12 Best Pool Tables – Buyers’ Guide

Here’s 12 of the best pool tables you can buy in my pool table buyer’s guide. Whether you are looking for a cheap pool table or something on the luxury end of the scale then here’s the lowdown.

Need reasons to purchase the best pool table?

I’ve got four of them.

Want to inject fun into your home? Check. Looking to play with friends and family in the comfort of your house? Check. Want to decrease the screen time of your little ones (and your own)? Check. Searching for something to add to your home’s décor appeal? Check.

Let’s be honest, no Mancave should be without the best pool table (or billiards table) you can afford so it’s only right that we take you through our pick of the best.

So let’s get on with it…

1. Fat Cat “Trueshot” Billiard Pool Table

Fat Cat True Shot Pool Table
  • Compact and portable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Fast playing surface
  • Sleek black cloth – looks great
  • Not for serious pool players
  • Cues could be better quality

Though not as famous as some of the other pool tables in this review, the performance of the Trueshot has got nothing to do with its lack of fame. Instead, the fact that it is a relatively new entrant in the market is the major reason for its anonymity.


Starting with the best this pool table has to offer, and its compactness undoubtedly deserves a mention. The sleek dimensions of this table mean you can fit it in spaces you never thought were likely destinations of a pool table. What’s more, in addition to making it easy to store, this table’s compactness makes it ultra-portable, too.

However, if you are thinking that its compactness might jeopardize this table’s stability, think again. For, the table is made of MDF with a blend of polyester. Both these materials are extremely solid and regularly used in high-end models. That means you don’t have to worry about the table giving way soon.

Adding to the stability of this model is its efficient leg-locking mechanism. It makes sure that the table maintains its shape regardless of the pressure you put on it. So you can enjoy your game without any worry.

Moving on, if you purchase this table, you won’t have to worry about it not complementing your house décor. That is, because, the Trueshot has a sleek black cloth which lets it accompany any room décor – be it contemporary or traditional – with aplomb.

What’s more, this table has two more features which add to its utility. First, it has foldable legs, which means you can both store and carry away it with ease.

Second, it requires minimum assembly; as all you have to do is to unfold its legs before locking them with the provided screws. Such easy assembly means you can get the Trueshot up and running within half an hour.

Finally, the balls that are included in its package have a high shine which allows them to glide effortlessly across the surface. So if you are a pool player who likes to play fast, this table is right for you.

What Customers Say

Users have highlighted two major concerns about this model. First, due to its compact size, they say that it isn’t adequate for serious pool players. Second, they have also raised questions about the size of the cue that comes in the package.

Overall Verdict

The Fat Cat True Shot Billiard Table is for all those persons who want to make their home life fun. However, if you want to improve your game, there are other (better) options in this review

2. Harvil ‘Bellagio’ 8-Foot Slate Pool Table

Harvil Bellagio 8-Foot Slate Pool Table
  • Premium drop pockets with shield
  • Wool and nylon blend cloth
  • Good rubber cushions
  • Traditional wood styling
  • Very heavy
  • Installation may be required (but is free)

Looking for a table that could help you take your game to the next level? Want somebody professional to install it at your place as well? Guess what, the Harvil 8-Foot grants both your wishes, and some more.


Available in four colors – of which green is my favorite – the Harvil 8-foot is a mahogany table with an elegant look and rich feel. Its manufacturer also gives you the option to have it installed at your home by a professional. And that too without paying extra. How’s that for a deal!

Moving on towards more important matters, and the slate of the Bellagio comes into play. Much better – and expensive – than MDF, the 3-piece slate of this model gives it a more accurate leveling. That feature, in turn, provides this table with two benefits.

First, thanks to the 3-piece slate, this table won’t undergo any warping; which means it won’t sag with time. Second, with no warping to disturb your game, you’d get a perfect ball roll from this table even years from now.

