Best Bar Stools – Buyers’ Guide

Let’s look at some of the best bar stools you can buy right now.

In this guide we feature different types of bar and counter stalls including padded saddle stools, backless bar stools, wooden stools and counter stools with footrests. Even if you think you want a padded bar stool, there are still considerations to be made.

Choosing a bar stool or counter stool is not as straightforward as you might think. You need to decide on the right stool to fit with your color scheme – that is essential. 

Then what about the style? Do you want to have backrest bar stools? Do you want them to swivel? Do you want them nice and padded? Do you even want a footrest?

In this best bar stool guide I’ve found a variety of styles and colors for you to consider. It’s important to get this right because you will want them to compliment the bar or counter that they will be sitting against.

The bar stools featured vary in price and features. It all depends on your budget as to whether you want to go cheap or splash out on a set of luxurious padded stools.

So let’s take a look at 11 of the best…

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1. Angel Line “Cambridge” Padded Saddle Stool

Angel Line Cambridge bar stools
  • Plush cushioned seat
  • Various sizes available
  • Very comfortable
  • Complements any standard home décor
  • Assembly requires tools
  • Specific cleaning instructions

A contemporary leather padded bar stool that comes as a set of two in a wide range of color options. You’ll need to assemble them but it won’t take you long. Sturdy, comfortable and easy to clean.


If you are looking for a bar stool in a home bar set up, breakfast bar or kitchen island, the Angel Line Cambridge Padded Saddle Stool might just be your product of choice.

It provides great additional seating for friends and family thanks to its white finish and gray upholstery. The Angel Line stool really is very comfortable.

The padded seat is made from sturdy wood in a contemporary style and design that should blend in within any standard home décor.

The bar stool height measures 24”. It has a plush-padded cushion with an attractive and decorative nail head trim around the seat perimeter.

You will also love the footrests. These not only enhance the look of the seat but also provide a place for resting your feet. As mentioned, besides being one of the best bar stools, the Angel Line stool is equally at home as a kitchen counter stool.

What Customers Say

Customers attest to the fact that the Angel Line bar stools are easy to assemble, look attractive, are comfortable and are easy to wipe down.

One specific customer stated that she couldn’t ask for a better set of bar stools. The Angel Line “Cambridge” stool is described as “absolutely gorgeous, modern and comfortable”. A common theme for reviews is that they are a perfect match for a neutral color scheme, although most people bought them for their kitchens.

Not everyone is happy though. One customer claimed the stool was quite “daunting” to put together. Despite the provided instruction manual, the package lacks a screwdriver and detailed assembly instructions. Even so, most people managed it easily enough.

Cleaning also comes with specific fabric care instructions, requiring that they are cleaned only with a damp cloth.

All customers agree that the seat is very comfortable.

Overall Verdict 

The Angel Line “Cambridge” padded stool is sold in pairs and is perfect for any kitchen counter or home bar setting. With their style and design, they are a good choice that suits any home décor, not to mention its padded white-gray finish that looks smart and is very

2. Christopher Knight Home Avondale Backless Bar Stools with Studded Accents

Great Deal Furniture Jaeden Backless Faux Leather Bar Stools with Studded Accents
  • Comfortable padded cushion
  • Hardwood frame
  • Affordable
  • No assembly needed
  • Can only be bought in pairs

Christopher Knight backless stools are an attractive pair of stools finished in dark brown faux leather. They are classically-styled bar stools that won’t let you down. Will work well with almost any décor.


These Christopher Knight backless faux leather bar stools come as a pair and feature “vegan” leather. Which I guess is another way of saying they are not real leather! They are not only stylish but also very comfortable and eco-friendly.

The faux-leather upholstery dyed with dark espresso brown complements any home décor perfectly.

Comfort-wise, they feature soft padded cushions that provide plush comfort. They also come in a set of two, accented with a ring of brass nail heads which add elegance and sophistication.

The hardwood frames are solid and robust and won’t let you down. The sturdy wood construction and wooden legs make them extremely durable and the stools will last for years to come.

They are 30.3” high, which is higher than most other bar stools, and should fit alongside any bar or kitchen counter.

Talking of counters, these stools can slide under any counter so long as it is not too low. Without doubt, a great addition to your bar.

What Customers Say

Customers love these backless stools.

One customer stated these are bar stools he should have bought “a long time ago”. He said that his previous seats suited his island in his kitchen well but stuck out far away into the walkway between the refrigerator and walkway. These ones just tuck away nicely.

