12 Crazy Man Cave Beer Fridges

You don’t have to have a plain old beer fridge in your Man Cave. You can have one of these crazy beer fridges that are pimped-up or you can have one that’s completely customised.

Here’s a list of 12 crazy Man Cave beer fridges that will leave you feeling as though a simple refrigerator will not do. It needs to be crazier than that. Just how cool are these beer fridges!

1. VW Camper beer fridge

Vintage VW Camper Van Refrigerator

Let’s kick off with this stunning front-end VW Camper van refrigerator. This really is a thing of beauty and is resplendent with the shiny VW badge on the front. I absolutely love this and I’m not even a VW Camper fan!

2. Mobil gas station beer fridge

Mobil Gas Beer Fridge

Gas station pumps are a popular choice when it comes to refrigerator makeovers and this is an excellent reproduction fridge freezer, complete with hose and nozzle.

3. Walk-In refrigerator

Walk-In Beer Cooler and Refrigerator

There are times when you just don’t have enough space, so how about this giant walk-in refrigerator complete with beer tap? Cool your beer and serve it with this kegerator.

4. Outdoor cabinet mini fridge

Outdoor Mini Fridge

Who says a refrigerator needs to stay indoors? This attractive mini-fridge in its wooden housing is designed to sit outdoors. Put it next to the barbecue and keep those beers coming!

5. Man trapped in a beer fridge

Man Trapped on Inside Refrigerator

Something really cool – please excuse the refrigerator pun. Our man has got stuck inside the fridge and is trying to force his way out. A really striking design and a fridge that’s a talking point!

6. Tool station beer fridge

The 2 Drawer Toolbox Fridge

This might just be the perfect fridge for a garage Man Cave. It’s a mini fridge customized in the shape of a two-drawer tool cabinet with matching door. You won’t find spanners in here, just ice cold beer.

7. Darth vader beer fridge

Darth Vader Beer Fridge

Star Wars fan? We’ve got you covered. This Darth Vader fridge provides plenty of space for your beer cans and bottles in three compartments. It’s imposing, but friendly.

8. The red devil beer fridge

Extreme Devil Themed Fridge Kegerator

An extreme theme customized fridge that’s suggestive of the devil and hell, but the taps on the front will do nothing but dispense heavenly ice-cold beer. It’s on caster wheels so you can move it around which could be handy. This fridge is red hot on the outside but ice cold on the inside.

9. Harley Davidson fridge

Classic Harley Davidson Fridge

A full-blown customized Harley Davidson refrigerator that will certainly tick every biker’s box. It’s full of beer, we’re sure of that. Striking colors and stunning logos.

10. Shell gas station beer fridge

Shell Oil Gasoline Fridge

Here’s another gasoline station fridge – this time its a Shell Motor Oil company livery that lends its identity to this bright yellow fridge with hose and nozzle. Gotta love the readings on top compartment door too for that extra authenticity.

11. Rubik’s Cube beer fridge

Rubiks Cube coldwarm fridge

Now what about this? Is it a Rubik’s Cube? No! It’s a Rubik’s Cube fridge and quite honestly I’ve never seen anything like this in my life before. All you need to do is open the door and put in your cans and bottles and let them chill. You wouldn’t even know this is a fridge, unless of course it makes fridge noises now and then. Can you imagine this Rubik’s Cube fridge in your space?

12. Marshall amplifier beer fridge

Marshall Amplifier beer fridge

Any music aficianado worth their salt will know what this. If you don’t then let me tell you. It’s a Marshall amplifier which is the amplifier of choice for many music bands. But wait, it’s not an amplifier at all, it’s a beer fridge. Pardon the pun, but how cool is this?

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