12 Best Beer Fridges for a Man Cave

No self-respecting Man Cave should be without a beer fridge and I’ve selected 12 mini beer fridges in this ensemble for you to take a closer look at.

When you’re sitting in a really comfy chair and watching the big sporting action on the TV (it’s a big TV of course) the last thing you will want to do is have to get up and go to the kitchen every time you fancy a beer.

That’s where these fantastic beer fridges really come into their own. You can have a fridge right next to where you are sitting or you can have one sitting in your very own Man Cave bar.

It’s like having drinks on tap and within easy reach at any time. 

So let’s take a look at what the market has to offer in mini beer fridges.

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1. Danby 120 Can Beverage Center

Danby 120 Can Beverage Center Mini Beer Fridges
  • Tempered glass door
  • Good for the price
  • Fairly efficient
  • Attractive blue LED light
  • Questionable temperature control (DIY fix available)
  • Shelf arrangement not ideal
  • Rubber seal not the strongest
  • Not the quietest

A solid contender in at number one on this best beer fridges list. Just one minor fault does let it down a bit, but it may not be too much of a problem for many.


The Danby 120 Can Beverage Center features a black body and a stainless-steel trimmed door and is a mini fridge with capacity of 93.5 liters. That means there is enough space to store up to 120 cans.

If some of those cans happen to be of the alcoholic variety and you have young people in the house, the beer fridge integrates a useful lock into the recessed side mount door meaning it can’t go missing.

In addition to this, the door has a reversible hinge meaning it can be mounted to open out either way and features a strong tempered glass front, so you can see when you are running low on your favorite beer at a glance.

Inside the fridge there are 3 black wire adjustable shelves and an energy efficient blue LED light that activates when the door is opened.

Finally, the manufacturer claims yearly energy consumption of 368KWh, which is fairly efficient.

What Customers Say

Though it has an attractive design with the black body and stainless-steel trimmed glass fronted door, a common complaint with this unit focuses on the temperature.

While some users have experienced a weak rubber seal around the door which could account for poor cooling performance, a more likely explanation is to do with the mechanical thermostat.

Quoted temperatures are between 43F and 57F, which isn’t exactly ideal for a beer fridge.

Some users have found a DIY fix that involves adjusting a tension screw inside the thermostat housing and claim temperatures in the low 30’s are achievable.

While this is a much more realistic temperature range for cooling drinks, many of the more positive reviews for this fridge are after this fairly simple DIY modification has been undertaken.

If you intend to attempt this DIY fix, make sure the unit is completely disconnected from the power supply first and do this completely at your own risk. Low 30’s are a much more acceptable temperature for chilling beer but you don’t want to electrocute yourself in the process!

Overall Verdict

In short, a strong beer fridge contender with an attractive design and some excellent features such as a lockable door and tempered glass panel.

However, a questionable rubber seal and a thermostat that needs tinkering with mean it is difficult to fully recommend without question.

If you want to just buy it, plug it in and enjoy cold beverages, you may be advised to keep looking, but plenty of people will get along just fine with this mini fridge.

2. Nostalgic Coca-Cola Series Mini Refrigerator with Freezer

Coca Cola Mini Fridge
  • Separate fridge area
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Dedicated bottle and can holders inside door
  • In-built bottle opener on door
  • Not the largest fridge area
  • Shelf arrangement not ideal
  • Questions with reliability
  • Lacking internal light

If you’re looking for a bold and bright ridge and like a bit of nostalgia, the bright red Coca-Cola design might just suit you. It’s not a classic “beer fridge” in the sense of the word because Coca Cola is not beer after all, but it makes it on to our best beer fridges list here because it is so damn cool in every sense of the word (and who is to tell you that you can’t fill it with beer anyway?)


Featuring a reversible door with a useful bottle opener on the outside, it’s definitely user friendly.

Though the internal fridge area isn’t the largest at 2.33 cubic feet, it does sport a dedicated freezer area of 0.67 cubic feet which is an excellent addition that many mini fridges are sadly lacking.

