man in a cave. There could be bats in there too, but our man in the cave sure looks happy enough.

71. The Driving Range

The Driving Range

Bring the golf course to your house and put a driving range in there, but for goodness sake make sure nobody comes through that very narrow doorway at the wrong moment.

This is a golfer’s dream to be able to play golf like this at home. I’ll bet ya that the 19th hole is just around the corner to the left. If there isn’t a 19th hole then it’s not a proper golf course, is it?

72. The Recording Studio

The Recording Studio

Definitely a musician’s Man Cave and home to several acoustic guitars, this area is situated in the loft beneath the roof and looks like a nice bright space. The feature window at the back gives an added sense of grandeur beneath the wood panel ceiling and solid wood floor.

73. Uber Plush

Uber Plush

A plush and velvety Man Cave with a nice red and black colour scheme, this is a pool-player’s paradise. Beautiful red leather armchairs sit in the foreground with soft red carpeting and a matching pool table baize, this Man Cave strikes every kind of right note. With a well-stocked bar and TV at the far wall then you’ve got all the bases covered.

Loving that Marilyn Monroe pop art print too on the wall!

74. Retro Cave

Retro Cave

This is a well-worked space with a similar red color scheme to the cave above, but has a more retro feel about it. It has three distinct “zones” with a pool table and bar area in the top corner, a chill-out seating area near left (love that crescent-shaped sofa) and a row of pinball machines down the right-hand wall. Topped off very nicely with some cool neon lighting and even a motorbike!

75. The Round Bar

The Round Bar

A semi-circular shaped bar is the feature of this basement Man Cave which has some very cool lighting to set it off. The steel gray color scheme makes it feel quite sparse but the lighting lifts it and check out those lights hanging down over the bar area. 

76. Slate Gray Cave

Slate Gray Cave

A slate-gray color scheme here but with plenty of space and an almost “minimalist” feel. The owner hasn’t put in an abundance of seating and there’s just a couple of black leather armchairs in view, although there is also what looks like a matching L-shaped sofa just the other side of the pool table.

In a common theme, the baize of the pool table matches the color scheme of the room which gives it all a very classy feel. A relatively modest flat TV on the wall suggests this is less of a home theater and more of a chill-out room.

77. Beauty on a Budget

Beauty on a Budget

This is fairly close in appearance to my own Man Cave and the owner here is making very good use of a projector for that big screen experience, without the big screen. It looks like they’ve got at least a 100″ image projected direct on the wall, without even needing a pull-down screen. That represents good budgeting because the price of projectors have tumbled in recent years and it’s easy to pick up a good one for less than a thousand bucks. The room is styled to fit around the screen and it all works extremely well.

78. Virtual Reality Cave

Virtual Reality Cave

This is a another golf-lovers Man Cave where we a have a projector on the ceiling creating the virtual golf course on the screen. With space in front to practice your drives and hit the ball into the screen this is the perfect place to hone your driving skills indeed. Aside from the modern technology, we are looking at a traditionally-decorated Man Cave here with wood-panelling and classic tiered seating.

79. The Red Lounge

The Red Lounge

I didn’t know what to call this other than the “red lounge” because it is…entirely red. It is plush all over with carpeted walls and matching seating. There are no sharp edges or corners anywhere. Some integrated lighting around the edges and a bar at the far end break up the colour scheme slightly, but this one is all about the colour and all about the softness.

80. Weight Room Gym

Weight Room Gym

This is a fitness basement Man Cave and the focus is very much all about getting fit and hitting the weights. It’s all very neatly laid out and the mirror on the far wall gives an added illusion of depth to make it look a bigger room than it is. Home gyms are becoming ever more popular now. If you have the space then create your own Man Cave gym and save on all those gym fees!

81. Pinball Wizard

Pinball Wizard

This is more “pinball arcade” than Man Cave, but it goes on our list because it is a Man Cave for a pinball-lover. As well as that we have got some fairly retro-looking arcade games machines too. It’s an arcade-lover’s paradise and that’s the thing about Man Caves – you can fill them with whatever you want and make them into whatever you want them to be.

82. Down in the Basement

Down in the Basement

Here’s a another basement Man Cave, which is an ideal place to set up your dream den because it’s hidden away and often is a good way of turning an area for storing junk into a usable space. This owner has turned the basement into a Man Cave of dreams with bar and kitchen areas and nice seating, all with some excellent decor.

