11 Best Reclining Home Theater Seats

If you dream of the big screen action in your home then what you need is some very nicely-appointed home theater seats.

Reclining home theater seats are specially-adapted and purposeful, allowing you to watch television, store your remote control, have a holder for a cold beer, and just generally chill as you take in a movie or watch TV.

As your imagination takes over, take a look at what is available and choose the perfect home theatre seat. You will also want to think about your layout of course, but that’s another story.

A quick flashback of Joey and Chandler’s living room and one thing immediately comes to mind. Super comfortable, polished leather recliners with feet up in front of the television is the ultimate Man Cave experience.

The simple recliners from the Friends TV show have evolved to include a host of cool features such as lighting, electronic controls – all reclining home theater seats now have all the bells and whistles. That’s what home theater seating is all about and here’s what today’s market has to offer.

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1. ‘Delange’ Reclining Power Sofa

Delange Reclining Home Theater Seats
  • Features adjustable headrests
  • Includes backlights in the center
  • Has storage compartments in the armrests
  • Power points & USB charging ports
  • Includes cup rests
  • Available in only one color
  • Electricals need to be carefully connected, or they will not work
  • Center chair does not recline

This ‘Delange’ recliner power sofa is a home theater seat that is full of surprises. Start with the three-seater, which has no bumps or lumps. Its dimensions are 85 x 40.2 x 42.8 inches. This enables you to lie across it with no issues.

To Delange seats are reclining and you can convert this three-seater into a two-seater. The center seat can be lowered to reveal cup holders, power points, USB charging ports and backlights. Slightly tall users will appreciate the adjustable headrests for added comfort.

What Customers Say

A stunning reclining couch that is so functional, says one customer There are several USB charging ports close to the cup holders allowing for multiple charging when different people are on the sofa.

This is a large sofa at close to 300 lbs, but it can easily be assembled within ten minutes. It is best to put the sofa together with two people, as there are the electrical components to watch out for. One needs to be quite careful with these components, as if not appropriately assembled, the functionality could be affected. The directions provided with the sofa are very basic, so someone with a little electrical experience would be needed for assembly.

For the whole home theater recliner experience, this is one couch that delivers on comfort. The cushioning is firm and comfortable and the leather is soft and supple. A great additional feature – LED lights around the cup holder, make it easier to find your beverages in the dark!

Overall Verdict

As home theater seats go, this is an impressive reclining sofa, both in look and in features. It is a good quality product that is comfortable and functional. The main challenge one may face is putting it together and making sure that all the electricals work. It uses a button for the recline function, so if something goes wrong with the electric, it will become an ordinary sofa.

2. Seatcraft ‘Anthem’ Home Theater Seats

Seatcraft Anthem Home Theater Seating
  • High-quality leather
  • Hidden in-arm storage
  • Features wireless charging
  • Ambient base lighting
  • Adjustable headrests
  • Features multiple plugs for electric components
  • Very heavy

This ‘Anthem’ home theater seats from Seatcraft are super comfortable and have everything you need for a nice night in with Netflix. The leather looks and feels like great quality. Firm cushioning allows for comfort and support for your entire body.

The recliner is electrically-adjustable and can extend back if you want to have a short nap. Adjustable headrests ensure that tall people can find comfort on the seat as well.

Another stunning feature of this Seatcraft home theater seating is the lighting, which is around the cupholders as well as down by the footrest. The light is a gentle shade of blue, it is not too harsh to the eyes. Additional tables on the side that are easily tucked away add to its flexibility.

What Customers Say

Users love this Seatcraft ‘Anthem’ couch for its timeless style and comfort. It has a wide range of useful features, with a favorite being the center table that also includes charging ports and power points. With this favorite feature, come some disadvantages as well. This is where electrical issues tend to pop up, such as instances where the center headrest lights and charging ports stop working.

One component that seems to hold up well is the electric controls for the recline, making it comfortable and easy to use for all. The padding, however, is firm and uncomfortable when you first purchase the sofa, meaning you need to take some time with this home theater seat to break it in.

