11 Best Cheap Inflatable Kayaks to Buy

When it comes to sourcing the best cheap inflatable kayaks to buy online then Mancavery has got you covered here!

When choosing to buy an inflatable kayak many people ask common questions such as: how good are inflatable kayaks and are inflatable kayaks safe? 

There’s a lot to choose from and many considerations to be made, but the good news is that there are a good variety of cheap inflatable kayaks available to buy online and many of the models are good products put out by reputable vendors.

You will need to decide whether you want a single-seater, two seater or something even roomier, as well as the style of inflatable kayak you want to go for. Do you want a nice, narrow, sleek design kayak or something a bit wider, resembling a dinghy?

Costs is always a big consideration. You can buy cheap inflatable kayaks but do they really cut it, or should you stretch your budget wider and go for the best kayak you can get?

There’s a lot to think about, for sure. Let Mancavery assemble here for you now the 11 best cheap inflatable kayaks that we have come across and that we think are serious contenders for your consideration. 

1. Intex Challenger Inflatable Kayak Set

Intex Challenger Infaltable Kayak Set - best cheap inflatable kayaks to buy
  • Boston valves allow easy inflation and deflation
  • Easy to transport and ultralight weight
  • Balances well while in use
  • Puncture-resistant vinyl
  • Single skin makes it feel a little vulnerable
  • Not the easiest to pack when wet and sandy
  • Overinflating could be an issue

The Intex Challenger inflatable kayak set is one of the best kayak sets under $500. It has a sporty design with a bright green color that makes it visible. 

It also has a streamlined design that allows it to move easily through the water. This series can carry two people and is known for its easy transport.


This inflatable kayak is an ultralight one with a weight of about 35lb. Hence, it is easy to carry.

It also has a nice streamlined design that lets it navigate through water easily.

Its dimensions are 30″ × 15″ × 138″ (width, height, length) when inflated and it has a 400lb maximum weight limit. This set includes two 86 inches of aluminum oars, a tough puncture and UV-resistant vinyl covering, a pump that has a great capacity, and lastly, a repair patch kit.

What Customers Say

The customers, they say, are always right. And no doubt, the customers have a great deal of good comments towards this set.

This set truly met the complimentary side of lots of kayak users—with repetitive comments on how easy it is to carry, that it is ultra-lightweight and the ease at which you can inflate and deflate it. To top it up, it is often said to be worth more than its price tag.

Though this kayak set has garnered lots of praise, it has its flaws, and customers are not reluctant to point that out. Its single skin and overinflating are also issues to customers. Nevertheless, regardless of this, it does just fine.

Overall Verdict

The Intex Challenger inflatable kayak set is a good call if you like a kayak you can rely on. Its commendable qualities overshadow its flaws, and its flaws are more situational than fixed. Though it is worthy of the praise it is given, more can still be put forth to make it better. However, it is a great choice.

2. Intex Explorer K2 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

Intex Explorer K2 2-Person Inflatable Kayak - best cheap inflatable kayaks
  • Tough and very durable
  • Comfortable and easy to set up
  • Dual valves
  • Good transportability
  • Deflating could be tedious and stressful
  • Pool-toy style of valves is difficult to handle and manage

The Intex Explorer K2 2-person inflatable kayak has a bright yellow color and sporty graphic design that makes it visible while in the water.

A two seater that is perfect for trips across a small body of water and has a place to carry another person along.

Relatively lightweight and compact, this inflatable kayak is easy to set up and allows you to kayak anywhere you deem fit. 


Made up of rugged vinyl covering, this kayak has an inflatable flooring that gives both rigidity to the kayak as well as comfort to you.

It has a removable skeg which helps in directional stability and the two adjustable, inflatable seats have backrests to boost comfort.

With a Boston valve on each side, inflating and deflating is a breeze and it has a carriage capacity of about 25 kg.