However, if you were feeling that its quality was the unique selling point of the Harvil, you need to look at its sturdiness. A combination of dense fiberwood with a birch veneer has added years to the life of this table. And if that wasn’t enough, its scratch-resistant port finish would make sure the table retains its original shape for long.

Turning our attention to its cloth, a combination of wool and nylon awaits our attention. Bathed in a stain-resistant solution, the cloth will never slow down the speed of your balls. Then there are the K66 rubber cushions which all but guarantee a perfect rebound.

Rivaling the construction and performance of this table is the set of accessories that accompany it. Included in the package are a 57’’ copper-head plated bridge stick, four 2-piece billiard cue, and a tally shaker bottle to let you play the game of bottle po.

Lastly, if you are still worried that this model might betray you, its manufacturer has got you covered. For, in addition to providing a 2-year warranty, they are also giving a satisfaction guarantee on this model. That means you can return without having to answer any questions after its purchase.

What Customers Say

As one would guess with a table of this size, this model is extremely heavy. So heavy that unless you have a support of at least four persons you cannot move it.

Overall Verdict

If you are a serious pool player who wants to take their game to the next level – and only need a premium quality table to accompany him – your search ends with the Harvil Bellagio.

3. Hathaway ‘Fairmont’ Portable 6 Foot Pool Table

Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6 foot pool table
  • Good for tight budgets
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fits into small spaces
  • Rails may be too soft for some people
  • Cues could be better

Just like the Trueshot table mentioned above, the Hathaway Fairmount is an ultra-portable model. Unlike it, however, it is extremely popular among the players. And to gauge whether its popularity is justified or not, let’s look at its features.


As is the case with most portable tables, it is the legs of this model which make it extremely handy. What differentiates it is the material of construction of the legs; for they are made of steel. However, as veteran pool players might guess, usage of steel is always a double-edged sword when it comes to tables.

For, at one end, the usage of steel takes some weight off the table to make it ultra-portable. On the other end, however, steel also reduces the amount of pressure a table can withstand without breaking. So, while you might want to move it around, just make sure not to put too much pressure on the Hathaway.

However, while its lightweight raises questions about its stability, it also makes the Hathaway assembly-free. That’s right; this model comes pre-assembled and all you have to do to get it up and running is to just unfold its legs.

Complementing the lightness of this model is its dimensions; as its frame measures only 6 foot. Then there is the blended wool felt which, though not as fast as unblended wool, has still got some speed. The table also has chrome-plated rubber caps and L-profile rubber cushions guarding its four sides.

Impressively for a table that comes in a meager price tag, the Hathaway provides all the necessary accessories for free. They include two 48’’ cues, a racking triangle, all the balls, and a chalk. So you won’t have to spend extra to start playing on this table.

Lastly, when I was checking this table for the first time, I thought there was no way it would come with any sort of warranty. Fortunately, its manufacturers have proved me wrong.

Not only do they offer a 180-day manufacturer warranty but they also promise to send replacement parts in case of faulty shipping. Or in the worst-case scenario, you’ll get a whole new table without paying a penny.

What Customers Say

Some users have claimed that due to the softness of ball rails, the ball loses its speed after hitting them. Some others have claimed that cues aren’t too good either.

Overall Verdict

The Hathaway Fairmont Portable is a decent-enough pool table available at a below-average price. Go for it if your younger-self is clamoring for his first-ever pool table.

4. SIMBAUSA Billiard Pool Table

SIMBA USA Billiard Pool Table - top view
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good warp-resistance
  • Not as robust as it could be
  • Unsuitable for pro players

For a table which provides a playing surface of 62’’ x 26’’, this one is extremely easy to assemble and a cinch to move around. That, however, you can guess by merely looking at its steel legs; which ooze portability. For its remaining features which you can’t guess, scroll down.


First things first, the assembly of this table was what impressed us the most. It comes neatly pre-assembled and all you have to do to start playing is to merely connect its legs. What’s more, since the legs are steel, you should have no problems trying to set the table up.

