11 Best Standing Desks for a Home Office

As more and more people begin to work from home an increasingly-popular question has become: what are the best standing desks for a home office?

The 2020-2021 pandemic has changed the way most of us work. Now, many people stay put in their own home office and produce a full day’s work in the comfort of their own space, without the need to travel to work.

We live in a world where sitting at a desk in front of at least one screen is a full time occupation for many. We now know that sitting down all day and being stationary is not a good thing for your long term health.

In the last few years, the market has been flooded with standing desks. These allow you to stand as you work, and then sit when you are tired. All the while you maintain good posture and body balance.

Standing desks fall into two camps.

Firstly, we have height-adjustable desks which can you raise and lower according to whether you want to sit or stand. These are complete desk units that have extendable legs.

Secondly, we have standing desk converters. These sit on top of your regular desk and create a secondary platform. You can raise these by pressing a lever which instantly raises the height. Lower it again when you want to sit.

Here we look at the best standing desks for a home office that you can buy. There are several features to watch out for and this article points you in the right direction. The perferct home office standing desk is out there ready and waiting for you.

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1. FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk
  • 30-day risk-free guarantee
  • Aesthetically very appealing
  • Anti-collision technology
  • Desk hooks included
  • No wheels, so not that easy to move
  • Cheaper ‘chipboard’ verneer surface

The FEZIBO height-adjustable standing desk easily makes onto our best standing desks list. It is a reasonably solid performer. Height-adjustable desks that look and function like this one can cost a lot more. This is at the cheaper end of the market. There are some compromises along the way but for many that will easily compensate for the cost-saving.


For a home office standing desk this is a feature-packed product. It is built around a robust metal frame and is electronically height-adjustable, although it needs to be said there are only three height options to choose from, ranging from 27.6″ to 47.3″. Even so, you set these three pre-set heights yourself so it isn’t an issue.

The FEZIBO standing desk will need to be put together when you get it but it ought to be OK for anyone competent in DIY.

Features include a desk hook to hang your headphones, a cable management tray and it also boasts of “anti collision technology” which you can set when raising or lowering the desk to prevent any bumps while it is moving.

What Customers Say

Customers who have bought this products have been overwhelmingly positive.

It does exactly what you are buying this for. It allows you to sit and stand in comfort and switch between the two at the touch of a button.

As with all self-assembly products, some people claim it is easy to put together but others can struggle a little, and this Fezibo standing desk is no exception in that department.

Motorized desks such as this can sometimes cause suprise by their noise. Yes, this is a motorized desk and yes this will make a noise when it is going up and down. Yes too, it is loud for some people but the overwhelming majority are OK with the noise.

Overall Verdict

The Fezibo home office standing desk is a good performer and is keenly-priced. It won’t cost you a fortune and it could save your back.

On top of that it looks good. It is neat and clean and it comes in four different colors, although if you want a white standing desk you will be disappointed because that is unfortunately not one of the color options.

2. VIVO Height-Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter

VIVO Height-Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter - best standing desks
  • All main color options
  • Removable keyboard tray
  • Ample room for two monitors
  • Robust steel frame with anti-slip pads
  • Gives a high typing position when sitting
  • Monitor high when sitting

VIVO are one of the most popular standing desk brands and their products have sold by the bucket load in the last few years. This is a sit-stand desk converter and VIVO have sold a ton of them. That should tell all you need to know about this product.

Not all sit-stand desks look the part, but this is an exception. It is elegant and will look good on your desk. The visual appeal of your home office will be enhanced, not ruined.


The desk can be raised and lowered by pulling a handle which operates a pneumatic spring, giving you height adjustment from 4.5 ” to 20″. The keyboard tray is removable, so if you don’t want it on there then no problem, just take it off.

There is enough room for two monitors on the top stand and you also get an accessories slot for your cell, pens and any others bits and pieces.

This VIVO standing desk is very robust. It stands around a solid steel frame and there anti-slip mats underneath the frame which – you guessed it – stop the unit from slipping when in use. As well as that they also prevent it scratching the top of your desk which is important if you have a nice desk and don’t want to permanently keep the VIVO standing desk sitting on top.

What Customers Say

Not suprisingly, this is a popular product and judging by customer reaction this is one of the best standing desks for a home offic you can buy. That is, of course, if you want a sit-stand converter and not a motorized standing desk.

Just as importantly, there is no assembly required. Just take it out of the box and set it on your desk.