There is a grab line, a  grab handle, repair patch kit, and US Coast Guard ID for your safety and convenience. The Explorer K2 kayak also has good accessories such as two 86 inches aluminum oars and high output for easy inflation and deflation.

What Customers Say

This kayak has become one of the customers’ favorites with comments like it is easy to inflate, it has enough legroom and commendable toughness.

Customers are saying nothing but good things about this kayak, and no doubt, it is a good option.

Overall Verdict

This is a kayak that has earned lots of praise and commendations. Definitely one to consider if you are looking for an adult inflatable kayak.

3. Sea Eagle 370 Pro 3 Person Inflatable Sport Kayak

  • Lightweight, portable and has a large carrying capacity
  • Repair patch kit and pressure gauge included
  • Tough polykrylar hull
  • Two skegs on the bottom of the kayak for better speed and tracking
  • Preinstalled fins are inadequate.
  • Rings used to secure the valves can be difficult to fit
  • Deflating and fitting the kayak into a bag can be a real hassle

This highly affordable Sea Eagle kayak is one of the best kayak sets under $500.

It is lightweight, portable, yet balances well and is very durable.

A rigged kayak with an estimated weight carrying capacity of 650lb, capable of carrying two adults and a child. It can be carried anywhere and has an incredible setup time of less than 10 minutes.

Guarantees fun for beginners and experienced paddlers alike—with its weight and perfect hull shape, these kayaks are fast paddling boats, easy to handle across ages.


The inflatable Sea Eagle kayak weighs about 32lb and can carry over 650lb.

It has a rugged polykrylar hull that can withstand dogs’ paws and claws.

It is multi-purposeful. It can be used for various things, like fishing, paddling, yacht tending, or even skydiving.

It has a rigid skin and there are three ports to accommodate up to three people.

The interior length is almost 11 foot while the exterior dimension measures 12 feet 6 inches in length.

What Customers Say

Customers are saying quite a lot about this product, and not all of them are good. Regardless of this, only a few are bad. Comments about the fins being inadequate, the deflation being a hassle and hard plastic rings keep reoccurring.

However, there is more good than bad. People often commend its carrying capacity, its aesthetic and affordable price. All in all, it has earned the trust of customers.

Overall Verdict

To a large extent, this kayak is great, and not much is standing between it and becoming the number one customer choice. However, improvement can still be made.

4. Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Inflatable Kayak

Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Inflatable Kayak - best cheap inflatable kayaks
  • Big bungee storage and several universal mounting points
  • Can withstand up to class III rapids
  • Suitable for fishing and touring
  • Does well in brackish waters
  • The manual leaves out some vital information
  • Sometimes can be poorly packed when delivered

This Elkton Outdoors Steelhead inflatable kayak is made specifically for fishing, with most of its properties geared for that, although it works well as a tourer too.

It has large storage and is excellent at handling strains and stress that might come from rigorous fishing. There is also the versatility and comfort that comes with it.


This inflatable kayak for adults is the ideal companion for all kayakers and explorers.

It has one of the best solid drop-stitch floors that allows fishers to stand and take a better position for better bait casting.

It also has ample bungee storage where you can keep all of your fishing equipment safe and water-free.

Plus, there are well-padded seats to ensure you are comfortable while you wait for your catch.

It is built specifically to withstand rough waters and includes a self-bailing floor and port of water drainage in case water splashes into the boat.

What Customers Say

Customers who bought the Elkton Outdoor Steelhead inflatable kayak are happy with their product purchase.

Most of the dissatisfied comments come from little mistakes from the manufacturers, such mistakes being poor packaging and insufficient information in the manual.

If all of those comments are put aside, it is safe to say customers are saying many good things about this product.

Overall Verdict

The praises this kayak gets are well-founded and earnt. The Elkton Outdoor Steel head inflatable kayak is pristine in all regards. Aesthetics, functionality, and rigidity; all of it are top-notch. If you have a thing for fishing and want a kayak to use, this inflatable kayak is a strong contender.