Customer service from the main supplier is great, so if you have any issues with the sofa, call them up. Where possible, you will get a replacement piece that you need.

Overall Verdict

This Seatcraft sofa can easily become a part of your living room and lounge area. It is very comfortable and a color range is available.

There is plenty of storage in the armrests for remotes, books, and anything else you may need to keep close to you. You need to have some help when getting this couch into your home, so make sure to select the ‘white glove’ delivery. The Seatcraft ‘Anthem’ sofa is worth every penny.

3. Octane ‘Charger’ Theater Seat

Octane Theatre Home Theater Seats

  • Wall saver mechanism
  • Great value
  • Add seats per row with ease
  • Offers lumbar and head support
  • May need to be aired due to strong odor when delivered
  • Simple ‘no frills’ design
  • They do not recline flat

This Octane ‘Charger’ home cinema recliner set starts with at least two seats side by side. You can add on as many seats as you wish to create a row. With a row of four, the dimensions are 117 x 39 x 42. When delivered, it comes with the seats and the chairbacks separately, so there will be the need for some assembly.

The home theater seats have a simple design, with all components having excellent detailed attention. The leather is of good quality and the cushions are both firm and comfortable.

These recliners have a manual recline. It is possible to pay for additional features, such as the black swivel tray table to come out from the side which is connected to the cup holder.

This Octane recliner works ideally as a wall hugger as you only need to keep it 4 inches from the wall.

What Customers Say

If personal space is your thing, then this is the home theatre recliner set for you. One thing that most users can agree on is the comfort of these seats. From firm foam and a comfortable recline, there are also cup holders on the armrests for added convenience.

This recliner can be kept close to the wall and still work fully, allowing for any user to save on space in their home or an RV. When you get this seat you need to ensure that you have at least two. This is because they are placed side by side and each chair will not have all the sides.

Overall Verdict

These home theater recliner seats are a good option for someone who is purchasing recliners for the first time.

They are very simple in design, being merely seats with a cupholders. The additional feature you can add if you wish, for an additional cost, is the swivel table.

They do not recline all the way back so you will be unable to lie flat. However, they recline enough for exceptional comfort if you want to read or watch TV. Good value for the price.

4. Seatcraft ‘Diamante’ Home Theater Seating

Seatcraft Diamante Home Theater Seating

  • Powered adjustable headrest
  • Power recliner control with USB port
  • Built-in Sound Shaker transducers
  • Available in two colors
  • Adjustable headrests
  • Does not include lumbar support

An all-round entertainment and seating comfort experience is what you can expect from the Seatcraft ‘Diamante’ home theater seats and that is what you get. This is a top class recliner.

The chair is made from top-grain hand-selected leather. It feels that way and oozes quality.

It also has all the convenience features you would want in a recliner including cup holders with lighting and also lighting at the base.

For your snacks, there are hidden ‘in-arm’ storage compartments as well as swivel tray tables. For that surround sound experience these seats include built-in Sound Shaker bass shakers.

All the seat functions are controllable through a ‘power recline’ switch that controls the lighting, recline angle and even the headrest. This is where you will find the USB charging port for a whole range of device connections.

What Customers Say

The first thing that you will notice is the incredible design of this Seatcraft recliner. It features leather with a diamante design both in the center of the seat and along the sides. For reclining, you will notice well-placed buttons with a classic chrome finish. The adjustable headrests help make this chair suitable for people of a range of heights.

Putting this chair together is quite simple. All that is needed is to connect the chair back to the seating section. The lighting helps this recliner stand out when placed in any room.

Overall Verdict

Comfort, quality, and class all come together in the Seacraft ‘Diamante’ home theater seat recliner.

It has impressive features designed to keep you in the chair for longer. The in-arm storage means that your remotes and magazines are always within reach. The tray tables ensure that you can conveniently have a snack at the seat and the Sound Shaker creates a total entertainment experience.