83. Craftsman Cave

Craftsman Cave

This is a very traditional-looking Man Cave with stone walls and heavy wood-beamed ceilings. Yet again we see a pool table with cloth to match the decor and the wood floor is a thing of beauty. I call it the Craftsman Cave because it is a piece of craftsmanship in itself. It just looks so snug and cosy. All you need is a nice bourbon on the rocks as you sink into that leather armchair…

84. Love the Darts

Love the Darts

Ah – now this is a guy after my own heart. In my opinion, no self-respecting Man Cave should be without a dart board and this loft Man Cave certainly delivers on that. I love the oche strip and backboard and surround of the dartboard, that’s a nice touch.

There’s not a lot of room in here but the owner has squeezed in a bar (with beer taps no less), as well as very comfy-looking red leather seats. A very good effort all round.

85. Art Deco Cave

Art Deco Cave

Well this basement Man Cave oozes class and luxury doesn’t it? A beautiful marble floor sets the scene on the lower level and the eye leads up textured pillars to the upper level. Back in the basement we have chocolate brown leather chairs with matching bar counter and I do love that blue splashback on the bar wall. The two cream leather chairs really set the whole space off. Gorgeous.

86. By the Fireside

By the Fireside

This Man Cave is all about comfort and cosiness. You won’t find any noisy arcade machines, dartboards or bowling alleys here, but what you will find is pure unadulterated comfort in this plush L-shaped sofa with lots of pillows and a beautiful fire to sit around. Over in the far corner is a very nice bar and a row of bar stools. It’s not without its games though – check out the pool table.

87. Play for Dollars

Play for Dollars

This is where the poker is going down and what’s not to love about this space? It has two distinct areas. In the foreground is the poker table, bar and log fire – perfect for those long night sessions. Over at the back is a quieter seating area/living room. Definitely a poker Man Cave that works very well and cleverly laid out.

88. The Home Office

The Home Office

Here’s an unusual Man Cave which looks to be tailor-made as home office. The interior is dark and windowless, resembling the interior of a castle or historical building with its gray block walls. Just a beautiful desk in the center and a grand leather chair are the only furniture items here which are set facing a multi-screen wall. This is a basement Man Cave with the word “escape” very much in mind. 

89. Movie Theatre

Movie Theatre

Here we have a Man Cave designed around the movie-watching. I love those home theater seats with silver cup holders and the cushions are a nice touch too. You can just make out a projector on the ceiling so we can assume this is producing a big screen picture opposite. Some hidden coloured lighting around the ceiling edge adds to the atmosphere and in the space behind is a breakout area with pool table. The steps right at the back suggest this is basement Man Cave and I give it top marks!

90. Nightclubbing


Saturday Night Fever meets Man Cave and this is what you might get. Lights everywhere and it looks great. There’s even room to dance around the dartboard area.

This seems to be an attic Man Cave and it is quite incredible what has been squeezed in to a small space – a fruit machine, bar, dartboard and TV are all present. It’s all very well done indeed!

91. The Cave that Time Forgot

The Cave that Time Forgot

Now this is about going back in time and it seems that this is a conservatory Man Cave. There’s some pretty retro stuff in here. It’s not possible to accurately tell but that looks like an old jukebox on the right. Throw in a couple of vintage arcade machines and others from the 1980s and you have a retro collection of entertainments.

92. The Old Traditional

The Old Traditional

Captain Jack Sparrow certainly approves of this traditional Man Cave, fully furnished in dark and light neutral tones. A seven-seater cinema sits at the back of the room and in the foreground we have a high quality pool table with baize to match the room decor (that seems to be a theme with lots of these Man Caves). Over to the left is the bar and counter. I love the stonework around the bar and despite being fairly monotone I love this Cave for its cosiness and decadence. 

93. A Touch of Class

A Touch of Class

Here’s a beautiful plush Man Cave that any person would want to spend some seriously relaxing time in. The big screen has that cinematic feel with the red velvet drapes and that’s a gorgeously curved sofa in front of it. To the near side we have a solid mahogany pool table with red baize with fits in with the color scheme very nicely. Exquisite.

94. Nice and Simple

Nice and Simple

What we have here is a simple and low budget man cave. A room cleared out of all unnecessary living room “stuff” and replaced with some essential man cave features, such as a fussball table, dartboard and wall-mounted TV. I like the floorstander speakers too. A simple abode but catering to pleasures that can be found in any man cave.

95. Sporty Man Cave

Sporty Man Cave

This sporty man cave is dedicated to a basketball memorabilia hunter – maybe even an ex-basketball player himself (or herself). You can just spot the baseball bat lying on the bar too, so this is definitely a sports-lover. Talking of the bar, that’s a nice one. We award extra points for beer taps.

96. Elegance with a Capital “E”

Elegance with a Capital

Just look at that beautiful floor. It’s unusual that the first thing that hits you is a wonderful floor. What a beautiful surface! Now what about that pool table too? We’ve noticed the fashion is very much to match the color of the baize with the room decor and this works very well here. The sit-down games table too is striking with that maple cross running through the middle. To the creator of this wonderful man cave – we salute you!