5. Intex Excursion Inflatable Kayak Series

Intex Excursion Inflatable Kayak Series - best cheapl inflatable kayaks
  • Lightweight and easy set-up
  • Plenty of space
  • Comes with all the essentials
  • Affordable
  • Contained in a flimsy bag
  • Seam leaks reported by some
  • Oars not the best

The Intex Excursion inflatable kayak series is a grey four-person excursion kayak with a maximum carrying capacity of about 1100 pounds.

Made with tough, rugged vinyl coverings and an inflatable I beam, this kayak is associated with comfort and durability.

It also has fishing inclusions making it a good alternative for a fishing boat.


This kayak has a weight-carrying capacity of about 1100 pounds.

There are some accessories included such as two fishing rod holders, inflatable seat cushions with backrest, gear pouch and oar holders.

What Customers Say

Customers say this is a great boat.

At an affordable price, it is one of the best adult inflatable kayaks under $500.

On the flip side there are some reported structural problems such as the seam which in some cases has not lasted the test of time. Others have said the oars broke not long after purchase.

Apart from that, the customers love the kayak, which explains its high ratings and excellent reviews on multiple platforms.

Overall Verdict

This four-person Intex Excursion inflatable kayak is a relative rarity among inflatable kayaks; what it does, it does well.

6. Advanced Elements SportFrame Inflatable Kayak

Advanced Elements SportFrame Inflatable Kayak - best cheap inflatable kayaks
  • Easy set-up
  • Hull design allows improved tracking
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Compact – roof-reack not needed
  • Paddling upstream can be difficult
  • Seat could be better

The Advanced Elements sport frame inflatable kayak is a lighter version of the well-known advanced kayak—taking a similar shape.

It is a one-seater and has a large cockpit that gives ease to entering and leaving the kayak.

An incorporated technology in the creation of the kayak’s bow and stern provides a better paddling experience to the kayak.

It functions like a hard shell kayak and also an easy packability like that of an inflatable.

With the Advanced Elements sport frame inflatable, you are just a few pumps away from an exciting adventure.


This kayak has a built-in aluminum rib that helps in tracking.

There are also three layers of skin that ensure a tough puncture resistance kayak. Easy to fold, pack, and transport, its set-up time is brief.

This kayak also has a lot in common when compared with the hard shell kayak – it paddles and has similar aesthetics while remaining extremely portable like an inflatable kayak.

Its dimensions are 31.5 x 18.9 x 11.61 inches and it has a weight of about 26 lbs with a maximum carrying capacity of 250lbs.

There are four air chambers and it comes with the color blue or orange.

It also has other features like adjustable back support, a storage compartment, molded rubber handles, bungee deck landing,and a neoprene paddle guard. All of this combines to serve up a kayak of high functionality, comfort and aesthetics.

What Customers Say

Customers are saying a lot of good things about this kayak and some claim it is the best choice for an inflatable kayak.

The downsides are mostly centered on the seat with comments about the height of the seat (which could be higher) as well as the slight discomfort that the seat gives

Overall Verdict

A great choice and a solid contender if you are looking at buying an adult inflatable kayak. The comments about the seat may give you some reservations but it is not a dealbrealker.

7. Rave Sports Rave Sea Rebel 153 Inflatable Kayak

Rave Sports Rave Sea Rebel 153 Inflatable Kayak
  • Lightweight and can easily fit in the trunk of a car
  • Easy to inflate and quick set-up
  • Tough covering a durable
  • Not the best choice in for paddiling in waves
  • Lower surgface can fill with water leading to a wet butt

The Rave Sport Rave Sea Rebel 153 inflatable kayak is one of the best kayaks under $500.

It is for one person and is one of the lightest, most portable kayaks weighing just 22 pounds.

It is very compact in its rolled-up form and you can fit it in your car’s trunk.

It is perfect for people with weight below 200lbs and ideal fpr paddling in lakes and other flat water bodies.