Inside the fridge you’ll find an adjustable thermostat and movable shelves to suit whatever it is you want to hold, and the inside of the door features a useful can dispenser and bottle holder space – perfect for, you guessed it, a bottle of coke. Or Pepsi if you’d prefer.

At just over 30” tall, it will fit perfectly under most bar counters but might be a little tall if you plan to sit it at the end of a sofa, for example.

The bright red design will either be exactly what you’re looking for, or it won’t. It’s definitely vibrant and will be a feature in any room or under the bar.

If it will be used in a living room or home theatre where volume is a concern, the low hum that some electrical equipment can emit could be a nuisance. Thankfully there are no concerns here and it is reported to be whisper quiet.

What Customers Say

In general, user reviews for the fridge itself are very positive and users claim its adjustable thermostat works well to keep drinks (and anything else) perfectly chilled.

The freezer is a useful addition that is strangely missing from many mini fridges and though perhaps not the most useful feature in this day and age, the bottle opener attached to the front of the door avoids the annoyance of having an ice-cold beer (or coke) in hand but no bottle opener.

Unfortunately though, all is not good.

A common complaint is that the fridge arrived with dents or DOA.

This obviously isn’t an issue with the functioning of the fridge itself and dents and/or damage may occur in transit, but the sheer frequency of complaints of the same problem point towards flimsy material and potential longevity issues.

Overall Verdict

All in all a great option that performs well if you’re lucky enough to receive one that isn’t dented, that is!

Reviews are largely very positive and any negative comments can be linked to issues during delivery.

The few reports of malfunction shouldn’t necessarily put you off either as there are always isolated problems with any product.

There’s a thoughtful internal layout and admirable performance which combine to create a real winner, especially if you’re a fan of the bold design.

3. Gourmia GMF600 Thermoelectric Mini Fridge

Gourmia GMF600 Mini Fridge
  • Small and portable
  • Cheap
  • Warming function
  • Fairly noisy
  • Average cooling

A solid choice if you are looking beer fridges that are light and very portable. You could take this mini fridge anywhere. When you have it at home you can put it to work in your Man Cave to keep those drinks cold.


The keyword with the Gourmia GMF600 is ‘mini’.

With a capacity of 4 liters, it is capable of holding just 6 typical drink cans.

Obviously then, the main draw to this particular mini fridge is its size and portability and the fact that it can be powered using the cigarette lighter in a car.

That means it’s great for keeping drinks cool in the car on a long drive, but it could be equally at home sitting on the edge of your desk running from AC power.

What’s more, both cables are included in the box.

Building on the sell of portability, Gourmia have included a carry handle and a self-locking latch on the door. Rather than using refrigerants to cool as a traditional refrigerator does, this unit employs eco-friendly thermoelectric technology meaning low power draw and efficient running, both at home and in the car.

At home this might not be too much of a concern but when running on portable power its benefits are obvious.

It’s important to realize that this should be classed as more of a ‘cooler’ than a fridge and it is stated to chill to temperatures as low as 32F.

Finally, not only is this portable unit a ‘cooler’ but it has the ability to heat up to 150F. Again, perhaps not particularly useful at home where you would have an oven capable of the same and more, but in a portable scenario it could come in quite handy.

What Customers Say

User critiques suggest that while this unit claims to cool as low as 32F, that claim may well be ambitious with many users saying it doesn’t really cool drinks to the kind of temperatures you’d want for an ice-cold drink.

Once again though, it should be remembered this is more of a cooler and though not ice cold, drinks are kept to a much more enjoyable temperature.

Perhaps this fridge is not the best cooler, but it is reported widely that the warming function works well and keeps food at a good temperature. A more problematic issue depending on where you plan to use this fridge could be noise.

In a car or on a desk in a busy office, the noise produced likely wouldn’t be an issue, but in a quiet bedroom or office, the “whirr” of the motor has been said to be distracting.

