11 Crafty Dartboard Surrounds – Clever Ways to Protect Your Wall!

Dartboard surrounds are usually a necessity for any darts player. Here we look at some crafty surrounds for dartboards and backboards you can easily make at home.

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If you are hanging your dartboard on a wall in your home then no matter how good a player you are there will be times when the odd dart will hit the wall. This can happen when you get a “bounce-out” – in other words – when the dart tip strikes the dartboard wire frame and rebounds off it. When the dart hits the wall you get a hole and over time the number of holes will build up to the point where your wall won’t look so good any more!

1. Driftwood backboard and shelf

Driftwood dartboard pallet wall

This backboard seen on Etsy is of simple construction using salvaged driftwood. The planks are cut into uneven lengths which gives it a contemporary “urban” look and we love the fact that a shelf has been added at the bottom which is very handy for resting spare darts, scoring cards etc.

Over time the planks will pick up holes as stray darts hit them but that will just add to the appeal of the wood, which is already in an aged and distressed state. This is a very easy dart backboard to make. You just need to find some old wood, treat it and sand it down. Cut it to size and join the planks then attach the shelf. You can varnish the wood of stain it if you like. 

If you can’t lay your hands on some old wood then what about maybe some old flooring boards, or even some spare wood laminate flooring boards? These are materials for dartboard surrounds. If all else fails it shouldn’t cost too much to pick up a few planks of wood at a local store such as Home Depot.

One hack we thought of is to drill small holes in the top of shelf. You can then store spare sets of darts by poking them down through vertically with the top downwards and the dart barrels resting on the shelf surface. Stored in this way they are sure not to fall off as a result of the vibration when darts are thrown at the board.

You could also drill another one or two larger holes and insert cups into these (using the protruding lips of the cup mouths to hold them in place). Even if you don’t do any of that this driftwood dartboard backboard is beautiful as it is.

2. Cable reel dartboard surround

Cable reel backboard for a dartboard

A beautifully-crafted wooden “wheel” supports this dartboard. If you are thinking that cutting planks of wood to make a perfect circle might be too difficult then don’t worry, the circular board is actually taken from an old industrial cable reel which has been salvaged.

The planks are sanded and treated to produce a nice aged and stained effect. You can also hang a light above the board if you wish for a very cool look. 

With the dartboard mounted on the front the whole structure is attached to the wall using a heavy duty bracket. It will weigh a lot, so make sure your wall can support it. Check out Naptime Decorator for how to make this backboard.

3. Wooden board with LED lighting

Wooden dartboard surround with LED lighting

The word “cool” has just gone up another notch with this wood dartboard backboard with LED lighting, made from reclaimed wood from a barn which has been buffed, polished, treated and stained. Dartboard surrounds are not just functional, they can be very funky too!

The LED light strip is attached to a recess around the wood frame which hides the light fitting and allows the LED glow to project on to the board surface.

We found this for sale at Kijiji Canada and was being sold as a custom piece. Use it as inspiration for your own version!

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4. Dartboard wall

Dartboard wall backboard

Why not go the whole way and cover the entire wall? This idea from underworking.net shows a wall clad entirely in reclaimed pallet wood planks.

The planks are sanded but left fairly natural – there is no treating or staining here – which gives an urban feel and would sit right at home in loft apartment or basement Man Cave.

Since the planks are rough and ready any damage to them by the odd stray dart will not make a great deal of difference, if anything it will just add to the shabby chic appeal. Notice the shelf sitting below the board which carries several sets of darts. This dartboard wall looks the business with a spotlight shining from above which brings out the colours of the electronic dartboard.

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