This bright yellow kayak is is a single-seater, measuring in at 103 inches long and 35 inches wide.

The covering of the kayak is thick, rugged PVC overlaid with tough fabric and with extra reinforcement for the bottom.

The kayak also has a paddle, pressure hand pump and convenient carry bag with handles. It has everything that ensures a safe ride.

What Customers Say

There are plenty of views about this kayak ranging from bad to good reviews.

In the main, customers are a little dissatisfied with the design and the setup of the kayak and – in particular – its ability to let in some water and soak your underneath.

With that said, the Rave Sports Rave Sea Rebel kayak has earned parise for its affordability, durability and the fact that it prioritizes a paddler’s comfort. Take a closer look at this one.

Overall Verdict

The Rave Sport Rave Sea Rebel is a good choice and well worth a closer look. Recommended here in our list of best cheap inflatable kayaks.

8. Intex Excursion Pro Kayak

  • Lightweight
  • Impact and sunlight-resistant
  • Quick inflation and deflation
  • Does not accommodate universal inflate nozzle (must use supplied)
  • Prone to punctures

This Intex Excursion pro kayak is a recreational two-seater kayak.

It has a strong PVC covering that gives it high durability but lightweight at the same time.

Its high pressure inflation gives it good stability and rigidity.

This kayak also has a large storage space. It has a weight carrying capacity of 400 pounds and a weight of about 43 pounds


This kayak has dimensions 151 × 37 × 18 inches and comes with a 90 day warranty period based on the manufacturer defects.

It has a three-ply tough construction that makes use of a high molecular PVC which is resistant to fuel, oil and salt water. Very useful when you paddling in the sea or in rivers.

It is also resistant to impact and abrasion damage, as well as sunlight, so in the latter case the fabric is less likley to degrade over time compared to cheaper inflatable kayaks.

This kayak comes with 86 inch aluminum oars and a high output pump. There is also an adjustable and removable mounting bracket for accessories such as a fishing finder, GPS system and swivel fishing holder etc.

Also included are a repair patch and carry bag.

What Customers Say

Most customers love this product.

However, there are consistent complaints regarding the kayak predisposition to getting punctures, which has left a few customers more than a little “deflated”. With that said, there is a warranty you can call in and punctures are fairly simply to repair.

There are also a few comments here and there about Intex’s customer services.

Nevertheless, save for all of the above problems, most customers customers love this Intex Excursion Pro kayak, and it therefore makes it onto our list of adult inflatable kayaks under $500.

Overall Verdict

Overall, the Intex Excursion Pro kayak is a great kayak.

Put side-by-side with many of the inflatable kayaks out there, this kayak stands out. However, there is still room for improvement and it would be good to see better puncture resistance.

It would have also been nice to see a universal nput pump nozzle. It’s OK to use the provided Intex pump but without that you are stuck.

If these flaws can be ironed out then the Intex Excursion Pro kayak would be a good choice and one of the best cheap inflatable kayaks under $500. Even so, it still makes a good choice.

9. Driftsun Rover 120/220 Inflatable Tandem White-Water Kayak

  • Short inflation time of 9 minutes
  • Aesthetically-pleasing
  • Easy set-up
  • The skeg (fin) is not easy to insert or remove
  • Not too easy to fold pack and re-pack in the case

The Driftsun Rover 120/220 inflatable tandem whitewater kayak is a family and thrill adventure kayak.

This exceptional kayak does well on both rough and smooth waters.

Manufactured on the waters of North California it is made of quality materials and has top notch accessories.

A well thought-out and constructed kayak and good value for money.


When inflated this adult inflatable kayak has a dimension of 41 × 38 inches and has a depth of 13 inches. It is one of the lighter inflatable kayaks in this list with a weight of 28 pounds and a carrying capacity of 600lb.

Two paddles are supplied with this kayak.

The drop-stitch floor makes it extremely rigid, stable and responsive compared to the traditional kayaks.