Next, for a steel table, it provides the professional 6 feet playing area. That means you’ll be getting a playing surface of 62’’ x 26’’. That despite the fact that this table weighs under 100 pounds. And if you want to move it around, just take off the legs and the weight will reduce drastically.

Moving on, the fact that it uses an MDF bed imparts this table with all the good – and bad – features which MDF is known for.

On the better side, the usage of MDF brings down both the weight as well as the price tag of this model. On the flip side, if there’s one thing which MDF isn’t famous for, it isn’t longevity. That means you can’t bank on this table to remain with you for decades.

Fortunately, the manufacturer of this table has provided it with adequately padded side rails. While they aren’t extremely thin to give ball extra power, they don’t have huge padding either to take power off the ball as well. So, you can be sure that the ball won’t come slow off the rails.

Turning our attention to the accessories this cable comes with, and it comes with just enough. For, as one might expect, you get 15 numbered balls as well as a cue ball in the package. Also included are 2 cues, a cloth-cleaning brush, and 2 chalks. That means a pretty modest set for a modest table.

What Customers Say

As is the case with most MDF tables, the middle of the table isn’t very strong. That means you can’t lean on it, for doing so might break the table in half.

Overall Verdict

This 6’’ Billiard Pool table suits all those players who cannot seem to find enough room for a full-sized pool table in their home. Or, even if you have that space – but are looking for a table for your little ones – this table will suit them, too

5. GSE Games & Sports Expert Folding Billiard Pool Table

GSE Games Sports Expert Pool Table
  • Can use regular size balls
  • Easy to fold and put away
  • Choice of 3 colors
  • Arrives pre-assembled
  • Cue tips are quite hard
  • Supplied with smaller size balls

For those of you looking for a lightweight, durable and stable billiard table, this model is the right option. It provides a perfect blend of price and quality to allow you to decorate your room’s interior in the budget.


For starters, it is the color range of this model which fascinates us the most. For, unlike most pool tables, it doesn’t come only in green color. Instead, to complement a variety of indoor decors, it comes in blue and red colors as well.

Looking at its dimensions, and this model is slightly larger than the Billiard Pool Table mentioned above. Its dimensions measure 66’’ x 37’’ in comparison to the 62’’ x 26’’ measuring Billiard Pool table. That means that youngsters in the age bracket of 8 to 18 can learn the trade on this table.

As for its quality, its manufacturer has done well to not let MDF sully the sturdiness of this model. It comes with a high quality felt top which further complements the black cabinet of this model. Oozing sturdiness are its drop pockets which are provided with stainless steel corner caps so as to prevent rusting.

What differentiates this table from other MDF tables is the reinforcement of steel legs with levelers. This slight realignment will make sure that the table remains perfectly flat, even when your floor isn’t. And the fact that all four steel legs are foldable further increases the utility of this model.

Moving ahead, we found some users complaining that this table came with smaller sized balls. However, as we found out, you can use full-size balls on this table as well. We used it and had no problems whatsoever.

Lastly, one area where this model lags behind other MDF tables is that you cannot remove its legs. That means you won’t be able to use it on top of a table without its legs. As for accessories, you get the usual items including 2 pool cues, a ball set, a triangle, and a chalk.

What Customers Say

As stated earlier, the balls which come with the table are on the smaller side. Also, the tips on the cue are on the harder side.

Overall Verdict

Thanks to its compact size, the GSE Games and Sports Expert will easily fit inside any middle sized room. Therefore, if space is a luxury you don’t have – especially for accommodating a full-sized pool table – go for it.

6. Brunswick 8-Foot ‘Danbury’ Pool Table

Brunswick 8-Foot Danbury Pool Table

Have the space to accommodate a full-sized pool table in your home? Have the money to pay for it as well? Only if your answer to both these questions is in the affirmative should you go and check this model.