Being a great product at an affordable price, the only drawback he experienced was finding a reliable retailer. Various sites sell the stools at different prices. You can get these stools at Amazon of course, just click on the button above.

There are no real customer negatives associated with these bar stools. Get yourself a pair!

Overall Verdict

If you are in the market for a product that provides both great quality and comfort on a budget, then go for these Christopher Knight backless bar stools for your Man Cave.

They are a great addition to your kitchen counter, home bar or island bar.

3. Stone and Beam “Carson” Leather Tufted Counter Stool

Stone & Beam Carson Leather Tufted Counter Stool
  • Top grain leather
  • No assembly required
  • 3 year warranty
  • Foam padding with elastic suspension
  • Reasonably-expensive

Reassuringly-expensive, high quality soft leather bar stools that give you maximum seated comfort. For may this is a price worth paying. These bar stools really do look good too.


Comfort is one of the priority features for any form of seating. The Stone & Beam “Carson” leather tufted counter stool is no exception.

The modern tufting fitted on the back coupled with substantial padding makes this seat not only stylish but also durable.

The seat rests on classic average height wooden legs that are sturdy and allow extensive use. To prevent damage to your floor, the legs are fitted with soft protective caps on their feet, which is a nice touch.

When it comes to cleaning, the performance fabric makes it easy to wipe down. The fabric won’t deteriorate with frequent cleaning and is very durable. Cleaning is a breeze and you only need to wipe it over occasionally with a soft, damp cloth.

You can rest easy on the seat without worries, thanks to the elastic suspension system that keeps it firm and resilient.

Perhaps the selling point of this seat is the fact that no assembly is required. The seats are delivered ready to be used.

Manufacturers and retailer sites provide a 3-year warranty for the seat if you find any issues.

What Customers Say 

Customers have attested that they love these padded backrest bar stools. One customer said they were so comfy he chose to eat his dinner at the kitchen counter rather than take it to a dining table!

The stools are reported to be very comfortable, of good color and quality.

Another customer recommended the seats for their excellent quality and no-assembly feature. He also liked the floor slides on the legs. The only issue he had with these stools is the price. They are quite expensive, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

Overall Verdict 

Enjoying the comfort and quality of these well-made bar stools at your bar or counter will definitely come at a price, but sometimes compromises should not be made.

Many people have bought these Stone & Beam “Carson” padded leather bar stools despite their relatively hefty price. They are nicely made with floor slides, are excellent quality and do not require assembly.

4. Vintage Living “American” Height-Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool

Vintage Living American Style Bar Stool
  • Great quality and finish
  • 360 degrees swivel
  • Multi-functional
  • Only a one year warranty
  • No backrest

A height-adjustable, swivel bar stool that will appeal if you want a more “industrial” look to your bar or kitchen counter. This is less about the plush and cosy and more about the design and look. The variable height-adjustment makes it a versatile bar stool.


The Vintage Living American-style bar stool is a counter stool perfect for any minimalist or urban setting with an industrial look. It is a functional and funky swivel bar stool that will appeal to a different type of market

Perhaps the feature highlight of this stool is the 360 degree swivel that twists to give a range of heights between the standard 22.6” counter height up to a 34” bar height. Therefore, a height-adjustable bar stool such as this makes it very versatile.

The included footrest also increase comfort.

The Vintage Living American-style bar stool is a good quality product. It features a solid wood seat with a metal iron frame that is durable and sturdy. The stool can hold a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds so there is nothing to worry about on that front.

If you need something multifunctional, this should be your seat of choice. At its pub bar height, this stool is comfortable for kitchen island settings. On the other hand, the kitchen counter height suits any typical farmhouse décor, room table, and dining situations.

To prevent the stool from rusting it is covered with powder coating. Its feet have rubber that prevents damage to the floor, which is something you can often get with the cheaper bar stools.

Customers will enjoy a one-year manufacturers’ guarantee upon purchase, providing an assurance of its quality.

What Customers Say 

One customer positively critiqued this stool saying it is a great extra tall bar stool. He commended its vintage look that went well with his farmhouse décor. His products arrived just as he ordered without requiring assembling or special adjustments.

Only a few have raised concerns over its one-year warranty that appears to be too short. You will also need to seat carefully as it doesn’t have a backrest, especially if you are used to such seats.