The VIVO standing desk gets top marks for its lift mechanism, which is very easy to work with just one hand, even with the weight of two monitors, but still manages to stay strong and stable.

It doesn’t leave a big footprint on your desk but even so it has  ample room for your keyboard and mouse.

Some people have gone so far as to say this VIVO desk is a “lifechanger”.

Overall Verdict

There is very little to dislike here. Coming in at under $200 you sometimes can’t put a price on your health and there are numerous accounts of this being a back saver. 

The VIVO desk is a very popular choice indeed and ticks all the boxes. It is one of the best standing desks for a home office out there. The only negatives that came across are that it can be a little bit high on the desk when you are sitting down, but you can always place your keyboard on the desk. Your monitor needs to. beat eye level and no lowerr, but if that is too high you can always try raising your chair.

3. Flexispot 32 inch Standing Desk Converter

Flexispot 32 inch Standing Desk Converter
  • High powered gas spring operation
  • Removable keyboard tray
  • Easily accommodate two monitors
  • Special safety “bracing” system
  • Can wobble slightly if too much weight applied
  • Only one color option so would suit darker color desks

The Flexispot 32″ standing desk converter is another solid performer in our run down of the bet standing desks for a home office. This has the benefit of being on of the cheaper options too, at just over $100. So read on…


The sit-stand conversion mechanism operates using a specially braced “X lift” structure. In a sense, this is the cheaper mechanism when comparing to more expensive hyrdaulic systems. There are no hydraulics here. The “X lift” is akin to teh same mechanism you will see on an ironing board. It is simple physics, but it works and is very effective. You cam move it up and down easily enough and set it at the height you want.

Other features include protective bumpers at its edges as well as a removable keyboard tray. Fairly standard, but not totally standard when you compare this to other models.

This is a very strong and sturdy sit-stand desk converter. It won’t let you down, literally, unless you want it to of course. You can get two 24″ monitors on the top which should be more than enough for the majority of users.

What Customers Say

People give good reports of this being a stable and robust standing desk. The fact is, they all can wobble very slightly, the more so as you increase the weight on the top deck. If you put two monitors on the top then you will get a slight wobble from time to time. It is almost impossible for any contraption not to when you are counterbalancing weight.

Lifting it up and down is relatively straightforward. The fact is, the heavier you make it by adding equipment to the decks then it follows it will be heavier to manipulate up and down, but not impossibly so.

There is no assembly required with this Flexispot sit-stand desk converter and that’s a big plus.

Another point in its favor is that it sets very neatly on top of the desk when folded down. It is therefore very inconspicuous when not in use and so if you have matching desk color you will find it blends in quite nicely.

Customer reports are generally glowing in favour of this sit-stand converter and it is one of the best standing desks. It is sturdy, offers plenty of space, is relatively easy to move up and down, and above all, it is very keenly-priced.

Overall Verdict

The Flexispot is a great entry-level sit-stand desk converter. If back issues are becoming a concern when working at home and sitting at a desk for lengthy periods at a time, then for the sake of just over $100 you have very little to lose.

4. Seville Classics airLIFT Stand-Up Desk

Seville Classics airLIFT Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk - best standing desks
  • High powered gas spring operation
  • Removable keyboard tray
  • Easily accommodate two monitors
  • Special safety “bracing” system
  • Can wobble slightly if too much weight applied
  • Only one color option so would suit darker color desks

The Seville Classics height-adjustable stand up desk converter is an attractive option for any desk, particularly if its walnut colour appeals. It has a full 36” width to accommodate two screens and a tablet if necessary.


This sit-stand desk converter is operated by a pneumatic mechanism designed to give you a quick and smooth vertical lift of your working platform. Seville Classics call this the “airlift” mechanism.

It has a generous upper deck surface area measuring 36 inches across, giving you space to put two monitors and a tablet if you need more.

As with most sit-standard desk converters of this type, no assembly is required. You simply unpack, place it on your desk and away you go. Setup is a breeze.

You are restricted to one color choice of this model so if the rich walnut color is not to your liking then you may want to choose another desk with similar features.

A real plus point for this standing desk is a manufacturer’s three year guarantee which covers you against original defects in material or workmanship under normal home or office use.

What Customers Say

Customers are generally in favour of the Seville Classics standing desk converter, reporting several pros including solid construction, simple pneumatics for adjusting up-and-down, attractive appearance and plenty of space for monitors.