  • 3-piece slate table
  • Solid wood panelling
  • Chestnut finish and wool cloth surface
  • Expensive

First of all, the fact that this model is made from superior wood with premium veneered hard should raise its standing in your eyes. It also gives you the option to choose either the traditional cherry wood or the chestnut finishing.

Similar versatility is on offer when it comes to the color range of this model’s covering cloth. From simple green to Sahara – and Merlot to Regatta Blue – four different colors are on offer. All of them are available in both the woolen and stainless steel material.

On the versatility front, this model doesn’t just stop at offering different color ranges and finishing. Instead, it also gives you the option to choose from a range of styles. They include the modern Ram’s heads legs or Queen Anne’s design or the more traditional ball and claw one. And to add more style, it is provided with solid wood rails with diamond-shaped pearl sights.

Regardless of which style, color or finish you choose, the sturdiness will be equally excellent in all of them. That is, because, this model uses state-of-the-art high-torque bolted construction in its making. And it doesn’t stop there, for it uses heavy gauge steel to fasten the entire model. Then there’s the 3-piece Brunswick Certified Premium Slate to further aggrandize the solidity of this model.

To justify its price tag, Brunswick offers a commendable pool accessory kit in the package. This accessory kit includes eight – yes, EIGHT – set of items. Ranging from the normal billiard balls set to the obscene 2-piece bridge stick, the kit includes 12 pieces of chalk, four 58’’ 2-piece cues, among other items.

Lastly, Brunswick further sweetens the deal by offering free delivery and installation with this model. You also get no-questions-asked refund guarantee and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on this model.

What Customers Say

If there’s one thing which might put-off the potential customers of this model, it is undoubtedly its price. For, it is astronomically priced, even for a model with such a brilliant set of features.

Overall Verdict

Due to its features mentioned above, the Danbury is the most sought-after model that Brunswick has to offer. Provided you can afford to pay its asking price, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it.

7. Barrington Billiard Table Set

Barrington Billiard Table Set
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Excellent bumper guards for consistent bounce
  • Strong deck support and hidden leg levelers
  • Average quality pool cues
  • Molded plastic shell feature on legs

As suggested by its number 1 rank in the new release billiard tables on Amazon, the Barrington has been making all the right waves in the market. Is it fame justified? We tried to find out the same with our detailed review of this model.


The Barrington Pool Table Set is available in seven different models, of which Springdale is our focus. That is, because, Springdale is the best-selling of all the seven models of this set. Its best-selling status, in turn, comes from the 90’’ size of this model, which is unique for pool tables.

Its unique size doesn’t mean, however, that the Springdale doesn’t have all the features of a real wood table. For, its legs have the richly decorated ball and claw design. That said, the legs aren’t solid wood, as they are provided with plastic coverings.

Furthermore, to give the balls a consistent bounce, the rails have been provided with K-818 bumper guards. Ensuring even playfield are the hidden leg levelers beneath the claw legs. And the rails have been afforded protection too with a scratch-resistant coating. Classic drop pockets – which give any table an authentic look – have also been provided.

Since the table is on the heavier side, it will take quite some time to assemble. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, for all wood tables require an extensive assembly time. What might be a bad thing is that you won’t be able to do it alone. It is recommended, therefore, to invite three or four friends for the same.

Another thing which you might want to note about this table is that it is NOT a slate table. Instead, an 18mm particular board is what makes the deck support of this model. That absence of slate might be unacceptable until you look at this model’s price, which is a fraction of what you’ll have to pay for slate models like the Brunswick mentioned above.

Finishing our review of this product with a glance at its accessories, and it comes with five of them. That includes the balls, two sticks, two chalks, a triangle, and a cloth-cleaning brush. Nothing extravagant, granted, but all the items you need to start playing.

What Customers Say

The fact that the legs of this model feature a molded plastic shell isn’t liked too much by some of its users. Also, the brush and cue sticks that accompany the table aren’t top quality.