Overall Verdict

If you’re looking for a small and portable unit that has acceptable cooling ability and that can be powered in your car, this is a strong choice.

The addition of a warming function makes it even more desirable to those users.

Though it doesn’t have the best cooling ability and is limited in terms of capacity, it is still worth consideration to those in search of something to use at home as it is very compact – just be weary of potential noise in quiet environments. That is something the best beer fridges don’t tend to suffer from.

4. Homelabs Beer Fridge and Cooler

HomeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler - Best Beer Fridges
  • Good performance
  • Very quiet
  • Efficient
  • Large capacity
  • Internal light not automatic
  • Door not reversible

A very good choice of cooler, this Homelabs refrigerator stacks up very well indeed and is a popular model. It walks with ease into our best beer fridges list here!

There are a couple of niggly features which would make this just about perfect, but it still has a lot going for it.


With 3.2 cubic liters of capacity, this offering from Homelabs has enough internal space to fit up to 120 standard sized cans or up to 60 bottles of wine.

The construction of the case is decent with an attractive black body and stainless-steel rimmed door, but unfortunately the door is non-reversible and does not feature a lock, as other beer fridges do. For homes that are inhabited by children, this would be a useful feature.

Inside the fridge you’ll find three shelves that are of acceptable quality and a blue LED light that disappointingly is not controlled by the opening of the door.

It does have an on/off switch, but it would have been nice to have the ability to automatically turn on and off (like a traditional fridge) when the door is opened and closed. A small oversight perhaps.

The addition of a digital temperature read out is a nice touch.

Cooling performance is great too with a quoted minimum temperature setting of 36F, certainly cold enough for beer, wine and soda.

What’s also nice about this mini fridge is that it uses a compressor to facilitate the cooling which is both efficient and fast. It also means it’s quiet and where a traditional beer fridge might hum or vibrate, this fridge remains silent.

In the event of a power outage, this mini fridge also has a nifty function that will remember your preferred temperature setting once power is restored. A small feature, but it all adds up to a seamless experience.

What Customers Say

Overall user comments for this fridge are very positive and few users have had complaints regarding performance and or reliability.

The shelves are made of a slightly flimsy material that flex and don’t allow for optimal spacing, meaning some space is lost.

However, it’s never a good idea to completely pack a beer fridge full as it can adversely affect performance. Slight gaps between shelves is a common feature (or complaint depending on how you see it) for the majority of mini fridges.

Also, some have suggested that the quoted low temperature of 36F isn’t achievable and only 39F is possible. In reality though, this is unlikely to be an issue for all but the most demanding of users and the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Overall Verdict

With good built quality and cooling performance, this fridge is a great option and one of the best beer fridges you can buy.

Small enough to fit under a bar or at the end of a kitchen counter but large enough to hold an array of your favorite beers, sodas or wines, there’s not much to dislike.

It’s also very quiet running meaning it would be well-suited to a home theater or living room.

5. Kenmore Compact Mini Refrigerator

Kenmore Compact Mini Refrigerator
  • Large capacity
  • Choice of colors
  • Quiet operation
  • Built-in freezer
  • Solid door, not glass-fronted

Small, compact, large capacity and with a choice of colors this Kenmore beer fridge will have a lot of takers.


At 4.5 cubic feet, the Kenmore 99059 has more than enough space for the typical user and despite its capacity, it’s still small enough to fit under a bar or desk.

In addition to being able to fit physically into most locations, the three color options mean it will fit aesthetically into most locations too.

Choice is a good thing but unfortunately there is no glass fronted option common on many beverage fridges. That’s a direction Kenmore have taken with this fridge and hints that it is a mini fridge, rather than specifically a beverage fridge.

On the inside there are two moveable wire shelves. Uuseful molded bottle holders and can dispensers on the inside of the door are capable of holding up to 14 standard sized cans and 2 full size bottles.

This fridge also features a small freezer area for ice or cooling beverages quicker and which doesn’t take up too much of the internal space. There is also a useful LED light.