With that said, you need to bear in mind that the keyboard tray is fairly rigid and fixed. It does not slide under the unit when you want to stow it away. The fixed position of the keyboard tray means that it can be awkward to change the height of the unit due to the position of the handles for operating the pneumatic mechanism. This may not be a dealbreaker for most people but it is something you should keep in mind.

Another point to consider is the height of the unit on your desk when it is in its flattest position. For some customers this was an issue, reporting that it was too high even at its lowest position which made it difficult to work on the desk when sitting down. The obvious remedy to that is of course to raise the height of your chair but to some people that may not be a solution if your chair won’t go any higher.

Having said all this, the unit does what it is intended to do and it serves its purpose to customers who buy it. It allows you to sit and stand whenever you choose and is easy to switch between the two modes. Just keep in mind some of the aforementioned points, which may or may not be issues to you.

Overall Verdict

The Seville Classics sit-stand desk converter is a solid choice for many people and represents good value. It is an attractive piece of furniture on your desk that will serve a key function in allowing you to stand up as you work at the desk when you choose to do so.

The build quality and finish is good and coming in at under $200 it is at an attractive price points that many people don’t wish to spend a fortune, but who simply want to switch between sitting and standing during their working day in order to alleviate back issues.

5. Mind Reader Sit and Standing Desk for Home Office

Mind Reader Sit and Standing Desk for Home Office
  • Portable and mobile
  • Ideal for light but frequent use
  • Two color options
  • Questionable build quality
  • Wheels fairly stiff on carpet floors
  • Not a breeze to put together

The Mind Reader standing desk is a height-adjustable mobile desk that you can take anywhere and move around wherever you choose. Its key features are mobility, portability and versatility. It won’t give you masses of working space but for many people this could still tick all the boxes.


This is a height-adjustable sit and stand desk with the two platforms mounted on a metal frame sitting on top of four looking wheels at the bottom.

The top platform measures 27 inches wide and can sit most standard monitors or any other laptop. If you are looking for a sit-stand desk that can hold two monitors then this definitely wouldn’t be for you.

The height adjusts from 30 inches at its lowest to 51 inches at its highest so should work for most people of different heights.

The unit does require assembly when you purchase it, so do keep this in mind if you are not a keen DIY’er. This is a cheap unit and will satisfy your basic needs. If you are looking for something more heavy duty and robust this may not be for you.

What Customers Say

Reviews of this product, it is fair to say, are fairly mixed. The biggest criticism is build quality and customers appear to have based different sets of issues when putting the parts together. These issues are largely created by the manufacturing process which in some cases has not allowed some parts to marry up. It is a cheap unit and there are clearly compromises in the build.

Another common criticism is on the four wheels. This is a shame because the unit’s mobility is its key selling point. If you are standing the unit on a hard floor you should have no difficulty moving it around. However, if it is on carpet then that may be much harder to do because the carpet will provide resistance against the turning of the wheels. Some customers have said that they had replaced the castor wheels on this unit to solve the issue. However this rather defeats the object of buying a cheap unit in the first place if you have to spend more money on replacing a component part.

Space on the two desk surfaces is also an issue for some people. Here the advice is quite simple. The measurements are given in the product description and you will know what you want to use this for and how you will use it. If space is likely to be tight then there are plenty of others you can choose.

Overall Verdict

The mind reader standing desk is a cheap solutionThat may or may not work out for you, depending on your day-to-day working needs.

It is a mobile workstation but has limited space. In most cases it would suit anyone working on a laptop because you would not need any extra space for a mouse or keyboard and therefore its smaller space would be more suitable.

There are two colour options and it is a unit which can probably be stored away somewhere out of sight when not in use. Its mobility is what people buy it for, so if that is not an important consideration for you then there are plenty of other sit-stand desk converters and height-adjustable standing desks which you can look at before making your purchasing choice.

6. Standing Desk Height Adjustable Workstation

Standing Desk Height Adjustable Workstation
  • Budget price and great entry level desk
  • Plenty of desk space
  • Should suit most people’s needs
  • Suspect build quality
  • Keyboard removable, but only by means of taking out screws

A budget version of the sit-stand desk converters sold by Seville Classics, Flexispot and the like, but does it still deliver for the price? In a word, it’s OK.


This promises you all the features that you would expect to get from the more expensive brands offering this style of home office standing desk.

You get the two platforms, one for your monitor(s) measuring a generous 35 inches wide and capable of withstanding up to 33 pounds in weight. This can just about manage to sit two 24 inch monitors, so if you are only working with one monitor there’s no problem at all on that score.

