Why You Should Buy a Dartboard Surround

In this article we take a look at dartboard surrounds. Specifically, do you need to buy a dartboard surround and what does it do?

You need a dartboard and a set of darts to play darts games, but that is not the only thing you might need.

Most people play darts games indoors and it is often nice to have some other accessories to complement the board and ensure that the surroundings are safe enough to play the game in.

For example, you can opt for a dartboard mat if you are thinking of protecting the floor and carpet from potential damage that could result from a rebounding dart. The mat will also help to mark out the correct distance you should stand from the board when throwing your darts.

[If you want to try making your own check out these very crafty dartboard surrounds for some inspiration]

Dartboard surrounds, as the name implies, sit behind and around the dartboard. They protect your wall and prevent darts from bouncing back and causing damage when they miss their intended target or hit the dartboard wire.

In short, unless you are a professional darts player and you (a) don’t want to risk getting hit by a dart, and, (b) don’t want a wall that looks like a pin cushion, then you need to buy a dartboard surround!

Dartboard surrounds – what they are

Dartboard surrounds fit around the back of a dartboard and protect your wall whenever a dart misses the target.

These surrounds are made from (usually) soft materials that help absorb the impact of a dart and stop it rebounding off the wall.

Dartboard surrounds are mostly used in homes, pubs, and clubs to avoid damage to any objects (or people) in the vicinity of a dart which misses the dartboard – or worse – bounces back from its intended target!

Although the surrounds do not promise to keep stray bouncing darts entirely away from people or objects, they efficiently cover the areas that could be impacted by stray darts. This usually prevents unwanted dangerous dart rebound.

Dartboard surrounds are manufacturer specific. In other words, different manufacturers make different dartboard surrounds, and of course, the cost depends on the manufacturer and the materials used in making the product.

Most manufacturers produce dartboard surrounds with high quality molded foam, often resembling rubberized neoprene. The material is suitable for ensuring that the stray dart will stick to it and also that the tip of the dart does not get damaged by the surround. Any dart can be easily removed without causing any noticeable damage to the dartboard surround.

The dimensions of dartboard surrounds differ depending on the manufacturer and the dartboard for which they are made. For instance, the new Winmau dartboard surround has a size of about 27 by 2 inches and is circular in shape. Many are made specifically for a particular dartboard to match the brand but most are universal and will fit any board.

Why should you buy a dartboard surround?

So what do you choose? A dartboard surround or a dartboard cabinet?

Dartboard cabinets are designed to mount and contain dartboards but will also catch stray darts.

Dartboard surrounds, on the other hand, give a dartboard more visual appeal and makes your set-up more professional-looking. Perfect if you have a dartboard set-up in a Man Cave. Dartboard surrounds are easy to set up too and a surround can be removed easily enough if you don’t want to have it on the wall all the time.


The cost of buying a dartboard surround depends on the brand and style you want, as well as the material it is made from.

Some top-notch dartboard surrounds are expensive at the $75 mark and beyond but you can get some great Viper dartboard surrounds for less than half this amount. They will do the job just nicely.


Dartboard surrounds are also very durable. This is not a general characterization but depends on the manufacturer and the material used in making the surround.

It is important to ensure that if you have a nice dartboard you don’t put a cheap surround around it. If you have a good set of darts you definitely don’t want a cheap surround for your board.


If it isn’t durable it won’t last too long but the tips of your darts will suffer and they won’t last too long either.

So long as the surround is durable it ensures that you can safely at home in your Man Cave and your darts set-up will look good for a long time. Your chances of getting hit by a dart bounce-out are a lot lower too!


Surrounds come in different shapes and sizes. Do you want a circular surround like you see on the TV in the PDC darts tournaments, or would you prefer to have a square dartboard surround.

You can also go for an octagonal dartboard surround or a rectangular one with an extended length. It’s all about your personal choice and preference according to how you want your darts set-up to look.

Dartboard surrounds could be good a way to decorate the dartboard. They come in different colors and designs and are all aesthetically-pleasing.

If you are looking for the perfect dartboard set-up in your Man Cave then you absolutely have to get a surround around that dartboard. Make sure it is good quality and great-looking one. Enjoy your darts!

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