This seat is an experience all on its own, and one that can be enjoyed for pure relaxation, watching television or just taking a nap. Choose from the black or brown options.

5. Homelegance ‘Resonance’ Double Reclining Loveseat

Homelegance 'Resonance' Double Reclining Loveseat
  • Available in three colors
  • Overstuffed for added comfort
  • Matching chair and sofa available
  • Fits close to a wall and will still recline
  • Fast wear and tear within three years
  • The leather does not feel genuine
  • Not a good choice for tall customers

Soft and comfortable are what will immediately come to mind when you try out this home theater seating from Homelegance. Depending on your budget, you can choose the manual recliner or the automatic power recliner. 

This love seat is just wide enough for two people to sit comfortably and it can recline on both sides. It is available in three colors, making it an excellent option for different homes.

Putting it together is quite straightforward, so no special equipment or know-how needed. It can fit well into a house or an RV as the pieces are light in weight and easy to move.

What Customers Say

The moment you get this couch you will enjoy the comfort and soft feel of it. It is worth noting that because it as at the cheaper end of the market there are some compromises on quality. Lower in cost does affect the overall quality over time.

This is a loveseat that you should buy for the short term and probably enjoy for a few years at least. This is because, over time, it is possible it could start to show signs of wear and tear, including springs popping out, tears or peeling in the leather and nails poking out. These comments are anecdotal from some purchasers of this product, but it doesn’t mean to say that your home theater loveseat will definitely start to go this way.

Being a standard size, it is better suited for people of average height. So if you are tall then you may find this a more challenging seat to enjoy.

Overall Verdict

The Homelegance ‘Resonance’ home theater loveseat may not be a long-term piece of furniture but will serve its purpose well if you are looking for something for up to five years’ use.

It can be put together with ease and quickly. Quality is not its main selling point and it is let down a little in this department. If you are tall then this is not the couch for you. Despite the issues with this loveseat, one point for sure is that it is incredibly soft and comfortable when you first get into it – so enjoy the honeymoon period as much as you can.

6. Yaheetech 2-Seat Reclining Leather Home Theater Seats

Yaheetech 2-Seat Reclining Chair Leather Home Theater Seating
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Classic, minimalistic design
  • Has three relaxation modes
  • Excellent value for money
  • Does not include cup holders
  • They may scratch on a wood floor
  • Quite small and narrow

These home theater seats are ideal for simply watching movies or even taking a nap. They have three relaxation modes, including the sit-up position, the recline and you can even lie flat. It is made from durable PU & PVC leather which means that it has the added benefit of being incredibly easy to clean.

The minimalist, clean look gives this reclining leather home theater seating a touch of luxury. When delivered, it comes in two pieces, making it very easy to put together or take apart if necessary.

Its dimensions are 54.3 x 39.2 x 33.1 inches. Since the chairs are narrow they are best-suited to people who are a little smaller in size. If you are a little heavy you may find it challenging to keep the seat in recline as it will keep sliding back into the upright position.

What Customers Say

The first thing that you will notice is that this home theatre seating recliner sofa is exceptionally soft and comfortable. It has very few features, so it is ideal for basic use. It is a recliner that will give you value for money and will fit perfectly into any movie room or home theater. Being made from some durable materials means that you can look forward to having this seat for an extended period.

Overall Verdict

The minimalist look is the key selling point of this recliner making it ideal for use in a home setting, as well as in offices or even bedrooms.

You can clean it easily and it is perfect when you want to take a load off and avoid being fatigued. It is a good size if you may need to move it around. It also features great cushioning for lasting comfort.

7. Seatcraft ‘Sigma’ Home Theater Seats

Seatcraft Sigma Home Theater Seats
  • Powered headrests
  • Lighted cup holders
  • Leather ‘gel’ finish
  • USB and charging ports
  • A heavy chair that needs several people to set up

Smooth, high-quality leather ‘gel’ and soft cushioning are the first attributes that you will notice about this Seatcraft ‘Sigma’ home cinema chair. Leather gel is a leather-polyurethane hybrid that appears on the top layer of fabric, providing good surface durabilty. The recliner features three seats with a center ‘fold-down’ with a range of features.