Temperature control is dealt with using a small control knob.

What Customers Say

User critique of this item is excellent and there are no negative reviews regarding the performance of the fridge.

Both cooling and reliability are the choice of finishes means the design can complement most rooms.

Overall Verdict

There really is very little negative to say about this option other than the fact that there is no glass fronted option available.

If you plan to use the fridge as a drinks fridge in an environment where it is on show, the glass door is a nice touch.

If, however, this will be placed under a bar and out of sight, this might not be an issue and its otherwise strong performance make it a winner.

6. EdgeStar 62-Can Beverage Cooler

EdgeStar Beverage Cooler - Best Beer Fridges
  • Quiet compressor-based cooling
  • Compact design
  • Reversible door
  • Good if you don’t like your drinks too cold
  • Cooling function allegedly not up to scratch
  • Lacking internal LED light
  • Slightly noisy

This Edgestar cooler is a good bet if you don’t like you beers or soft drinks too cold (like me!). It may not be cold enough for some, but otherwise there is quite a bit to like about it and it’s a strong contender for the best beer fridges list.


At 20” tall, 17” wide and 18” deep, this beverage cooler has a capacity of 62 standard sized cans or just over 30 20oz. bottles.

For a drinks fridge that will be placed in a living room, that means it is both fairly compact and easy to hide away, but also offers decent storage capacity.

Featuring a black body and stainless steel rimmed double paned glass fronted door (which is reversable), it certainly looks the part, but does not feature an internal LED light, which is a useful feature.

The compact design of this unit make it perfect for situations where cooling large amounts of drinks isn’t necessary. Perhaps an office or RV for example, where only a couple of people use the fridge, is the perfect location for the 60+ can sized fridge.

Temperature control is dealt with via a control knob and features a temperature range between the high 30s and mid 50s.

At the lower end of the spectrum, that’s a good level of chilling.

In addition to this, the fact this fridge uses a compressor to cool means it should be quiet and free of annoying vibrations.

What Customers Say

As appears to be a common complaint with lower-priced mini fridges, user reviews suggest cooling performance isn’t on par with more expensive options and the adage ‘you get what you pay for’ can perhaps be applied here.

Many reviewers have stated the claim of high 30s temperatures isn’t achievable even with just a few items in the fridge and no matter what setting the thermostat knob is set to.

If you like your beer really chilled then this mini fridge is perhaps not powerful enough for you, but it would be sufficient for cooling wine which typically doesn’t require such low temperatures.

Finally, despite utilizing a compressor which should mean quiet operation, some users have found it can be quite the opposite at times.

Overall Verdict

If you’re in the beer fridges market for a compact cooler, at first glance this might seem like a great option. The reasoning is right there in the name though; ‘cooler’.

Despite capacity being reasonable, especially for situations where large amounts of space aren’t needed, the disappointing performance that doesn’t chill drinks, rather cools them, places a question mark next to this item.

7. Whynter Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan

Whynter Beverage Refrigerator - Best Beer Fridges
  • Large capacity
  • Fan-assisted compressor-based cooling
  • Reversible door
  • Plenty of shelf configurations
  • Prone to dents
  • Door can sometimes gather condensation easily

The Whytner refrigerator packs some punch and has that nice glass door which a lot of people like. Very simply it is one of the best beer fridges you can buy.

It will chill plenty of cans in a single go, so would be useful to have if you plan on having lots of get-togethers in  your cave,


With an internal capacity of 3.1 cubic feet, this mini bar fridge offers a capacity of around 120 standard sized cans.

The soft glowing internal LED light compliments the glass fronted door with stainless steel rim and allows you to see at a glance how stocked you are on drinks.

It would have been nice to see an auto on/off sensor on the light when the door opens, but there is at least a switch to turn it on and off as you please.

This mini fridge also sports a reversible door to allow it to fit nicely into whatever location you need.

Inside the fridge there are five wire shelves allowing a plethora of configurations depending on taste and what you’ll be storing inside.