The other platform is for your keyboard, which is removable and a bonus on that score because this is not a feature common to all standing desks. With that said, it is only removable by taking out the four screws so it is not something you are likely to every day when you are done working.

The unit can be raised and lowered by means of a gas spring lift mechanism, billed as “smooth and easy” and set into action by the squeeze of a handle. This gives you height adjustable limits of between 6 and 13 inches from the desk surface

What Customers Say

It is fair to say the reviews are mixed, but generally this produce fares reasonably well. For the price you may not go far wrong.

It is solid and robust and does what you need it to do. Some people have issues with needing to apply pressure when lowering these units. In reality that is how they all work. Raising the desk is easier than lowering it because to lower it you have to work against the lifting mechanism slightly to force it to go in reverse. Yes, you need to apply pressure but most people can do it easily enough.

As with most sit-stand desk converters this comes ready-assembled. A huge plus point for lots of people.

Overall, it’s a decent standing desk and will do a job for you. It’s not the best and there’s no hiding that. Even so, if you are thinking of trying a standing desk but don’t want to spend big bucks then give this a shot. You can always upgrade in the future if a sit-stand desk becomes your new normal.

Overall Verdict

A budget sit-stand desk converter and a good introduction into a new way of working. Not one of the absolute best standing desks but a contender nonetheless.

If you realise that you don’t like standing up as you work then you won’t have wasted a lot of money. If on the other hand this is a mini revolution for you then you will probably decide to get a better desk in a few years’ time.

7. FlexiSpot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

FlexiSpot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk - best standing desks
  • Top build quality
  • Plenty of space
  • Easy to use
  • A job to put together, but managaeable
  • Relatively expensive

A step up in terms of ease of use, looks and build quality. If you don’t want a unit sitting on top of your desk then this is the solution. Change your desk. The Flexispot electric height-adjustable desk is slick and will serve you well.


It is short on features purely because it doesn’t need many.

This Flexispot desk is a basic, standard desk comprising a large, flat 55 inch wide work surface mounted on metal legs.

Housed within it is a powerful motor and it’s here that the magic really happens. A press of the 7-button controller swings the desk into action as the motor extends the telescopic legs and raises the work surface.

You can set the heights to 3 separate pre-set levels, giving you the perfect height for sitting, standing and…somewhere in between if you wish. Talking of buttons, it also has an “alert” setting which tells you if you have been sitting or standing too long. Some people might like that, others will think it a bit pointless.

This is a big, heavy desk so portability is not a feature here. It can support weight up to 154 pounds and there is ample room for two monitors, even perhaps three monitors at a push.

The feet at the base of the legs of the desk are adjustable so if you have any stability issues they can be adjusted individually to give you the perfect balance. Wobbles shouldn’t happen.

What Customers Say

There’s a lot to like about this Flexispot electric height-adjustable standing desk and customers really do like it. The desk is a significant investment at over 300 bucks, but you are paying for (and getting) quality.

The build quality is good and it is a rock solid desk. You do have to put it together when you receive it (it comes in two boxes) but that shouldn’t put you off buying it. Nearly everyone seems to have managed to put it together OK. The instructions are good.

A really good point about this is that you can set it to the perfect height when you are sitting as well as standing, That is important if your chair lacks the facility to adjust its height, or if it won’t go to the height you really need it to. Instead, you just set the height of the desk.

Overall, the overwhelming majority have found this to be an excellent purchase and have never looked back. It may be over 300 bucks, which is a significant hit, but there are many other standing desks out there which are well north of 300 bucks in price. For many, this desk is good value. You will probably never need to pay anything like a thousand bucks for a desk when you have this one.

Overall Verdict

This desk is very difficult to dislike. It ticks all the boxes – strong, operates flawlessly and easily adjustable. It also comes in a range of colors so you will find a version that matches your décor.

If I was to be very fussy, I would like to see a little more style to the design. It is a basic-looking desk with a motor. Easy on the eye but not jaw-droppingly attractive. If you are looking for serious design too then you will have to move up another price bracket. For most people, 300 bucks is about the limit.

8. Putorsen Standing Desk Converter

Putorsen Standing Desk Converter.
  • All the attributes of a good desk
  • Color choices
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Very reasonably-priced
  • Keyboard tray removable, but not easily so
  • No white color version

Everything you are probably looking for from a home office standing desk that sits on top of your existing desk. Not only that it has a price that will appeal to many. There is no “but” coming here either. It delivers. Read on.


The Putorsen 32 inch standing desk converter has all the features you are most likely looking for if you are in the home office standing desks market.

