11 Very Crafty Dartboard Cabinets to Hide Away Your Dartboard

You don’t always needs to buy a dartboard cabinet for storing away your dartboard. Yes – you can always make a dartboard cabinet instead!

When you’ve finished playing darts for the day then it’s good to have a cabinet to shut away and protect your board when not in use. Besides, a stylish dartboard cabinet can look great on the wall!

A dartboard cabinet also serves as a useful surround, but if you’re thinking of buying a surround then take a look first at these very crafty dartboard surrounds. You might just be able to make your own!

You can buy dartboard cabinets from all good suppliers, but in this list we showcase 11 very crafty-looking dartboard cabinets that have been custom-made and have that unique touch.

1. Wine barrel dartboard cabinet

Wine Barrel Dartboard Cabinets

A very neat solution, we found this wine barrel dartboard cabinet on Etsy and what better use is there for an old barrel?

The barrel is sliced in half from top to bottom. Then, a precision cut is made in the mid-section and then this is cut in half lengthways from top to bottom to form the two opening doors.

The doors are then hinged and attached to the outer shell of the barrel, close by to the wall. Behind the barrel on the wall you could add a backing of matching wood or you could leave the back open so that you will see the painted wall behind the dartboard.

When its time to to playing just rest the darts inside on the base and fold the two doors shut. A clasp will keep them shut. We also like the customisation on the inside of the doors – very handy for scoring.

2. Upcycled pallet dartboard cabinet

Upcycled wood pallet dartboard cabinet

There are many objects you can make out of pallets, and here’s a dartboard cabinet made entirely out of them.

The details for making this fine dartboard cabinet are here.

Essentially, some wood pallets have been deconstructed and the planks used to build the main frame and two doors. Supporting struts are placed across the frame and doors to keep everything together. We like the clever use of the door struts where holes have been chiselled out to allow darts to be stored upright. Three coats of chalkboard paint on the inside of each door creates scoreboards. Really neat!

3. DIY white dartboard cabinet

white dartboard cabinet

This looks like it could have been a bathroom cabinet or perhaps even a small kitchen cabinet.

If you want to re-create something like this then check out Ikea and see if you can make a hack out of one of their cabinets.

This dartboard cabinet has a smart, clean look in white finished wood. The shelf above the board would be handy, although personally I would prefer more space above and below the board – it’s a tight space in there. Once again, scoreboards on the inside of the doors are a welcome “must-have”!

4. Slide-out cabinet with frosted glass

Frosted glass slide-out dartboard cabinet

Need some “wow” factor? How about this sliding dartboard cabinet?

Behind a plush frosted glass exterior there are two sliding drawers – one for mounting your dartboard and an inner draw for storing your darts. The whole piece is framed with an aluminium case.

This is a luxury item produced by US manufacturer Mars Made. Not something you can recreate at home very easily, but it is beautifully crafted. When closed it will look just like a flat screen TV on your wall. Every aspect is fully customisable. The price? Around the $3000 mark!

5. Maple wood dartboard cabinet

maple wood dartboard cabinet

Here’s a fine piece of carpentry.

We found this bespoke custom-made maple wood dartboard cabinet, produced by BBG Woodworks in Minnesota.

It is beautifully crafted and finished in precise detail from solid maple. Two hinged doors close to lock the dartboard away when not in use. The inside of each door can probably be adapted to accommodate scoreboards, although you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to ruin the nice clean look.

At the base are three mini drawers that will no doubt be very useful for storing darts and other accessories. This unit is ready for painting, but it is very nice just as it is.

6. Cork dartboard cabinet

Cork dartboard cabinet

Here we have a very smart-looking dartboard cabinet with a backing made of corks and what looks like pine or beech doors.

Definitely very elegant and what sets this off are the corks which are fixed to the backboard just behind the dartboard. The corks not only look nice but will sure take the impact of a stray dart in their stride, so over time this will stay looking like new.

Finishing touches with this cork dartboard cabinet include hinged oversize doors with a generous scoring area, as well as a mounted block with chiseled holes for upright storage of your darts.

7. Freestanding dartboard structure

Tallboy freestanding dartboard cabinet

This is a free-standing unit without the hinged doors, but manufactured to a suitable darts regulation height.

Finished in dark wood, this is a furniture piece all by itself. You won’t have to mount a cabinet on the wall meaning that you can move the structure around anywhere you like from room to room.

In this example the unit is shown with an electronic dartboard but it would work just fine with a bristle dartboard or just about anything else you want to use.

Stability is critical (you don’t want it rocking from the impact of your darts hitting the board) but it looks like it’s up to the job.

Beneath the dartboard is a large storage cupboard for all your bits of pieces.

8. Oversize door dartboard cabinet

Oversize door dartboard cabinet

An elegant cabinet with a very attractive coin mosaic behind the mounted dartboard makes something to be proud of.

The coins serve a good practical purpose in that they won’t get damaged or spoil when hit by stray darts. Bounce-outs will likely fall a long way back so be careful, as there is nothing to cushion the dart impact as it strikes the coins!

Another appealing feature of this cabinet are the curved oversize doors. The obligatory scoreboard features on the inside of one of the doors. Love this!

9. Sports team dartboard cabinet

Sports team dartboard cabinet

Why not get yourself a fully-customized dartboard cabinet emblazoning the badge and colors of your favorite sports team, or apply stickers of your favorite team on a plain cabinet and customize it yourself?

There are plenty of to choose from and many stockists (such as Darting.com) sell fully-licensed NFL and NBA cabinets.

The example to the left is in the colors of the Sydney Roosters rugby league team.

Show your love for your team and get a fully-customised dartboard cabinet with your favorite badge and colors!

10. Plastic all-in-one dartboard cabinet

Plastic dartboard cabinet

Perhaps this might tickle your fancy, which you can customise to your heart’s content!

As a single unit, with electronic dartboard mounted in its own case, it takes away the hassle of mounting your own board in a cabinet.

The fact that it is made from plastic means it is fairly light and portable so you can pick it up and take it anywhere. Hang it on a wall wherever you like and start playing!

On the inside of the doors are holders for your darts and you can store other bits and pieces to. The controls of the dartboard are all housed within the unit. You are ready to go!

11. Log dartboard cabinet

Log dartboard cabinet

This log dartboard cabinet is a great way to add some rustic log decor to your living space.

The cabinet housing the board has an interior softwood finish and this is decorated on the outsides with aspen logs.

The two doors are hinged and arranged in keeping with a typical dartboard cabinet but stuck on to the doors are more aspen logs. So when the cabinet is closed this is quite a log feature and it is quite a piece of wall art.

You can get this Aspen Log Dartboard Cabinet from a number of retailers, but beware, it could set you back around $500!

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