Being able to adjust the shelves to store larger bottles at the bottom is a definite plus in any drinks fridge but having a higher number of shelves also gives you the choice to position them closer together and lay bottles on their side. A small detail perhaps, but often it’s the small details that make products stand out.

Cooling is dealt with by a powerful compressor and is assisted by a fan to maintain constant temperatures throughout the mini fridge.

A manual control inside allows the user to select the desired temperature with a range of high 30F to mid 60F.

Obviously for some drinks, the cooler the better, but wine drinkers will be pleased to see the slightly higher option of 60F+ that will keep their wines cooled perfectly.

What Customers Say

Despite the use of a fan that is specifically said to keep steady temperatures throughout the fridge, some users claim the fridge has issues maintaining a steady temperature.

Fluctuations have been reported while others claim the fridge never reaches its quoted numbers.

As they say, your miles may vary and in warmer environments, performance is not likely to be as good as in cooler environments but either way low 40F seems to be the norm and that’s just fine for all but the most demanding!

Finally, a number of users have stated the door gather condensation easily and while this isn’t a real issue for cooling performance, the glass fronted door makes it something of a center piece and the condensation ruins the looks. Having said that, condensation is almost unavoidable and even the best beer fridges can suffer a little from this, so don’t let that put you off.

Overall Verdict

In short, a fairly priced option that performs well with no real drawbacks other than being slightly prone to dents and collecting condensation easily on the glass door. One of the best beer fridges out there.

8. Black and Decker Energy Star Compact Refrigerator

Black and Decker Energy Star Compact Refrigerator - Best Beer Fridges
  • Choice of finish
  • Good warranty on compressor
  • Efficient and energy star certified
  • Low price
  • Can dent easily
  • Some reviews suggest it can be quite loud

A model worth looking at. It may not be the biggest but if space is at a premium then it might just suit your needs. A big plus point is that it contains a small freezer, so you should be able to keep plenty of ice at hand.


At 2.5 cubic liters of internal space, the Black & Decker mini fridge is not the largest.

They do however, have a number of similar fridges in their range of varying sizes and depending on your needs, it’s compact size could well be a positive.

A nice touch is the completely flat back which allows placement in places other fridges might not allow.

Usually several inches of clearance is required, or fridges have a bulge on the back where the compressor housing sticks out, but on this unit that’s not a problem.

While lacking a glass fronted door which is typical and sought after for dedicated drinks fridges, this unit comes in a choice of 3 finishes; black, white and silver, meaning it can at least be chosen to match the décor of its environment.

Two removable glass shelves are offered inside along with a molded bottle holder and can dispenser on the door.

There is also a small freezer area which comes with an ice cube tray and manual thermostat controls.

One area in particular where this mini fridge shines in particular is in its efficiency.

Compressor-based cooling ensures decent performance and at 212 KW/h of yearly electricity use, this unit ensures electricity usage stays at a minimum.

The warranty is also better than on many other alternatives with 1 year of parts and labor but 2 years on the compressor.

What Customers Say

A number of user complaints focus on the fridge being dented on delivery which is a common problem that could be explained by it getting knocked about during transit. It could also be down to low quality materials, of course.

In addition, there are a number of complaints regarding noise with some saying it is loud.

Others suggest noise and vibration isn’t a problem but if you plan to keep it in a quiet room, beware of this possible issue.

Thankfully, there are almost no reports of poor cooling performance.

Overall Verdict

A choice of finish, excellent efficiency rating and good cooling performance all combine to mean that this low priced mini fridge punches above its weight and is a Man Cave beer fridge worthy of your consideration.

9. Uber Appliance Mini Fridge

Uber Appliance Mini Fridge
  • Retro look and feel
  • Compact and portable
  • Choice of colors
  • No divider shelf
  • Cools only to 45 degrees
  • Can produce condensation

A very mini fridge that is a bit of a style icon in its own right. Certainly a talking point.One of the most unusual beer fridges you will see.