The unit is raised and lowered by means of the fairly common gas spring mechanism that you will see in most products of this type. It is straightforward and it just works. Easy to raise, put some pressure on the top and down it will go.

This does not have the largest desk surface area but it will be more than enough for many. A 32 inch wide desk will give you room for two 24 inch monitors if that is your thing. If you are working with just one monitor then size isn’t any issue at all.

Once again, and common to these products, it needs no assembly and is ready to go straight from the box. That is purely because its size is at its smallest when folded down, making it easier to transport in that configuration. If you come across a sit-stand desk converter that requires assembly then steer clear because you can buy plenty of alternatives that don’t put you to this trouble.

The keyboard tray is removable, but only with a tool. It would have been nice if you could just whip it away at the end of the day but sadly that isn’t possible here.

What Customers Say

There is a fairly resounding “yes” to the question of whether customers like the Putorsen 32 inch standing desk converter. A lot of that is helped enormously by how affordable it is. Coming in at less than a hundred bucks you could be forgiven for thinking you were taking a bit of a chance here, but that is far from the truth.

In general it is said to offer plenty of room, easy to adjust and is nice and solid. All the features you would want and hope for.

Build quality gets a very big thumbs up here too. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty which is a nice touch for as long as the manufacturer is around, but it is at least a sign they have confidence in their product and aren’t just trying to take your money and run. If there’s a problem (although there shouldn’t be) they will sort it.

Overall Verdict

This is well worth your consideration. There are several home office standing desks here on this page of a similar type and the Putorsen 32 inch standing desk converter is standard stuff. Where it scores though is on price. Sometimes you get what you pay for and sometimes, just sometimes, you get a real bargain. I think this is one of them.

It would have been nice if they had offered a white version of this desk but that may not bother most people. If it’s that big a deal you can always paint it. Now there’s an idea.

9. Stand Steady X-Elite Pro Corner Standing Desk

Stand Steady X-Elite Pro Corner Standing Desk
  • Ideal for corners and L-shaped desks
  • No assembly required
  • Range of wood finishes
  • Can be difficult to lift when fully loaded

This is the perfect height-adjustable standing desk for corners, cubicles and L-shaped desks. Curiously there are not many of these around and different models are hard to come by. This represents a good choice if you are in this particular market.


If you have a corner or L-shaped desk then finding a sit-stand solution can be a tricky one. It is even trickier finding a stylish solution, so this attractive wood finish X-Elite Pro corner standing desk from Stand Steady might just be your answer.

It is ready to use straight from the box, as you might come to expect from a sit-stand desk converter of this type.

You have a choice of attractive finishes including cherry and maple wood, as well as black or white.

The lifting mechanism is the simple gas spring system which you can operate by pressing a level set within the desk.

Here you get the one platform to work from, so there is no separate keyboard tray. Everything goes on the one surface and it is a very generous size surface at that, measuring 39 inches across at its widest point. That should easily accommodate a pair of monitors and leave you plenty of space for the keyboard.

What Customers Say

Generally this goes down well with customers. Some critical comments have been made about the lifting mechanism, including that it can crash down quickly when you lower it but others have disputed that saying you are in full control with the handle. It does move quicker in the last 3-4 inches on its way down but you are in full conrol of that.

It can be hard to lift when you have a lot of weight on it such as two monitors, but not impossibly difficult. It will take some effort but most people will be OK with that.

The generous size works well for nearly everyone. You won’t be short of space with this desk because it has good depth.

The desk is sturdy and that’s important too. No wobbles here. People like it and the majority are glad they bought it. It is a touch pricey but there is not a lot to compare it to. Overall, decent value for money and should last a long time. It is certainly one of the best standing desks for a corner.

Overall Verdict

The Stand Steady X-Elite Pro corner standing desk will fit the bill for anyone with a corner desk of L-shaped desk.

If you have an awkward shape desk to work on and need to alternate between sitting and standing then this is the desk for you. With four color options to choose from there will be the perfect option for everyone.

10. Stand Steady Tranzendesk 55 inch Standing Desk

Stand Steady Tranzendesk 55 Inch Standing Desk - best standing desks
  • Very large and can easily hold three monitors
  • SImple to assemble
  • Quiet in operation when raising and lowering
  • Lack of color choices
  • Hand-operated, as opposed to motor-driven

The Stand Steady Tranzendesk 55 inch version is a very big desk, if that’s what you want and need. You can fit three monitors on here with room to spare. For the relatively low price there are one or two cut backs on its design and functioning, but that may not bother you.