Overall Verdict  

The Vintage Living American-style height-adjustable swivel bar stool is a good bar stool of choice for those who need convenience and maneuverability. It is a great bar stool with an industrial look that suits various standard house décor. At its affordable price range, you will get to enjoy the 360-degree swivel, top-notch handcraft and multifunctional design.

5. Christopher Knight Home Silla Bar Stool

Dempsey Rustic Industrial Bar Stool
  • No assembly required
  • Fully-adjustable seat
  • Great stability and durability
  • Comfortable, safe and stylish
  • Lacks a backrest
  • No color variations

A beautifully-constructed industrial-look bar stool that will fit in beautifully in any Man Cave. It is height adjustable, comfortable and very sturdy.


The Christopher Knight padded industrial swivel bar stool is a fully height-adjustable bar stool that perfectly reflects a retro industrial style.

Its height can be adjusted from 26.25” up to 33.25”, so you have the choice of where to position it – either at your Man Cave bar or a kitchen serving counter. 

You will like the seat’s wide base which provides great stability as well as durability. It is strong and stable. The flared metal legs support the wide base.

Like other best adjustable bar stools of this price range, no assembly is required. Upon delivery all you need to do is unbox it, adjust to the height of your liking and enjoy its comfort. The seat is padded and comfortable.

The Dempsey rustic industrial padded bar stool brings the industrial-style design that adds a unique touch to your space. The brown bonded leather finish and 360-degree swivel add to its touch of class.

What Customers Say

A customer who wanted to replace his wood stools with a product that: swivels easier, safe in terms of width and stability and “easier on the butt” found this product to be a great choice. He says that these padded swivel bar stools are perfect, well-built, comfortably stylish and look great at his counter. They are exactly what he was looking for, and the adjustable seat height is a bonus.

A dissatisfied customer took the view that the bar stool metal ring left a gap between it and the leather. I am not sure how much of an issue this is, or even if it is an issue at all.

The stool is also quite heavy, so if you want a lightweight one which is easy to move around this may not be the best choice.

Overall Verdict  

From its fully-adjustable classic feature, wide base for enhanced stability to zero assembly required, the Christopher Knight industrial bar stool should be one of your contenders when searching for some of the best height-adjustable swivel bar stools.

6. Superjare Swivel Stool with Adjustable Footrest

Superjare Drafting Stool with Adjustable Footrest
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable height
  • Heavy duty
  • Supportive cushion
  • Armless
  • Requires assembly

Feature-packed, slick and stylish. This padded backrest bar stool with adjustable footrest is easy to move around and has a bright chrome and black leather-look finish. Suitable for a modern space and would work well at any bar or kitchen counter.


If you are searching for a comfortable and fancy black padded backrest stool for your home, studio or office, the Superjare drafting stool should be your stool of choice. The swivel hair has a simple yet stylish design that suits any décor. It will certainly add elegance to any space.

As an extra benefit, if you have problems standing for lengthy periods, this seat could be a way to solve your problem. It is a comfortable seat for use while cooking or doing basic DIY home activities. It comes with a backrest and footrest as well as 360-degree rotation that will help you adapt with what you are doing.

The Superjare swivel drafting stool is made from high-quality materials with a user-friendly design. It can be adjusted to different heights to suit your preference. Its design also keeps your legs at ease and helps in relieving discomfort caused by long periods of sitting.

By rotating the flexible wheels, you can do whatever you want at your convenience. Its wide and large base makes this drafting stool more stable. Besides, the assembly instructions are clear and straightforward, making its assembly a breeze.

You will enjoy the supportive cushion back that provides good support without compromising on its comfort. The cushion is 4” thick with a soft sponge that is neither too firm nor soft for your back.

The heavy-duty construction means it is both a strong and comfortable seat. Its stainless steel lift mechanism is certified with a holding capacity of 265 pounds. This makes it ideal for everyone.

What Customers Say

The main downside, if it is one, is that it does not have any arm rest. Not many of the best bar stools do have arm rests, but if this is an important feature to you then you wouldn’t buy this.

Overall Verdict

Enjoy great comfort when having a drink at your bar perched on the stunning Superjare swivel backrest bar stool. It is a feature-packed seat coming at an affordable price. It can also be used by guitarists or in a classroom setting.

7. Modern Square PU Leather Bar Stools (set of two)

Modern square PU leather bar stools
  • Adjustable swivel bar stool
  • High quality make
  • Easy to assemble
  • Height-adjustable with air lift
  • Footrest could be more comfortable

A classy-looking pair of padded backrest stools that are easy to adjust and will stand the test of time very well. The footrest could be a bit more comfortable but that’s only a small minus point.