It resembles a refrigerating pod or capsule and I’m guessing here that people will either love it or hate it. You’re paying for the design just as much as the machine itself. If you’ve got an old beer fridge it may not be doing wonders for the environment, as this article pointed out. Therefore it could well be time to get a new one and the Uber Applicance mini fridge makes it into our best beer fridges list here!


The strong point of the Uber Appliance mini fridge is its size and portability.

Sure, the downside to it’s compact size is limited capacity, but that’s the point.

It will hold 12 regular sized beer or soft drink cans or up to 9 x 500ml bottles which should be enough for watching the ball game in your cave.

When on the road it can be charged via the 12v cigarette lighter in a car or with a socket at home and both cables are included in the box.

It comes in available in 5 color choices; blue, black, red, silver and white. The retro design with curved edges and a window on the front door definitely stand out.

Cooling to 40F-45F below ambient temperature is managed with a solid-state thermoelectric cooler that also doubles up as a warmer up to 150F – useful when you don’t want to venture out in the kitchen (and miss that all–important home run or touchdown).

What Customers Say

Unfortunately, users suggest this is quite a noisy little machine which makes sense given its small size.

A rear-mounted exhaust fan is essential to keep the unit cool but does nothing for noise levels so those looking for a small fridge to keep near the big screen TV should keep this in mind.

Some users have claimed that cooling performance is sub-par, but this will entirely depend on the environment you use it in.

Obviously, the main usage of a fridge is to keep things cool when it’s hot outside but given the rated ability of 40-45F below ambient temps, in warmer climates, the small cooling unit in this mini fridge could struggle to keep things as cold as you’d like.

Overall Verdict

Performance is about as should be expected given its size, so this shouldn’t necessarily be held against this mini fridge.

Similar performing options are available at half the price but don’t have the “pizazz” of this option.

10. NewAir Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator

NewAir Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator - Best Beer Fridges
  • High 3.4 cubic foot capacity
  • Good cooling performance
  • Low noise levels
  • Double-paned glass fronted door
  • Users suggest issues with longevity
  • Door not reversible

Large capacity and good performance give this beer fridge high marks. There’s a lot to like about it.

It does what a fridge is supposed to do (keep things cold) and it does it well. Low noise levels is a massive plus too.


With a claimed capacity of 125 regular sized cans and a reasonably small footprint, this fridge should fit into most locations.

Aesthetically, it looks smart. It is offered in two different colors, silver and black and for those that require a fridge to fit in an even smaller fridge, a 90 can capacity option is also available from NewAir.

As with all fridges, performance is better when air has space to circulate and as long as the fridge is not packed full, the specifications claim a chilly 34F is possible.

That’s more than enough for beer and soda and should also ensure that even a well-stocked fridge can be cooled to an acceptable level.

Temperature control is dealt with via a control knob inside and an LED light is also present.

Low noise levels of 35dB mean buzzing and vibration shouldn’t be a problem, especially given the size of the fridge and the likely locations it will be used in.

What Customers Say

The majority of users appear happy with this drinks fridge and reviews are mostly positive regarding cooling performance and build quality.

There are a few remarks about clicking and gurgling noises, but the main concern seems to lie around longevity and there are a few critiques suggesting the unit died just outside of warranty.

With a standard one year mail-in warranty, that’s not a great life span and although each situation is different, the number of scenarios is a bit of a worry.

Overall Verdict

At a reasonable price and offering decent performance for the money, this NewAir bar fridge on paper looks OK, but issues with reliability and clicking and gurgling noises are a worry.

11. Costway 60 Can Beverage Mini Refrigerator

Costway 60 Can Beverage Refrigerator - Best Beer Fridges
  • Good quality construction
  • Excellent cooling performance
  • Reversible door and flexible shelving options
  • Compact
  • Can be built-in
  • A little noisy

A good choice if you are looking for a beer fridge that not too fancy but will do the job. Not too expensive either.