Other features include a wireless charging pod, two USB charging slots and 110V outlets as well as a paid of overhead lights. The chair is available in black and brown.

The recliners are electronically-controllable through the power recline control panel, which features several buttons. The controls are for the recline, headrests and ambient light.

One more novel (and modern) feature is a wireless charging ring for your mobile devices. For remote controls and books there is in-arm storage that also includes tray tables.

What Customers Say

For users looking for lots of excellent features, the Seatcraft ‘Sigma’ is the perfect reclining leather home theater seating option. It has brilliant recline settings for extensive comfort, whether you want to watch television or take a short nap.

The lighting both in the headrest as well as for the cup holders adds a certain amount of ambience to any room. Charging ports ensure that you never have to get off the recliner when you need to bring your electrical devices back to life.

Overall Verdict

This Seatcraft home theater seats are exceptionally comfortable, has brilliant features and would be a great asset to any home. It is long-lasting. Putting it together can be done easily and quickly. You will require a few sockets to connect all the electricals for this reclining seat.

There are lots of flat surfaces to use as tables, including those stored in the armrests as well as the table that is in the centerfold of the seat. The wireless charger takes it up a notch technology-wise, making it just perfect for the latest phones. Watch TV, play games or take a nap and enjoy every moment you can on this recliner.

8. Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chairs

Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair
  • Made using highly-durable bonded leather
  • Add or remove the number of seats to fit your room
  • Includes bolstered head support
  • Great for kids and pets
  • Available in only one color
  • Has minimal features

The Relaxzen deluxe leather recliner is a home theatre seating unit that can withstand heavy use and is durable.

For added comfort it includes a bolstered head support. The design also focuses on wellness through the premium lumbar support and individual pocketed seat coils. You can personalize or upgrade these seats to suit exactly what you need. Add-on accessories include tray tables, wine glass holders, popcorn bowls, flex lights and so much more.

This Relaxzen recliner also features slim arms and memory foam-enhanced plush seat padding for added comfort. Each arm also features a cup holder. The recliner is electrically-controlled and can recline all the way back so that you can lie almost entirely flat.

What Customers Say

This home theatre recliner seating unit is excellent for family seating. Its high durability means that it can easily fit the needs of both adults and children and will not break down with pets either. You can fit several them in a row to fit within the room as you wish. Electronic controls give it a more modern and contemporary feel. Since it has such a simple and unique look, it can be a fabulous addition to a living room, bedroom, or even a workspace.

Overall Verdict

Make this reclining seat what you want by adding your choice of accessories to it. It has a design that is flexible, so you can make it bigger or smaller as you wish to fit your rooms. Cleaning is easy with bonded leather, which is genuine. The powered recliner is standard, but nonetheless a great feature.

9. Jummico Fabric Recliner Chair Adjustable Home Theater Seating

JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair Adjustable Home Theater Seating
  • Covered with plush high-quality breathable fabric
  • Incredible value
  • Classic, minimalistic design
  • Easy assembly
  • Not built to last
  • Small in size
  • Cannot support hefty weight

This is a unique fabric recliner chair which stands out from all the different leather or faux leather home theater recliners in the market. It is perfect as a home cinema seat.

It comes in two colors, a stunning grey and a light blue. It is best fitting as an accent piece in any room it is placed in, as it comes as a single recliner sofa.

Anyone would find it exceptionally comfortable due to its thick seat cushion and a comfortable backrest. The minimalistic seamless design makes it ideal for placement in a living room, bedroom, home theatre or even an office. It can be assembled easily by merely sliding the backrest to the base connection and then screwing on the four legs.

What Customers Say

When it comes to looks, this is one reclining seat that delivers. It has smooth curved armrests, and a brilliant fabric covering. Nice and simple.