97. Sumptuous Cave

Sumptuous Cave

Here we have a very tastefully-done man cave with all the elements required for a fun and relaxing time. A roaring fire is always a lovely touch and there is a lot to like about this, not least that beautiful stone fireplace. As we saw above, a good quality floor gives the perfect platform to a room and this rich wooden flooring lifts the space and sets the tone. 

I particularly like the random spotlights in the ceiling. There is no discernible pattern to them as far as I can tell but the effect is nice. High quality – all over.

98. The Ping Pong Room

The Ping Pong Room

Ping pong is the name of the game here in this basketball man cave. The owner is definitely into collecting shirts and sneakers and they grace the surrounding area, but the rest of it all is all about the ping pong table in the middle, which if I am not mistaken, converts into a pool table too!

99. Trailer Man Cave

Trailer Man Cave

Sometimes you might be short of space or that simply you just don’t have a spare room in the house to turn into a man cave. No problem if you can get a trailer! The owner of this trailer has turned it into a nice comfortable space – a “mini man cave” if you will – which lends itself to comfy seating and a wall-mounted TV. A small kitchenette area will keep you refreshed too.

100. Vaulted Ceiling Cave

Vaulted Ceiling Cave

For some man caves we’ve seen it’s all about the flooring. Here, it’s most certainly all about the ceiling. Check out that wonderful fan-vaulted ceiling which is an absolute thing of beauty!

The rest of the room is not too shabby either. The flooring is nice and there is a nice open space throughout with no clutter, but a spacious bar and pool table. The room opens to the outside which gives that additional feeling of space.

101. Baseball Superfan

Baseball Superfan

A baseball superfan lives here and it’s definitely a Yankees fan (how did I guess that?). It’s a room decked out with wall-to-wall photos and memorabilia and I’m liking the Yankees carpet and table. With a bar area on the near side I’m willing to bet there’s more Yankees-themed decor on that side too.

101. Dark and Mysterious

Dark and Mysterious

Here we have another basement Man Cave which looks good and night and something like an underground den, although the window on the right means it gets natural daylight during the day.

This Man Cave is built around the poker table and bar and is decked out in a rich mahogany and chocolate decor which blue lighting. It’s a shame we can’t see the object in the bottom right corner which is throwing out a lovely blue light. What could it be?

102. The Basketball Cave

The Basketball Cave

We all love a sporty Man Cave and here we have the ultimate basketball and home gym cave that is sure to make many a man jealous. This looks to be a huge garage conversion and the owner has put in a fantastic basketball-playing surface and net, surrounded by a whole host of gym equipment. Perfect for getting fit and shooting hoops whenever the mood takes you.

102. The Rustic Look

The Rustic Look

This is a HUGE space, decorated simply but most effectively in brickwork and neutral tones. When you have a space this size then anything is possible and the owner has put in a large bar area, long games table down the left wall and a sizeable pool table. But there’s still lots of space for plenty more!

103. Compact Cellar

Compact Cellar

If your idea of a Man Cave is total escape then something like this could be just what you’re looking for! Cellar and basement Man Caves have lots of appeal for many good reasons because you can escape and remain out of sight for as long as you can get away with! Here we have a Man Cave that looks like the owner has recreated a room in a castle with the vaulted ceiling and stone block walls. It’s comfy enough from what I can see!

104. Saturday Night at the Movies

Saturday Night at the Movies

This home theater Man Cave has a bold colour choice but fortune favours the brave because it looks great!

The owner has clearly gone  for the movie theater look with thick lush carpet and a quilted padding bar and – yes – this time we have a purple baize color pool table to match the decor. This is a nice space – if purple is your color!

105. The Nordic Look

The Nordic Look

There is plenty of wood on show in this Scandi-looking Man Cave, with a very elegant designer pool table standing in the middle and a view out the back that appears to look out into the ocean. A very striking feature os the solar system ceiling and the big clock on the right adds interest to the plain beige walls. This is a very sophisticated room and hopefully it gives you some great Man Cave ideas of your own.

106. The Model Railway Man

The Model Railway Man

This is a very different cave to all the others we have seen before and introduced here for the first time is a miniature model railway. It’s a beautiful layout that must surely have taken a long time to build, with no shortage of painstaking effort. But my, it’s worth it, because that sure is a super layout. It’s a shame we can’t see a train going round as the photo was taken. 

I am sure the owner of this model railway Man Cave spends a lot of time in here. It’s a labor of love!