It also has a reinforced layer PVC construction which gives it a better production, meaning less punctures and greater wear and tear resistance.

What Customers Say

Some have described this inflatable kayak as a masterpiece and good section of customers can’t get enough of it.

Positive comments mention its extreme rigidity and the comfy feeling it gives.

There are also lots of comments on how well the kayak handles waves compared to other kayaks.

Nonetheless, it is a tough job to satisfy customers entirely and there are a some comments about its flaws and setbacks, but those are few and far between.

Overall Verdict

The Driftsun Rover 120/220 inflatable tandem whitewater kayak is a kayak that has revolutionized the world of kayaking.

One of the best cheap inflatable kayaks under $500 with undeniable qualities, drawing strong comparisons with hardshell kayaks. 

There are some minor flaws but generally-speaking the Driftsun Rover 120/220 inflatable tandem whitewater kayak is, in short, one of the best.

10. Aquaglide Noyo 90 Inflatable Kayak

Aquaglide Noyo 90 Inflatable Kayak
  • Portable
  • Rigid and stable
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Generous legroom
  • Paddles and pump not supplied – must buy separately

The Aquaglide Noyo 90 inflatable kayak is a solo recreational kayak best for short trips or long excursions.

This kayak is all about comfort and ease. For beginners, it is the perfect first choice. It is built for recreational purposes, easy to transport and rigid.


The Aquaglide Noyo 90 inflatable kayak is a solo kayak for taking short and long trips alike and is one of the best kayaks under $500.

It is 108 inches long and weighs about 21 pounds, with a generous carrying capacity of 250lbs (which equates to about one person).

The material used to make the kayak is reinforced polyester which ensures a considerable amount of durability.

This kayak features a Boston valve, zip-open dry compartments for storage, release fin, drain plug, accessory strap, D ring, kayak seat, storage bag and molded handle.

It also comes with a 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects that may occur.

The kayak is not foldable and comes with a cover.

What Customers Say

It has drawn few comments but what there is is postive. Customers like the Aquaglide Noyo 90 inflatable kayak and it is very well received.

Overall Verdict

Customers make positive noises abouy this kayak, but it is marked down slightly because it is not supplied with paddles or a pump, which seems a bit mean.

Other than that, it ticks all the other boxes.

11. Intex Seahawk Inflatable Boat Series

Intex Seahawk Inflatable Boat Series
  • Good oars
  • Well thought-out design
  • Lightweight
  • Prone to leaks and punctures
  • Said to carry up to 3 people, but in practice not very comfortably

Whether you want to go fishing, rowing, or just want to relax on a lake, this Intex Seahawk inflatable kayak series is a good choice for guaranteed comfort and enjoyment.

It is made with heavy-duty and puncture-resistant PVC that ensures durability and comfort.

It also has an inflatable I-beam floor that guarantees rigidity.

Its aesthetics are pleasing with its green color and slick designs.


This kayak’s dimensions are 116 × 54 × 17 inches. It has a weight of 32 pounds and a carrying capacity of 790 lbs, so can technically carry up to 3 people although in practive you might find it a bit squashed at that capacity.

It is accompanied by accessories which include two 48 inches oars, an Intex high output pump to aid easy inflation and deflation. as well as quick-deflate Boston valves.

What Customers Say

This kayak has one of the highest ratings, with over 5000 reviews. The aesthetics, rigidity and oars are praised and it is clear that teh majority of customers like it.

However, some criticise the kayak’s durability and design and there are consistent noises about air leaks and punctures, despite the kayak being advertised with good durability and puncture-resistance.

Overall Verdict

As the best cheap inflatable kayaks go, the Intex Seahawk inflatable boat series is one of the most popular kayaks under $500. However, leaks and punctures are reported by users and in that case you would be calling in your warranty.

Nevertheless, taking a broader perspective, this kayak is a good one, based purely on the overwhelming number of satisfied customers.

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