Final Verdict

If you can’t afford to pay for a slate table – but still want the feel of the wood – the Barrington Springdale deserves your attention. Barring slate deck, it has all the materials you normally see in a wood table, and that too in a competitive price.

8. EastPoint Sports ‘Masterton’ Billiard Pool Table

EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Pool Table
  • Scratch-resistant finish
  • Leg-levelers for stability
  • Rich wood color
  • Adjustable support braces on legs
  • Legs are plastic
  • Pockets could be more robust

The EastPoint Sports Masterton comes from a popular brand known for manufacturing high-end pool tables. Therefore, even before its users attach any expectations to it, this model has large boots to fill. How will it do? Let’s find out.


Want your table to remain shiny and new for years? One way to do that is to make sure it comes with a scratch resistant finish. Fortunately, the Sports Masterton does just that thanks to its ‘LusterLong’ scratch resistant finish. Apart from keeping scratches at bay, this finish won’t also let the table’s beauty fade with time.

Also, if you want to perform at the highest level, it is crucial you play at an even surface. And guess what, the EastPoint provides that as well, thanks to its leg levelers. Increasing their utility is the fact that they come built-in; so you don’t have to worry about assembling them.

What’s more, this table provides a consistent bounce with its genuine K-66 rubber bouncers. Not only do they make smooth shots possible but they guarantee precision too. Then comes its rich wood color which adds elegance and class to this wood table. Similar is the case with its pocket design which comes in traditional parlor design

In stark contrast to every non-slate table, warping is a problem you won’t encounter with this model. That is, because, its playing surface is supplanted with support braces which prevent the middle from sagging. What’s more, the support braces are adjustable as well.

If you haven’t already decided where to put this table, there’s no need to hurry. For, since this table is relatively lightweight, it is easy to move around. And while it doesn’t come pre-assembled, what it does come with is a video assembly guide. Follow it, and you’ll be over with the whole assembling process in under two hours.

To finish off, we want to mention one thing which made this table endearing to us. It comes with ideal room dimensions which describe room size where this table will easily fit in with room for four persons to spare.

What Customers Say

While this table gives the feel of wood, it can’t obscure the fact that its legs are plastic. Also, some users have complained that the pockets might fall off.

Overall Verdict

Our review of the EastPoint Sports Masterton table reveals it as a medium-quality table with an impressive set of features. Such a description entails its usefulness for kids as well and adults who won’t practice seriously on it.

9. Mizerak ‘Dynasty’ Space Saver 6.5’ Billiard Table

  • Automatic ball-return system
  • Space-saving design
  • Disc-style levelers
  • Attractive bamboo exterior
  • Could warp in moist environments
  • Not as high quality as more costly tables

As suggested by its name, the “Space Saver” has a compact design which makes it suitable for middle-sized rooms. If you have kids who are eager to learn the trade, the price and compactness of this model make it an attractive proposition.


Measuring at only 6.5’, the Mizerak Dynasty is small enough to fit inside any middle-sized room without cramping it. However, the fact that this table weighs in at around 200 pounds gives it a new dimension. That element allows it to forswear tilting from accidental bumps while gaming.

Elevating the quality of this model is the double-sealed play bed which provides it with ball roll consistency. That means you won’t experience any sudden ball-direction changes during the game. It also has that classic parlor look thanks to its premium-quality green-nylon cloth.

Impressively, thanks to its rubber lined cushion, Mizerak has a commendable level of playability. For, the cushion gives the table a crisp rebound effect. More importantly, it doesn’t change the trajectory of the balls as they bounce off. The 5.5’’ rails, meanwhile, provides solid rebound by offering consistent resistance.

Unfortunately, for the slate lovers out there, the Mizerak won’t suit their criteria as it has an MDF playing bed. Such a choice of bed makes it ideal only for use at home. On the flip side, it also makes it lightweight, which makes the Mizerak ultra-portable.