107. Firing Range

Firing Range

There’s a different kind of activity going on in this Man Cave. The owner has got his (or her) very own private firing range, complete with acoustic silencing on the walls and ceiling. Personally, I like a bar, pool table and giant screen but the thing with Man Caves is that they can be whatever you want them to be!

108. The Ice Bar

Cool and Sophisticated

As soon as I saw this picture the words “Ice Bar” came straight into my head, so that’s what this one is going to be called. I suspect it is very different by night as it is compared to day, but this could be something out of a Scandinavian ice hotel, especially with those lights hanging above the pool table which look like icicles! The gray color scheme adds to the “icy” theme!

109. The Cocktail Lounge

The Cocktail Lounge

You can imagine this could be some back street bar off a corner of the block, it just has that intimate, cosy feel about it. I like the raised platform on the bar and the stone tiling works well on the wall opposite. Definitely a bar I’d like to spend some time in (but let’s hope the drinks are free!)

110. Chalet Living

Chalet Living

This could be in a remote part of the country and it has a nice large space feel about it. Perhaps it’s a garage conversion or side extension. The big window and high ceiling gives it a “big room” feeling and with a just a pool table and a nice seating area it isn’t too cluttered.

111. Sports Memorabilia Collector

Sports Memorabilia Collector

Now here is one for all sports memorabilia collectors out there. This owner has a fairly extensive selection of signed baseball and basketball shirts and these proudly line all of the walls around the pool table. There is a very impressive collection here! Speaking of the pool table, just take a look at that design!

112. Garage Escape

Garage Escape

Garage Man Cave conversions are very popular, most likely because a lot of homes have a garage and it is just a case of re-configuring the space (so long as your car doesn’t mind spending its time outdoors!). Here we have a basic set-up and good to see a ping pong table taking center stage. It has been simply done, but there’s a bar and TV in here too. Great work.

113. Alpine Lodge Bar

Wood Lodge Bar

I think the first thing that hits you here is the fact that there is a lot of wood. I mean, not just a lot of wood – it is all wood! I’d say it has taken an influence in its design from an alpine bar and speaking of the bar itself, this is a great one. I’m afraid it’s just a bit too much wood for me though.

114. Baseball Mania

Baseball Mania

Here we have a re-creation of Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, but the owner is clearly a lover of all Chicago baseball because we have in here also a customised Chicago White Sox pool table. The lights above the door really steal the show. I wonder how bright they are when all switched on!

115. Hot Tub Cave

Hot Tub Cave

Just wow! The owner has recreated a cave (I assume it wasn’t literally a cave to start with) and has a small indoor pool tub which opens out into the outside pool area. Throw in a big TV screen (of course) and pineapple-shaped basket to store towels and you have something that is very unique. The question is – is that just a mural at the back? When I say “outside pool area” am I being fooled here?! If it’s not a wall mural I sincerely apologise!

116. Winter Lodge

Winter Lodge

Wintery and snowy outside, but warm and cosy in here. That is what this Man Cave is saying and it’s a good effort all round. Although we can’t see it I assume there’s a big screen on the left. I’m a fan of star-patterned ceilings and we have a nice one here, giving the impression of being outdoors. If it’s really that cold outside you wouldn’t want to be outdoors though!

117. Multi Gym

Multi Gym Cave

Getting fit is the order of the day in this home Man Cave gym. The owner is clearly a lover of boxing because we also have some punch bags and a dummy, so a lot of pummelling goes on in this room. It looks like a basement conversion as there’s no natural light or windows. Hard to imagine there’s a bar in here!

118. Just Dope

Basement Man Cave

Want to entertain friends? No better way to do it in style than in a Man Cave like this. It’s fun and it’s colorful, plus it looks very comfortable and you can fit a lot of people on that sofa. The wall art gives the room great character and it is, of course, all centered round the home theater screen.

119. The Rock Bar

The Rock Bar

I think the “Rock Bar” sums this up this Man Cave. It is interesting that some people try to re-create an actual cave when designing their Man Cave. I wonder if it is complete with a cold draught of air and a drip-dripping noise coming from somewhere up above? I’m kidding. It looks great!

120. Ultimate Cave

Ultimate Cave

Where garage Man Cave meets basement Man Cave. Just park your car in the middle of the floor. It works when you’ve got a car like this and not something that is beat up.When you’re done admiring your car you can lounge in the seating area and occasionally glimpse your guests taking jealous sideways looks at that car you parked right next to them.

121. The Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar

I only hope you know what you’re looking for and where you put it. If you have this many bottles of wine I’m sure you have a good system in place, but in this wine cellar Man Cave I can’t see any labelling on the shelving. It’s a wine lover’s paradise, that’s for sure. Just make sure you are able to walk out, not fall out.