The main appeal of this desk is it its size. It’s big and can take a weight of up to 70 pounds, which should be more weight than you’ll ever need.

The desk is fully height-adjustable of course, but unlike the other home office standing desks here you will have to do the heavy lifting yourself. There is no motor or gas springs to help you out. Instead, you get a good old-fashioned crank handle which you turn to lift, turn the other way to lower. Despite that, what might seem like a lot of effort is actually very little effort.

Assembly of this desk is required, as is the case with nearly all height-adjustable desks (but not desk converters.

The desk can raise up to 46 inches high and that should suit even the tallest of people. An advantage to having a crank handle (and no motor) is that adjusting the height makes relatively little noise. This is a good thing, because motor noise can be a common complaint with many height-adjustable standing desks.

There is no keyboard tray here. It is one big flat surface which gives you plenty of room, and some.

What Customers Say

This is a very well-liked product. Customers who bought this desk are very happy with it. There are few frills and little can go wrong with it.

Assembly is reportedly quite simple. Putting big heavy items together can fill some people with dread but you should have no worries here.

There is a very low “wobble factor” too. If you have a lot of weight on the top then really it goes without saying that you need to take care when raising or lowering it, that is only natural. If you are looking for a height-adjustable that never moves at all when you raise it up or down then you will never find one. Some people can have very unrealistic expectations on this point. Yes it may move but no, it won’t collapse.

The crank is out of the way at the side but of you want you can remove it and put it back on later when you want to operate it.

Overall Verdict

There is very little negative criticism you can give this desk. It is large, which is great because you would only buy it of you want a large desk.

It is very quiet and easy to operate. Assembly is easy. It lets you stand and sit, whatever natural height you are. It does everything you want it to. And it is very reasonably-priced.

If you are looking for a big space and room for serveral monitors then this is one of the best standing desks you should consider.

11. TechOrbits Mobile Standing Desk Rolling Cart

TechOrbits Mobile Standing Desk Rolling Cart
  • Can be moved anywhere
  • Plenty of space and shelving
  • Easy to adjust
  • Lifetime warranty
  • May not suit everyone at sitting and standing heights
  • Lacks room for a second monitor
  • No color options

Mobility is the name of game here with this TechOrbits mobile standing desk. Move it around and lock the wheels in position. Perfect when you want to go in search of a quiet space, or even if you want to find an outdoor space.


This mobile rolling cart will adjust from a lowest height of 32 inches up to 49 inches so will suit almost anyone between those heights.

It may look like a standing desk only but you can easily sit and work too. It has four platforms in total, one for your screen, one for your keyboard and another at the base for a printer, if desired. An additional shelf sits in between.

The beauty of it is its portability. Set on caster wheels you can push it anywhere and this is the main reason why you would buy it. But why would you want to move it around? Well think about it – you can move to a quieter room if the room you are in is noisy. You can even take it outside if you have the power and the WiFi. Working in the garden in the nice weather is a lovely thought. It will easily fit through a standard doorway, if you are wondering!

You do have to assemble this desk but it shouldn’t be too taxing. Instructions are good and it is fairly easy and quick to put together.

What Customers Say

Generally this is a well-liked mobile standing desk.

The biggest criticism is its height at its lowest level, which may not allow everyone to work comfortably while seated. That did take some people by surprise. The remedy in that situation is to sit on a higher chair such as a bar stool, although that’s hardly an ideal solution for everybody, particularly if you don’t have such a chair to hand. Therefore if you are thinking of buying this mobile standing desk (or anything similar in design) then check the measurements first to make sure you be seated and work at the desk.

There are one or two complaints about its build quality, which showed itself a little when people were assembling it. A fairly common thread was that several holes were lining up properly. It’s difficult to say if these were isolated cases and rogue manufactured products or whether it is in fact a reasonably common design fault. Chances are you should be OK. Not everyone raised the same complaint.

Overall Verdict

The TechOrbits mobile standing desk is just over a hundred bucks at the time of writing and represents good value. The advice is to check all the measurements and make sure it will work for you. That includes sitting as well as standing. If it does, then go for it, because it is one of the best mobile standing desks you can buy for the money.

Best Standing Desks?

Our pick of the bunch when it comes to the best standing desks for a home office on this list are the VIVO Height-Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter, the FlexiSpot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk and the Stand Steady Tranzendesk 55 inch Standing Desk.

Let us know what standing desk you use and how you get on with it at home in the comments below.

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