What’s more, to cut down the time which you’d have otherwise spent on collecting potted balls, its manufacturer has provided Mizerak with an automatic ball return system. So that you can continue to play without any kinds of interruptions.

As far as looks will go, you’ll find virtually no difference between the Mizerak and tables used in professional tournaments. The looks are further refined with a bamboo laminate finish which further adorns the classic feel of this table.

Finally, apart from providing the complete accessory sit – which has all the usual suspects – this model comes with disc-style leg levelers. They allow you to adjust the height of each leg to ensure a level playing surface, even on sloped floors.

What Customers Say

You’ll do well to protect the Mizerak from moist environments because it wraps in humid conditions. Moreover, its cue stick is way-too light; which means you might have to purchase one separately.

Overall Verdict

The Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver is an old-fashioned billiard table with compact dimensions. And while it does use MDF – which is inferior to Slate – the price tag of this model is extremely competitive. Therefore, if you are looking for a table which won’t wrap for fun, go for the Mizerak.

10. Fat Cat ‘Frisco’ II 7 Foot Billiard Pool Table

Fat Cat Frisco 2 7.5 Foot Billiard Pool Table
  • Comes with a 7 year warranty
  • French-style drop pockets
  • Hidden leveling pads
  • Slower in play, not as quick as a slate bed

Coming with a 7-year surface warranty, the Fat Cat 7ft. is guaranteed to test the warping test of time. That despite the fact that it comes at half the price that one normally pays for a quality billiard table. That means that low price has nothing to do with the quality of this pool table.


Right from the moment you take it out of the delivering package, Fat Cat impresses with its wood veneer mahogany. Further emphasizing the classical design of this model are its French-style drop pockets. Complementing the size of the balls which come with the table, these drop pockets also give the table an extra layer of respectability.

The Fat Cat table provides consistent bounce with its genuine K-66 rubber bumpers. Not only do they make smooth shots possible but they guarantee precision too. That means you won’t have to worry about your balls changing trajectory after hitting the rails.

Since its legs are made of wood, any addition of plastic would have made them look ugly. Fortunately, the manufacturer of this table got the memo, as suggested by the use of hidden leg levelers. Not only do they provide even playing surface but they also do it discreetly. That, in turn, allows you to play on uneven ground as well.

Moving on, no less than eighteen diamond sights are inlaid into the wooden rails of this table. Apart from making the table look beautiful, these sights allow you to align your perfect shot. And since they have a pearlized tone pair, the rails blend with the hazel-colored wool blend cloth. Consequently, they further augment the parlor quality of the Frisco.

Furthermore, this table is provided with a wool-blend cloth and an Accuslate Play Surface. Since it is hazel-toned, the wool-blend cloth complements the maple finish of the table. And to let you know that it will resist warping, the surface comes with a 7-year warranty.

Lastly, as this table ticks all the right boxes on other counts, it does the same when it comes to accessories. You should get two 57’’ cues, a resin triangle and set of billiard balls as well as 2 chalks.

What Customers Say

As one might guess, the Accuslate playing surface of this model isn’t as fast as slate. That is the complaint some users have voiced about this model.

Overall Verdict

Considering that it doesn’t have a slate, the price tag of the Fat Cat looks expensive. However, once you play on it, all your apprehensions about this model will come to naught.

11. Mizerak ‘Dakota’ 8 Foot Slate Billiard Table

Mizerak Dakota 8' Slate Billiard Table
  • Wool-blend cloth
  • Pedestal legs with levelers
  • Ball return system
  • Not the easiest to assemble
  • Ball return system is plastic, not the best quality

What is it that forced us to include the Mizerak Dakota in this review? Is it the features of this model or its above-average performance? What about its price; will you be able to afford it? To find answers to all these – and some other – questions, scroll down.


Starting with its design, the Mizerak Dakota would add finesse and style to your gaming room. Supplanting the upper deck is the combination of the metal frame and laminate cabinet. Both these features make sure the ball roll around smoothly without facing resistance from the slate.