This set of modern, square faux-leather height-adjustable black padded bar stools are comfortable and the upholstered seat pads and backrests look great.

The seat design is a slight departure from regular bar stools. The pad and backrest are square so the stools are more angular.

The stools are built to last and so should offer excellent durability. With a contemporary “quilted” upholstery look, they will give your bar or kitchen a very “chic” look.

Besides being stylish, they perform well. The seat’s gas tube comes with an in-built swivel mechanism. which adds to your relaxation as you have a chat or take a drink. The swivel action offers 360 degrees while supporting 250 pounds in weight.

Its height-adjusting mechanism allows to seat to easily rise from 20″ to a maximum of 32″ so there is plenty of versatility here. To enable smooth and effortless height adjustment the bar stool has an ergonomic airlift handle.

With cheap bar stools, you might worry that the seat legs could damage your floor. However, this isn’t the case with these models. The seats’ legs are fitted with rubberized rings that go gentle on your floor tiles, hardwood floor, carpet or whatever your floor material is made of. This makes them ideal for use in any place with no scrapes or marks.

What Customers Say

According to one customer, these are great chairs available at an unbeatable price. They look as though they should cost a lot more. At the time of writing the customer had been using the bar stools for more than 2 months and found the height adjustment and swivel action to work very well. The padding cushion is reported as very comfortable – enough to sit on for several hours.

On the negative side, another user didn’t like the round bar footrest. She couldn’t put bare feet or stocking-footed legs on the rest without feeling the cold metal. It’s a small point but one you might not have thought of, so keep it in mind.

Overall Verdict

This modern square leather adjustable bar stool is a good seat of choice for home use. Its ease of assembly, built in swivel action, PU leather and high duty chrome design are just a few of the features that make it a great stool

8. Costway Swivel Bar Stools

Costway Swivel Bar Stools
  • Height-adjustable
  • Functional design
  • Unique construction
  • Modern and classic design
  • Minimal padding
  • Requires assembly

A highly desirable set of height-adjustable white swivel bar stools for you to consider pitching beside your bar. These really do look the part and are very neat and stylish.


The Costway swivel bar stool is the latest addition to Costway bar stool range. It will add a contemporary and stylish touch to your Man Cave bar or kitchen and has some nice features.

Sold as a pair, these are upgraded design bar stools with stylish backless square seats in faux leather that will bring decadence to any space you care to put them in your home.

Comfort is mandatory for any bar stool. This model comes with a built-in footrest that is stable and durable, providing  a comfortable place to rest your feet when sitting. The 360-degree swivel also gives you the much-needed freedom and convenience.

The seat features a side pneumatic handle, which makes it easy to adjust its height. You can raise the seat from 26” to 30” without flinching.

Unlike cheaper seats that may damage your floor, the Costway swivel bar stools will not mark your precious floor. They stand on a sturdy circular steel base with a rubberized ring to prevent scratches on the floor. This also keeps noise to a minimum when moving them.

What Customers Say

Customers are generally happy with the Costway swivel bar stool and find it to be a great stool for the price with easy assembly. They fit perfectly into his small bar and can be lowered to fit a dining room table when the occasional event calls for extra seating.

The seat has minimal padding so if you are wanting a lot of cushioning this may not be the one to go for. One customer said he could feel the assembly screws that showed up as a bump under the material when he sat on the chair.

Overall Verdict

The Costway bar stools are affordable and practical with a highly contemporary design. Designed to fit in with a light color scheme, they may not be the most padded but there are generally few complaints about them.

9. Flash Furniture “Hercules” Series Black ”X” Back Swivel Metal Bar Stool

Flash Furniture Hercules Series Black ''X'' Back Swivel Metal Barstool
  • Plastic floor guides
  • Swivel seat
  • Ladder-back design
  • 5-year warranty
  • Lacks armrests
  • No assembly instructions

A classic design wood counter stool with a back.  It has an up-to-date “X-shaped” backrest makes this a solid choice for darker color schemes and traditional interior decor. Perfect for a wood-panelled bar.


The Flash Furniture “Hercules” metal barstool is a durable and densely-cushioned vinyl upholstered seat that has a traditional look about it with a modern and contemporary “X-shaped” backrest design.