However, inside the seat things are not that great. The plywood used is not strong at all and is prone to creaking and, in many cases cracking and breaking. The only thing that is holding the headrest in place is the fabric, so that is a potential weak spot. Though the fabric looks good, it is not so strong. You will find that the size is also an issue, especially if you are a little tall. It is better-suited to children and small adults for use.

Overall Verdict

If you are on the hunt for a piece of furniture that will last you years, then you might want to keep away from this recliner. It is best suited for a temporary piece of furniture that will not be used for long. It is not suited for heavy-duty usage

10. Seatcraft ‘Stanza’ Home Theater Seats

Seatcraft Stanza Home Theater Seats
  • Rich with features including powered controls
  • Dream level comfort
  • Fitted with Sound Shaker bass shakers
  • Lighted cupholders and base
  • Does not include ‘in-arm’ storage

This Seatcraft ‘Stanza’ home theater seats can fit into any home. They come in three different vibrant colors – black, brown and red. You can also choose to increase or decrease its size based on the number of seats that you want to have in a row and so it is possible to choose between a two-seater, three seats or four seats in the row.

It has an adjustable powered headrest that also includes lumbar support. There are cup holders on each arm and if you find yourself in the dark you can switch on ambient lighting to find them with ease.

It is also fitted with a Sound Shaker system to boost entertainment when the seats are being used as part of a home theater set-up. It is also equipped with USB ports for ease of charging devices when necessary. One handy additional feature is the swivel tray table that is fitted into each seat. It can reach a full recline with ease, making it possible to take a comfy nap when you need to (depends on the movie!).

What Customers Say

Create a checklist and tick all the boxes; that is what this home theater recliner has to offer. It is exceptionally rich in features and very comfortable and built to last.

Being electrically-powered when reclining means that you can find a large array of positions to relax into. This means anyone can be comfortable in this chair.

Your mobile devices can easily be powered using the fitted USB ports in this seat. In addition, comfort does not get better than this, with both adjustable powered headrests and adjustable powered lumbar support in this seat. Base lighting means that you never have to worry about knocking into this seat when moving around in the dark.

Overall Verdict

Get this Seatcraft recliner if you want to make a statement. It has lots of different features that deliver a winning recline experience. You can build up a home cinema seating row as you need in order to create the perfect theatre setting. The adjustable powered lumbar support is excellent for anyone seeking something gentle for back comfort. You will find it challenging to get off this recliner, only because you just won’t want to!

11. Flash Furniture ‘Harmony’ Series Black Leather Loveseat

Flash Furniture Harmony Series Black Leather Loveseat
  • Black leather soft upholstery
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Great value
  • Available in only one color
  • Needs plenty of weight to keep it fully reclined
  • Not a great option for tall users
  • Has minimal features

The Flash Furniture ‘Harmony’ black leather home cinema loveseat features built-in recliners on both sides. The dimensions of this seat are 64 x 56 x 38 inches.

It looks soft and is soft when you sink into it. The arms are thick and plush and it also features pillow back cushions.

It is a manual recliner that features recessed levers for bringing up the recliner. It is easy to assemble, so it does not require tools or any specific expertise. Perfect reflection of contemporary style.

What Customers Say

Being soft, when in the reclined position, you can get incredible neck and lumbar support. To get to the full recline you need to keep this seat at least 8 inches from the wall, so it is not a wall hugger. It is better-suited for shorter people since for taller people their legs are likely to dangle over the end when reclined. The size and weight makes it easy to fit in a home as well as in an RV.

This chair will recline but it will not go all the way back, which means it is not ideal if you want to take a proper sleep. This home theater recliner is very simple but may not be suited to someone who is seeking features that make it far more convenient.

Overall Verdict

This recliner comes in at a great price if you are seeking a basic seat that offers comfort and average quality. It has the added benefit of being made with real leather.

It is an ideal recliner if all you want to do is sit back and relax with a book or just watch television. It does not go all the way back, meaning that you may not want to use it for long periods of time. It would be much more enjoyable with some additional features, such as cup holders or swivel tables. Otherwise, a good option if you are looking for something basic.

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