29 Best Man Cave Spa Pools & Tubs

Let’s take a look at these 29 fantastic Man Cave spa pools and tubs which should give you all the inspiration you need if you are thinking of putting a swimming pool or tub (or both) in your Man Cave and turning it into a spa.

Shown here are some quite breathtakingly-beautiful spaces that people have created, but some of these are very “down to earth” and affordable. Whatever budget you have you can create your own dream Man Cave spa for swimming or soaking.

Mancave hot tub

We start in a cave – of course! This beautiful tub is set in the ground and the room has that wonderful faux cave look. Lie in the tub, sit back and watch the game.

Singapore Indoor Pool

Jealous yet? That spiral staircase is enough to make most people green with envy, but when it leads straight down to a pool like that you have just got to fall in love with the whole setup.

indoor swimming pool

Another beautiful underground Man Cave spa pool, fitted out with stone walls and ceiling. The fountain at the side of the pool makes a very attractive addition. Nice lighting and well-chosen furnishings make this a very inviting space.

pool room

This is less like a pool and more like a flooded room. But OMG it is die for! Check out that cosy nook in the corner with the cushions and candles. I don’t know who lives here but you would certainly want to be their friend!

Indoor Pool in House

A lovely mosaic-tiled above-ground pool meets us here in this pool room. The art on the wall makes it a look a lovely space. Just some light swimming and some lazing about in this pool. It’s the ideal Man Cave spa escape.

mancave indoor pool

This looks like a natural pool (is that coral in there?) but oh my it looks good. I love the way it just flows around the space and there is some very sophisticated architecture above it.

indoor hot tub

A dedicated underground room with a tub and what is probably a plunge pool or mini ice bath, all decked out in beautiful mosaic and sitting on a contrasting mosaic floor. I love the natural stone wall at the far end too which looks good alongside the wood panelling.

Indoor man cave pool with slide

The stuff of dreams. A nice big pool and a fun slide. You can just imagine the parties that go on here! Once again we have bare stone walls contrasting well with wood panelling. These materials give the area more of a natural feel and there is plenty of fun factor.

Perfect small pool design

This looks to be in a courtyard area or perhaps in a covered conservatory. Wherever it is situated the owner has created a gorgeous space, carved out in natural stone. The plants around the pool really work well too.

Luxury swimming pool

We step up once again to luxury and this sure is a luxurious Man Cave spa pool. I just love the tiling on the pool floor and the ambient lighting. You couldn’t make that more pool more inviting if you tried! Do you notice the bar area too at the back? The Barcelona chairs set around the pool really add up to give this Man Cave the wow factor. 

Swimming pool cave

This area is on several levels which are cleverly hidden behind the “cave” facade. The owner has really gone for it here and to devastating effect. The pool is beautifully done out in mosaic tiling with underwater spotlights and the space looks very much like a cave which has been carved out of stone.

Indoor swimming pool with home gym

The perfect indoor home gym and pool. The swimming pool is long enough to give a good workout swimming lengths and just look at the wood panelling which curves around the elliptical-shaped window to the gym. Architectural splendour.

Gorgeous indoor swimming pool

This tub is more like a sunken bath with steps leading in from both sides. I love the natural look to this space with the stone floor and curtains hanging across the windows. It’s all very simple but a really effective home Man Cave spa.

Outdoor hot tub indoor

Small, but perfectly-formed. This tub is set above ground and looks like part of a home “spa”. Lots of wood panelling on the walls and ceiling give it that “health sanctuary” look.

Man cave pool

This Man Cave spa pool house ticks all the boxes, that’s for sure. It features an endless pool (swim against the current) which is great for fitness. When you’re done, relax on the hammock and then take your seat at the bar and kitchen area. 

Indoor man cave pool
A beautiful kidney-shaped pool overlooking a garden, from which large sliding glass doors bring the outdoors in. A bar/serving area in the far corner makes this a multi-purpose space and a place that anyone could spend a lot of time in.

Indoor swimming pool design
This is my favourite. The pool is clearly designed to enable swimmers to do multiple lengths and enable good physical exercise. I love the stone wall to the left and the wood panel decking on the ceiling and floor. To the side of the pool are plenty of creature comforts. This is a “wow” space.
Man cave pool and bar

We have got all the elements here for a very sumptuous Man Cave. A lovely pool, a bar and a lounge through the sliding glass doors. All you could ever want in one image.

Man Cave with colored spotlights

This takes the “Cave” in “Man Cave” to a whole new level. Hard to tell whether this is a natural underground cave or a work of architecture. I suspect it’s the latter. A beautifully-lit tub makes it the perfect retreat for escaping to.

Hot tub man cave with TV

Roll back the carpet and what have you got? A tub in the living room. This shows you don’t need lots of space or money to fulfil your dream, you just need to dig down a bit. This is quite surreal, but it really works. Why not?

Bedroom with Indoor Private Pool

Wow. So this is your bedroom, except it’s a bit more than that. Walk round and take a dip in that glorious curved pool. I don’t know about you but I want to go there now. It may be dark and doesn’t seem to have any windows but what the hell!.

Master bath

This is perhaps an en-suite bathroom or main bathroom but it provides good Man Cave ideas. Soak in the spa bath while watching the TV mounte d on the wall. If there’s two of you in there you will probably have to fight over which end you’d like to sit!

flooded basement man cave

This looks to be a flooded bedroom in a basement. If you are a sleepwalker then it’s probably not a good idea to spend a night in here. Otherwise, why not? It is an interesting concept, that’s for sure. Just make sure you dry yourself off before getting into bed.

The perfect pool

It’s all about the lighting with this beautiful sunken bath. Ambient candlelight at the back and romantic sparkling “star” lights projected over the bath and the porcelain surround make this quite a little haven.


Another basement Man Cave spa that has been fitted out with a sunken tub and a screen on the wall, with cosy seating just at the back. The decoration is very basic and minimalist but that doesn’t detract at all from what is a very cosy space indeed.

Hot tub on the verandah

This is a beautiful outdoor spa with a lovely woodland outlook. The spa bath is sheltered and sits on a decking so you get the lovely feeling of being outdoors without being so exposed to the elements.

Luxury indoor infinity tub

Not one, but two infinity pools are here in this New York apartment. It is definitely right up there with my favourites. There’s an incredible view across the river towards Manhattan as you splash about in the tub and pool.

luxury pool and hot tub cave

A pool designed for fitness and length-swimming, but always the facility to relax in the tub too. As with many swimming pool caves, this suits a basement area. This is a very peaceful and tranquil space allowing you to exercise and take it easy in equal measure.

Endless pool Man Cave

The owner here has fitted an endless pool so the emphasis in this Man Cave spa is very much on the fitness. No reason why you can’t keep an eye on the NFL game though and the wall-mounted TV screen will take care of that.

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