This refined and sophisticated bar stool boasts a lovely black base and a cherry seat wood design. A backrest is always welcome and in this case the ladder-back design is a standout feature. The seat will swivel and allows the user to alter the height of the stool, as required. Move up and down and turn and face any direction. It does it all.

The armless design is beneficial to some users such as guitarists. It needs the right interior decor around it but it will work well in a bar as well as against a kitchen counter.

What Customers Say

Let’s just say this bar stool is well recommended.

Customers comment on the “industrial” look of the stools and their heavy and sturdy nature. They are comfortable due to the generous size seat base and this gets another thumbs up. Plastic feet at the bottom of the stool legs provide assurance the stools won’t scratch wood floors.

The only drawback people noted about the seat was the assembly procedures. The Flash “Hercules” bar stool requires assembly, but there are no instructions provided. This may make it daunting for non DIY-ers but I think it should be fairly easy to figure it out.

Overall Verdict

The Flash “Hercules” bar stool is a good choice of backrest swivel bar stool for all-purpose use. Its heavy-duty frame makes it perfect for both home and commercial use. A casual, yet classic style.

10. Stone and Beam “Elden” Nailhead Counter Stool

Stone & Beam Elden Nailhead Counter Stool
  • No assembly required
  • 3-year warranty
  • Sturdy wooden legs
  • Durable
  • Wood frame only
  • Potential weight limit

This Stone and Beam padded bar stool will fit in just about anywhere with its muted color scheme. The studded detail around the seat base is attractive and gives the stool a bit of “rock ‘n’ roll”.


A classic, no-nonsense stool that is simple in design and structure but very easy on the eye.

The soft seat cushion is supported on a solid wood frame. Comfort-wise there are no issues here; the seat “dips” nicely so you have all the support you need, where you need it.

An attractive feature of this bar stool is the studding around the base of the seat pad. Stone & Beam have used exposed nailheads to create this effect and to be honest, it looks really good.

You will also like the fact this stool doesn’t require assembly. It is delivered completely assembled. You only need to unpack it and put it where you want it.

The manufacturer also provides a 3-year warranty cover for peace of mind. It’s hard to imagine it could fail you though.

What Customers Say

A customer recommended the seats, saying they are worth paying extra for their quality. The fabric of the stool is lighter in colour than expected but it is good quality.

The stools are comfortable and slide perfectly under a kitchen counter. The bars at the bottom strengthen the structure and provide the perfect footrest.

On the downside, one customer claimed that the seat might have a limit on the user’s weight. Unless you’re very heavy I wouldn’t worry.

Overall Verdict

The Stone & Beam “Elden” nailhead counter bar stool is one of the best bar stools available and comes at a good price.

First, it comes completely assembled. Secondly, it is comfortable and looks good, without being too “flashy”. Well worth considering for your bar.

11. Winsome Wood ‘Pacey’ Bar Stool

Winsome Wood Square Leg Barstool
  • Traditional design
  • Beautiful natural wood finish
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Not padded and possibly less comfortable
  • Prone to marking and chipping

Simplicity, elegance and no frills. This is what you get with this Winsome wooden bar stool. Want it a different color? Then why not customise it to your liking?

It won’t let you down and is a good stool if budget is tight.


The Winsome wood 24″ square leg bar stool has a natural, light wood finish and is as traditional stool you will ever find.

There is no seat pad or cushioning but it is reasonably comfortable (although you probably wouldn’t want to sit on it for hours).

There is no height adjustment and it is a straight 24″ high, so keep this in mind because it may not be high enough for your bar counter.

It is made from beech wood with a natural finish. The round seat is generous in area so should be suitable for people of all sizes.

Supporting bars between the square legs give the bar stool strength and the two levels give you two footrests at different heights.

What Customers Say

Customers like the simplicity of this wooden bar stool. It is very much “what you see is what you get”. It is traditional and there is no unusual design here.

The lack of backrest, armrests and seat padding is not an issue for anyone who bought this. After all, you can see it doesn’t have these features so you wouldn’t buy it if you wanted any of them

If you don’t like the finish or think it’s too simple then you can always paint the stool whatever color or colors you like. You can even pad the seat if you wanted to.

Overall Verdict

If you need a simple yet stylish wooden bar stool, the Winsome bar stool with its natural finish stool should be the one for you. They are plain and inconspicuous wooden stools that are great for any kitchen island or home bar setup at a great price.

There are many different bar stools you can choose from. What’s your favorite style? If you’ve bought a set of stools recently then let me know in the comments section below.

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