It’s nice and compact and can slot in under a bar unit if you have the space. It does well in consumer reviews so if you are looking for something this size then I’d say “go for it”.


With a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet and up to 60 regular sized cans, this mini bar fridge from Costway is a great option.

Able to be built into a unit but good looking enough to be freestanding, it offers many of the features you’d expect from a good quality mini beer fridge.

The steel body with reversible stainless-steel glass panel door is attractive and performance is very good.

With a quoted temperature range of 39F – 61F, on the face of things it seems fairly average.

What makes this mini bar fridge stand out though is the compressor which seems to be of excellent quality and cooling is reported to be rock solid.

A little unfortunately, the control knob is on the rear of the unit so for those that want to install this into a bar or unit where the back is tucked away and out of reach, it might pose a bit of an annoyance.

The interior blue light looks good but unfortunately is manually controlled rather than automatically turned on and off with the door.

This will suit many and it makes a show piece, but the option would at least be nice.

Three removable shelves allow for flexible storage options deepening on what you’re cooling inside.

What Customers Say

User reviews suggest cooling performance is very good and there is very little negative to say about this excellent mini fridge.

However, a couple of users have stated from time to time that the fridge makes gargling noises and can be noisy.

Overall Verdict

Depending on where you plan to use this fridge, it would be good to keep potential noise in mind, but with excellent performance, this should definitely be on anyone’s shortlist.

12. Sobro Coffee Table with Refrigerator

Sobro Coffee Table with Refrigerator - Best Beer Fridges
  • Choice of colors
  • Quiet and good performing refrigerated drawer
  • Top notch build quality
  • Built-in speakers
  • Expensive
  • Needs to be plugged in – unsightly power cord

At the luxury end of the market, this Sobro coffee table refrigerator is for when you want a chiller in your Man Cave to cool your beer, but you don’t want it to look like a mini fridge!

This is a multi-functional table that will have your buddies talking – for all the right reasons!


Occupying a different end of the market both in terms of function and price, this coffee table with built in refrigerator (among other things) is a multi-purpose tool that could well replace lots of other items in your Man Cave, particularly if space is at a premium.

With built in USB charging ports for phones and tablets, dual Bluetooth speakers, a tempered glass table top that eliminates the necessity of coasters as well as a refrigerated drawer, this isn’t just a coffee table.

It is even supplied with a USB dongle to pass audio from your TV through the built in Bluetooth speakers.

In terms of cooling performance, the Sobro coffee table does well.

It’s both quiet and at just under 2 cubic feet of capacity, it has a good amount of storage space for drinks or cold snacks.

It is possible to store more than 32 bottles of beer or cans without being overloaded and with stated temperatures of low 30s to low 50s, it will get your drinks nice and frosty.

Temperature control, as controls for Bluetooth audio and everything else, are all managed via touch buttons built into the tempered glass top.

Obviously, this all comes at a price and at more than 5 times the price of a decent mini fridge, this is certainly an investment.

However, as you would expect for this outlay, build quality is exceptional and all features work just as stated.

What Customers Say

Despite offering a 1-year standard warranty and 2 years on the sealed compressor unit, one early adopter has complained of worrying issues when trying to make a claim.

A high pitch noise could be heard when the fridge was running that persisted over time and while Sobro did attend to the issue, the process was more long-winded than you’d want with a luxury item such as this.

Other critiques center on the fact that a power cord is required which is a nuisance to hide and is unsightly. This is less of a critique though and something you should expect for a coffee table with so many electric based functions. It needs power from somewhere!

Overall Verdict

On the whole though, reviews are positive with most stating they’re very happy and if you can stomach the price, it’s a great option for getting cool drinks into your Man Cave in a stylish way.

If you’re currently in the market for a new coffee table, speakers and all the other functions of this coffee table as well as a mini drinks fridge, this could be worth considering.

Perhaps if you’re looking for all these things, the price wouldn’t be too far off. However, despite this being a great invention, if you’re just looking for cold drinks in your  Man Cave, this might just be overkill.

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