Just like the Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver, the Dakota to possesses a ball-return system. This feature makes sure that you spend most of your time on the table, and not with your hands in the table’s pockets looking for potted balls.

Making sure that no two of the features contradict each other is the wool blend design of this table’s cloth. It blends really well with the black exterior finish and even complements lower laminate cabinet. That uniformity of the whole structure allows it to add appeal to your room décor.

Fortunately, the legs of this table haven’t been left on their own. Instead, they are provided with leg levelers. Their round shape and flat bottom allow the leg levelers to evenly distribute the weight of the table. That, in turn, allows you to enjoy a smooth gaming experience even on a sloped surface.

And to provide you a consistent bounce on all times, the felted rails come into play. They don’t have enough padding to slow down the ball. Instead, what they have is adequate padding, which, while stopping the balls from going over the top, provides them perfect rebound as well.

As for the bonus kit which accompanies the Dakota, it comes with the usual items. Two pieces of chalk, a rack, ball set, brush, and two cue sticks are included in there.

What Customers Say

If you are on your own, it might take you as much as 5 hours to assemble this product. Therefore, we recommend that you get a pair of helping hands.

Overall Verdict

Thanks to its futuristic and modern looks, the Dakota resembles tables you pay to play in arcades and bars. That is the major reason why it will stand out at your home parties. So, if you always wanted to have a table which offered brilliant looks and peak performance, Dakota deserves your money.

12. Brunswick 8 Foot ‘Glen Oaks’ Pool Table

Brunswick 8-Foot Glen Oaks Pool Table
  • Classic design and beautiful finish
  • Very durable
  • Arched baseframe and solid claw legs
  • Expensive

As veteran billiard players might suggest, most professional players play on Brunswick pool tables to take their game to the next level. That’s the main reason, therefore, that Brunswick remains in business 150 years after they first made a pool table. Fortunately, as our review of the Glen Oaks will show, this pool table has done well to keep the reputation of its manufacturer intact.


Available in three different colors, the Glen Oaks is destined for the pinnacle of pool tables with its Oakwood construction. While the use of different colors gives it versatility, that of Oakwood allows it to remain in your game room for decades.

Supplementing the Oakwood color of this model is its beautiful Espresso finish; which gives it a dark look to complement home decors. Then, to impart it with more stability, Brunswick has provided the Glen Oaks with an arched baseframe.

Continuing with the stability-talk, this model is constructed from select veneered hardwoods. If that wasn’t enough, high-torque bolted techniques were used in its construction. And that in addition of the heavy gauge stainless steel used in its construction. All these elements combine to let the Glen Oaks provide a rock-solid performance.

Stability, however, isn’t the only unique selling point of this model; for it is stylish too. It has a ball and claw design on its legs, its corners are curved and the Woolen cloth is available in four colors. What’s more, the cloth is Brunswick trademarked and Contender colored. That means there is no chance of anything going awry with it.

Although the style and stability of this model were enough to convince the potential buyer, Brunswick wasn’t taking any chances. Hence the reason why it provided this mode with a bonus accessory kit. This package includes all the usual items plus a 2-piece bridge stick and four 58’’ Contender 2-piece cues.

Lastly, since you’ll be spending a lot of money on this model, you might think of having some assurances. Guess what, Brunswick provides just that with its money-back guarantee and warranty of this model. Not only that but you also get a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on this model. And if that wasn’t enough, a full-refund warranty is available in the package, too.

What Customers Say

Price; it had to be the price. So astronomical is the price tag of the Glen Oaks that try as one may, they couldn’t obscure the fact that this model costs a lot of money.

Overall Verdict

Thanks to its futuristic and modern looks, the Dakota resembles tables you pay to play in arcades and bars. That is the major reason why it will stand out at your home parties. So, if you always wanted to have a table which offered brilliant looks and peak performance, Dakota deserves your money.

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